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Mercer Culinary 9 3/8" Straight Precision / Plating Tongs (1 Count)

SKU: M35130
Product Type:

Processing and Handling Supplies


Mercer Culinary Tongs are an invaluable tool for cannabis users and businesses alike. No matter the size or delicacy of the product, there's a tong out there to fit the need. These 9-3/8” long straight tongs have a versatile design that can be used for any number of applications. Use them to place chocolate curls on a decadent dessert, pull shrimp or scallops from the pan, or place asparagus precisely where you want it.

  • Dimensions: 9 3/8"
  • Mirror finish resisting corrosion
  • Dishwasher safe but hand washing recommended
  • Designed with less tension to give greater control