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Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis What's the Difference?

Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis - What's the Difference?

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal recreationally, medically, or stands at a combination of two, you may have questions about the differences between these practices. 

Before we launch into the differences between medical and recreational cannabis, one element that the two legalized versions of marijuana share are that both practices are state-regulated. 

It is essential to know that states with medical or recreational Marijuana have to comply with several laws and regulations. MJ Wholesale is a supply outlet that offers low-wholesale prices on bulk dispensary, growing, or processing supplies. Part of our effort is to provide an inventory that helps dispensaries be state compliant with rules and regulations. 

Medical Cannabis vs. Recreational Cannabis What's the Difference?

A section of those supplies that we will touch on include proper labeling and packaging. 

Differences Between Medical and Recreational Cannabis 

Medical cannabis is prescribed toward state qualified patients as a means of treatment. Recreational cannabis is used without medical justification. People tend to get approved for a medical marijuana card after being evaluated by a licensed doctor. 

A list of common conditions or illnesses that medical Marijuana is prescribed for include: 

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson's 
  • Epilepsy
  • PTSD 

The experience of shopping for Marijuana at a medical dispensary compared to a recreational dispensary isn't that different. Both types of dispensaries require a person to show identification to prove they're old enough to purchase cannabis. In the case of medical dispensaries, the person would show their medical card as well. 


Medical and recreational facilities are similar to the point where some recreational facilities also operate as a medical dispensary and give tax breaks to patients. 


Depending on the state, patients with a medical card for purchasing cannabis can enjoy some perks that aren't offered to recreational customers, including the following: 


  • Higher THC level products 
  • Looser quantity restrictions
  • Ability to grow higher quantities of plants 


Current Legal Statistics 

Let's cover some interesting facts that paint a better picture of cannabis legalization today. 

While over ten states have legalized recreational cannabis, around 30% of adults live in an area where Marijuana is illegal. At the same time, a Pew Research Center poll reflected that only 8% of Americans think cannabis should be illegal. 

The past few years have led to a boom in the usage of products such as CBD. A sizable 14% of Americans use CBD as a treatment option. 

Over 200,000 full-time jobs have been created due to recreational and medical cannabis becoming legal in individual states. 

MJ Wholesale is a dispensary supplies outlet that provides all the latest products for recreational and medical dispensaries. 

How MJ Wholesale Fits Into The Equation

If you'd like to read more information on the differences between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis, check out our separate blog post on the subject. 

Whether you need to stock up on rolling supplies, pipes, packaging, or state-compliant labels, MJ Wholesale offers an extensive dispensary supply inventory that will help your business meet the demands of the modern market. 

MJ Wholesale supports growing and processing facilities in addition to dispensaries. 

Find high-quality, state-compliant packaging on our site that can be used for flower or edible products.

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