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What Type of Scale Do You Need?

Scales play an essential role in growing and processing facilities along with dispensaries. While all branches of the marijuana industry share the practice of using scales to measure and distribute cannabis products, different sectors of the industry utilize separate scale varieties for their respective roles. 

This article is designed to educate readers on the different types of scales present on the market so you can find the option that works best for you. MJ Wholesale provides an extensive selection of digital scales so you can efficiently meet your needs.

Before we differentiate specific scale products, let’s take a look at how modern cannabis scales operate. 

Types of Scales

Digital scales have become the norm for the marijuana industry. Analog scales are a thing of the past and are considered to be less accurate than digital scales since digital scales reset to zero and contain multi-sensor technology. 

Analog scales utilize springs to measure the weight of an object while digital scales calculate an object’s weight by using the force rate to send an electrical signal. 

The signal is sent from the digital scale’s strain gauge and load sensor. Before you start weighing products such as dry cannabis flower, it’s essential to calibrate the scale. 

Here’s how scale calibration is performed: 

How to Calibrate a Digital Scale

When describing a scale, the term ‘calibration’ consists of the process of adjustment in conjunction with calibration. Scale adjustment consists of adjusting the digital scale’s calibration level to the accurate weight of the object being weighed. 

Calibration consists of weighing an object and comparing the result with the object’s true weight value. Calibration weights serve as a reference for specific weights when adjusting a scale. 

Now that we’ve supplied a brief overview of how digital scales operate let’s outline some of the most popular types of digital scales. 

Pocket Scales 

Pocket scales are small-sized digital scales that serve as a great asset when weighing smaller amounts of product or traveling. Not only are pocket-sized scales convenient, but they’re also featured at a lower price than most scale varieties. 

People who purchase less expensive scale varieties such as digital pocket scales need to be aware that these scales may have a calibration that differs slightly from the factory, so be sure to use some small calibration weights to ensure an accurate measurement. 

Large Scales 

Large scales serve as an excellent addition for growing and processing facilities as well as head shops. Dispensaries can look at using larger sized scales for inventory, then small scales for personal sale to cover all bases. 

Larger scales tend to have added features, including adjustable feet, easy measurement reading, and multiple modes. You don’t just have to measure a large amount of dry flower with bigger sized scales. Large-sized scales are advanced to the point where they can measure a few grains of rice as well as they can an ounce of flower. 

Medium Scales 

Medium-sized digital scales strike a nice middle-ground for users. While the convenience of tossing a pocket-sized scale in a bag is convenient, it’s not always going to get the job done. MJ Wholesale’s medium-sized scales are big enough to measure higher quantities of cannabis products at a faster rate while still being small enough to pack away without too much hassle. 

Final Scale Recommendations 

There’s no competition between digital and analog scales with digital taking the crown for speed and accuracy. 

Medium-sized digital scales present great value for dispensaries that will be consistently weighing small to medium quantities of cannabis. Larger-sized scales are perfect for growing and processing facilities that need an accurate measurement of increased flower quantity. 

Check out MJ Wholesale’s scale inventory for all scale and calibration needs.  

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