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Sustainable Cannabis Packaging 101

Cannabis packaging is a minefield of ever changing state regulations. In the states where cannabis sales are legal, retailers are required to make sure their packaging stays in state compliance – usually involving certified child proof packaging.

Beyond just playing by the rules outlined by local legislation, cannabis cultivators have many other factors to consider when packaging their products. Things like shelf appeal, quality preservation, and durability can make or break a budding dispensary. If all that wasn’t complicated enough, there’s one vital aspect to marijuana packaging that can’t be overlooked – sustainability.

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging 101
Sustainable Cannabis Packaging  

All cannabis cultivators interested in longevity should be concerned with being as eco-friendly as possible. As people who profit off the bounty of the earth, it’s also our duty to be good stewards of the planet. After all, commercial agriculture is an industry that is very likely to disproportionately feel the negative effects of climate change. Even if concern for the planet and your fellow man doesn’t compel you to find ways to make your operation more sustainable, then the possibility of a shrinking bottom line probably will.

One of the most practical ways to minimize your footprint is through the use of sustainable packaging. That’s why at MJWholesale we offer a wide array of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging options. 

All About The Glass 

Glass is one of the most sustainable materials used in cannabis packaging. Glass is 100% recyclable, but what really gives it an edge over other recyclable materials is that old glass can be broken down and turned into new glass indefinitely. While other materials like paper degrade during the recycling process, recycled glass is just as strong as brand new glass. 

Glass isn’t just great for the environment, it’s also great for your products. The manufacturing of glass doesn’t require the use of strengthening chemical additives. It’s inherently non-toxic so cultivators who use glass packaging don’t have to worry about the potential of chemical leaching corrupting their flower.

Glass is also visually and tactilely appealing. Its natural transparency is perfect for showcasing the beautiful buds and meticulously rolled pre-rolls that you’ve put so many hours into producing. The durability of glass is apparent the second you pick it up. A glass jar has weight to it – it feels sturdy and conveys craftsmanship and professionalism to any potential customers browsing a dispensary.

We carry:

Sustainable Plastic

Glass packaging isn’t necessarily right for every business, but plastic can still be sustainable. In fact, the manufacturing of glass actually requires more energy than the manufacturing of plastic, which makes for a large carbon footprint. Plastics can be a suitable alternative to glass so long as they are recyclable.

Our plastic pop tops and joint tubes are not only reusable, but they are also recyclable! These child-resistant packaging options are the perfect way to stay in state compliance and be friendly to the environment.
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