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$200 Order Minimum

Arizona State Compliant Labels


Make sure your product's packaging is compliant with Arizona state laws for flower packaging with our labels. These labels are compliant for sale in Arizona. For Arizona-based dispensaries and manufacturers, make sure your product's packaging is compliant with Arizona state laws for flower packaging with our state-specific labels. These labels are compliant for sale in Arizona and are high quality and visually appealing as well. Use both the THC labels and cannabis weight and strain labels for processing and handling your product efficiently and within Arizona law compliance today. Check out our universal state compliant labels as well. These labels are great for the packaging | shipping | securing of your flower and processed joint products and you can always use these Prescription Labels & State Compliant Labels for your head shops as well. Here are the Arizona label options we at MJ Wholesale have to offer:

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Our medical canna labels are perfect for Arizona dispensaries and head shops. 

These Arizona product labels offer:

  • State compliance
  • In-depth product description fields
  • Versatility

With both the universal and individual state compliance labels, your dispensary or head shop can sell lawfully and package your product securely with the strain and weight on the container for both your buyers and your dispensary’s safety. 

If you want to know more about the laws revolving around packaging product, check out our blog post:

Exit Packaging

At MJ Wholesale, we also want to be able to offer discreet packaging solutions for medical cannabis and this is why we provide 

paper and plastic pharmacy bags

 for dispensaries in order to not only label but properly package your flower as well.

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