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Hemp Wick


MJ Wholesale proudly presents a range of branded hemp wicks you can stock up for your customers. If you're looking for a sure-fire way to keep your smoke shop well-stocked, you'll want to check out this 40-count box of RAW Natural Hemp Wick Rolls. This 40-count box contains 10 feet or 3 meters of natural, unbleached hemp wick in each roll - that's a lot of hemp wick! Hemp wick is the perfect alternative to butane lighters and matches, and your customers will surely love it. 

Say hello to the Quik Wikk Mini: the perfect way to light the smokes naturally and without chemicals. This mini dispenser is ideal for on-the-go use, and with its beeswax-coated wick, it's sure to light your smokes quickly and easily. So encourage your customers to ditch those chemical-filled lighters and switch to the Quik Wikk Mini for a better, more natural way to light up.

Smokers need something to ignite the marijuana when it's time to smoke their joint or bowl. Health-conscious cannabis consumers are always looking for an alternative to conventional lighters and matches, and hemp wick has emerged as one of the finest alternatives for the same.

A hemp wick is a small strip of hemp that may be used to light joints, bowls, and other smoking devices. Here's an overview of everything we'll cover in this post.

  • What is a hemp wick?
  • The types of hemp wicks
  • How does a hemp wick work?
  • How to use a hemp wick?
  • Differences between a hemp wick and a butane lighter
  • Why should you stock up on hemp wicks for your shop?
  • Where can you buy hemp wicks at wholesale prices?
  • Hemp wicks – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently asked questions about hemp wicks

As you can see, we will take you through everything you need to know about hemp wicks so that you can stock up on hemp wicks for your smoke shop or head shop without a worry. And others looking for a quick buy, you can browse through a range of wholesale smoking accessories and wholesale marijuana packaging we have at MJ Wholesale for your head shop.  

What is a hemp wick?

Hemp wick is a form of twine made from natural hemp fibers that have been coated in beeswax to aid in serving as a candlestick that burns for extended periods. A hemp wick is used with bongs and pipes, and its users find it a much better alternative than a lighter.

Hemp wicks have been in use for thousands of years. Hemp wick is made from the long, sturdy fibers of industrial hemp. These fibers also produce rope, cord, and other valuable things. Hemp wick eliminates the chemicals and gases that other lighting accessories produce.

History and Origin of Hemp Wick

The hemp plant has been around since 8000 BC, so it has a long history. Hemp is a flexible crop because almost every part of it has been used. From the seeds to the stalks, several methods exist to utilize hemp plants. 

Hemp stalks are commonly employed as natural fibers since they have long, stringy branches. Egyptians used hemp wick as candles to see in the dark since it derived from ancient Egypt. Hemp migrated from Asia to Europe and became a significant cash crop in Colonial America. In the colonies, hemp farming was common, and farmers discovered almost every way possible to utilize the plant. 

Hemp wick, however, did not re-emerge until the 1960s and 1970s, when it was used to smoke cannabis. Today's hemp wick is a well-known cannabis accessory that smokers prefer for a more natural and long-lasting smoke. While it isn't as popular as it was in ancient Egypt, it is gradually becoming fashionable among nature-oriented smokers.

Types of hemp wicks

Before we get into hemp wicks applications, reviewing the wide varieties available to consumers will be beneficial. Despite their variations, most of them are composed of natural fibers coated in beeswax. 

When looking for hemp wick, your customers are sure to find many variations such as these. 

1. Balls
Hemp wick goods are often available as a big ball. Users will have to slowly unwind them as these globes of hemp wick burn away. 

Hemp wick items are available in cylinders encased in wrapping. Instead of unraveling a ball, users pull the wick out of the case in this type. 
A standard or thin-strand hemp wick produces a smaller flame, burns faster, and is more appropriate when used on the end of joints and blunts.
Thicker-strand hemp wick produces a bigger flame, has a heavier feel in hand, and is better suited for lighting enormous bowls and the extremities of thick cones.
5.Lighter sleeves
Hemp wick lighter sleeves have tiny reels of hemp wick at the base. They form a protective shell around BIC lighters, placing the wick end close to the flame outlet. It is easy to operate them with just one hand, making them ideal for carrying around. 

How does a hemp wick work?

A hemp wick is a thin strip of hemp typically used as a lighter to smoke cannabis. The wick is made by braiding together strands of hemp, and the resulting rope is soaked in beeswax. When the wax is lit, it provides a steady flame that can be used to light cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. 
The most significant benefit of using a hemp wick is that it eliminates the need for lighter fluid. Lighter fluids can contain harmful chemicals released into the air when ignited. In contrast, beeswax is a natural substance that is harmless to humans and is also environmentally friendly. As a result, hemp wicks are becoming an increasingly popular choice for smokers who want to reduce their exposure to chemicals.

How to use a hemp wick?

Understanding where it fits into the chain of events that leads to intoxication might be difficult for a smoker who doesn't know much about hemp wick. You might need to explain it to them elaborately.

Let's look at it in a step-by-step format:

Step One: Unfurl the hemp wick
Remove the ball or cylinder in which it was wrapped. Pull out a long enough length to freely move the wick around. If you're smoking outside, look for a place shaded by the wind. If you're smoking inside, find an ashtray or something similar to catch falling embers.
Step Two: Light the end of the wick
Use a lighter or matches to set the end of the wick ablaze. Hold the flame to the unburnt portion of the wick for a few seconds until it catches the flame. You might need to blow on the wick to get it started gently.
Step Three: Apply to joints and bowls
The hemp wick will feel rigid since it is coated with beeswax. This characteristic of the wick allows you to move it about easily and does not let it sag. 

Inhale as you would when smoking with a lighter, moving the flame to the top of the joint or bowl. If you're using a pipe, you may leave the wick burning between puffs.

Step Four: Extinguish and let cool
When your bowl is empty or your joint is burning hot, extinguish the hemp wick by blowing it out or compressing it with wet hands. Allow it to cool before wrapping and storing it away. 

That's it. It is this simple to use a hemp wick!


Differences between a hemp wick and a butane lighter

Butane lighters are the most common lighter type and use butane gas as the fuel source. Hemp wicks, on the other hand, use beeswax as a fuel source. 

There are a few other differences between these two:

  • Health Quotient

Hemp wicks are a much healthier option when compared to butane lighters. Butane gas is known to be harmful to human health and can also damage the environment. In contrast, beeswax is a natural substance that is harmless to humans and is environmentally friendly.


  • Flavor

Another benefit of using a hemp wick is that it provides a better flavor when smoking. Butane lighters can give your smoke an unpleasant chemical taste. Hemp wicks, however, do not alter the flavor of your smoke.


  • Eco-Friendliness

Hemp wicks are also more eco-friendly than butane lighters. Butane lighters often end up in landfills, where they can release harmful chemicals into the environment. Hemp wicks, on the other hand, can be reused or composted.


  • The smoothness of the hit

Butane lighters can make the smoke harsh and irritating to the throat. Hemp wicks, on the other hand, produce a smooth and gentle smoke that is easy on the throat.


More thorough combustion may result in a smoother and, perhaps, more flavorful high. Users report that they do not experience the same harsh sensation in their throats when they use a hemp wick. 

  • Should I stock hemp wicks in my head shop?

Yes, without a doubt! It won't be the best idea to leave out hemp wicks when stocking your inventory. Plus, you'll miss out on several new customers who cannot settle for anything other than a good quality hemp wick for smoking. Hemp wicks offer so many benefits that smokers cannot resist.

Some benefits of hemp wicks are listed below:

1.It is a derivative of renewable resource

Hemp wick is biodegradable and derived from a renewable resource. It also contains beeswax, another natural ingredient derived from hemp fiber. Hemp is an annual crop that matures in about three months. Because it takes so long to mature and is easily grown, it is a renewable resource. 

On the other hand, lighter consists of butane gas generated from petroleum. Petroleum isn't plentiful everywhere on Earth. It's only available in specific regions and limited quantities, making it a non-renewable resource.

2.They provide a cleaner cannabis flavor

According to many users, a slow burn from all-natural materials made with hemp wick coated in beeswax produces a cleaner cannabis flavor than a lighter or match. 

3.They are easier to handle

Some smokers like smoking weed using hemp wicks because it makes the process easier. The flame on a strand of raw hemp wick won't go out, and holding your bud up to a slow-burning piece of twine is simple.

4.They are a healthier option

Lighters that use butane aren't the healthiest option. Butane is a gas that harms human health if inhaled in large quantities over time. Additionally, when lighters are thrown away, they often end up in landfills, where they can release harmful chemicals into the environment. Hemp wicks don't have this issue since they are made from beeswax, a natural substance that is harmless to humans and the environment.

5.They are eco-friendly

Hemp wicks are more eco-friendly than lighters for a few reasons. First, as mentioned earlier, they are made from beeswax, a renewable resource. Second, they can be reused or composted instead of thrown away. Third, they don't release harmful chemicals into the environment like lighters do when burned.

6.They provide a smoother and flavorful hit

Hemp rolling papers are cleaner, smoother, and less harmful than other rolling papers in terms of carcinogens and chemicals released during combustion.

Similarly, a hemp wick ignites a more flavorful hit. It's possible that because the low-temperature flame doesn't burn off the identical quantities of terpenes and cannabinoids as non-natural fire sources, it may even enhance the potency of your bud. 

Where can you buy hemp wicks at wholesale prices?

A variety of hemp wicks are available at MJ Wholesale at the best wholesale prices. No matter what you need for your smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary, MJ Wholesale is the way to go. 

We are proud to have a unique collection of hemp wicks from top brands such as RAW, Famous X, and Quikk Wikk, among others. We have a broad range of sizes, types, and lengths of hemp wicks to fulfill your demands.

Hemp wick – The final verdict

Hemp wicks, without a doubt, serve as a superior lighting alternative. A hemp wick is made from hemp fibers, covered in beeswax, and can burn for extended periods. It doesn't create the same dangerous compounds associated with butane as ordinary candles, so a smoker is sure to get a nicer taste when they smoke with hemp wick. 

MJ Wholesale's extensive range of hemp wicks will help you cater to a wide range of customers at your store. We have the best, low-cost, and high-quality hemp wicks to help you keep your shelves fully stocked and ready!


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Will Hemp Wick improve my smoking experience?

As the use of cannabis grows in popularity, more people are turning to hemp wicks as an alternate way to light their marijuana. Hemp wicks will undoubtedly enhance the smoking experience as they are an eco-friendly, healthier, and better alternative. 

2.Is there any odor in hemp wicks?

No. The hemp wick doesn't have an odor. It is made from beeswax and hemp fibers, which are natural substances that are harmless to humans and the environment.

3.Do I need a special light for a hemp wick?

No, you don't need a special lighter for hemp wicks. Any lighter will do.

4.What is the difference between a hemp wick and a regular wick?

Hemp wicks are made from beeswax and hemp fibers, while regular wicks are made from synthetic materials. Hemp wicks are healthier, eco-friendlier, and produce a better hit.

5.How long do Hemp wicks last?

Hemp wicks will last as long as you need them to. They can be reused or composted instead of thrown away.

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