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Recreational Vs Medical Marijuana - Whats the Difference?

Many people are confused about the differences between medical and recreational marijuana. Cannabis as an herb that has a wide variety of medicinal uses. However, some states allow recreational cannabis. The differences in the legal structures surrounding marijuana can be confusing to individuals trying to understand what recreational or medical cannabis actually is. In this article, we expect to understand the differences and similarities between the two. 

Medical cannabis is referring to using marijuana to treat a variety of illnesses. These illnesses can include anxiety, chronic pain, epilepsy, and some eating disorders. Some of the illnesses treated do not have effective treatments or the illnesses have alternative treatments with severe side effects. This is why medical cannabis is critical in providing an effective treatment to ease the suffering of patients experiencing these life-changing conditions. Medical cannabis is only available in states that have legalized medicinal cannabis consumption and only for qualifying conditions. There is usually no age limit on medical cannabis use. There are small shops, called dispensaries, that are usually just a one or two-room retail space with only cannabis products on sale.

medical marijuana vs recreational marijuana

 Recreational cannabis is where marijuana is   legal for consumption for all over a certain   age threshold. There is often a store called a   dispensary that is similar to a liquor store for   only those over the specified age. Cannabis   in states where recreational use allows   individuals to consume cannabis only in specific locations, such as a home or other forms of private property. The dispensaries are usually fully functioning storefronts with a large variety of products.

Under both systems, cannabis is only usable by a certain group of individuals. In medical systems, it's only prohibited to those with qualifying conditions. In recreationally legal areas the consumption of marijuana is allowed by everyone over a specified age. Where medical is focused on serving the needs of people with illnesses, recreational cannabis is focused on meeting the needs of all cannabis users over a certain age. The products they offer are usually different as well.

Medical cannabis tends to be more focused on strains of cannabis suited to helping patients with pain and nausea. Recreational dispensaries tend to sell much more potent cannabis and a wide variety of marijuana-related products. Medical cannabis dispensaries tend to have edibles focused on strong dosages in small sizes. Recreational dispensaries tend to have edibles and drinks with lower strength but focused on flavor. In both systems, it is often that marijuana products are tested and labeled with the test information on the label. Recreational dispensaries also tend to have more accessory products than their medical counterparts.

Medical cannabis is a great and essential way to treat otherwise untreatable illnesses. Recreational cannabis is where everyone over a certain age can buy and consume cannabis products. Both systems have dispensaries and a variety of products related to cannabis consumption. While there are differences in the clients they serve, they both operate under similar legal structures. This has been a brief overview of the medical and recreational marijuana systems. 

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