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100mm Herb Grinders

High-grade herb grinders. Sold by cases or individually. Grind your favorite strain or herb with ease! Grinders are available in 2, 3, 4 or even 5 pieces for an even easier cleanup!

Scissors and fingers are a crude way to break up herbal products. Our grinders makes it easy to have herb ready for smoking. We carry different sizes, products that have multiple pieces, and we even have bulk options available.

40mm | 50mm | 53mm  | 55mm | 56mm | 60mm | 63mm |  Economy Grinders | All Grinders


Grinders are a great way to appeal to smokers of all ages. Herbal products are notoriously sticky and breaking up the buds with other methods often cause product to be lost. A grinder keeps all that product together. That's why we carry 100 mm grinders to appeal to your customers. A grinder is a great way to attract herbal smokers to your dispensary, head shop, or any convenience store tobacco products are sold.


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