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A guide to the best temperature for dabbing

Many of your customers might not know that the temperature they use to heat their dab plays a significant role in their dabbing experience. They might experience a different high altogether by being more mindful of the temperature they dab at. If you, too, are unaware of the details and difference between low temperature, mid-temperature, and high-temperature dabbing, this post is for you!

High-Temperature Dabbing

A high-temperature dab is above 700 degrees F. You must consider the nail, dab pen, and the type of concentrate when choosing the temperature, you want to dab at.

But here's a disclaimer. Your customers should not raise the temperature beyond 900 degrees.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Certain toxic and harmful gases are released when the concentrate attains a particular temperature range. Anything more than 750 degrees F is considered to be that temperature range. The smoke (consisting of more toxins than ever) combined with the high temperature can cause potential damage to a person's esophagus and lungs.
  • It has a peculiar, nasty, and bitter taste.
  • This temperature range will cause severe damage to your rig and will dirty it to a great extent.
  • The chances of burning the dab are very high.

Coming back to dabbing at 700 degrees. Here are some things you must know to cater to your dabbing customers.

Advantages of High-temperature dabbing

  1. When you dab at a temperature close to 700 degrees, concentrate melts like butter. Concentrate melts way faster in a high-temperature range.

Disadvantages of High-temperature dabbing

  1. Smokey and burnt tastes are possible due to high-temperature dabs.
  2. It is not a smooth experience and it is difficult to attain smooth hits as compared to low-temperature dabbing.
  3. The intensity of a high-temperature dab is higher than a mid-temperature or low-temperature dab.
  4. The smokey and burnt taste overpowers the dab's flavors (if any) as the carbon (and eventually the dab) ends burning up.

Mid Temperature Dabbing
A mid-temperature dab ranges between 400 degrees F – 700 degrees F. Here's how mid-temperature dabbing works at different temperatures.

  • At 600 to 700 degrees F

The smoothness of your dabbing experience is inversely proportional to the temperature you dab at. If the temperature is high, the smoothness of your experience is bound to be low and vice versa. This is because smokes tend to get harsher at high temperatures.

  • Around 600 degrees F

Less intense experience than the above-mentioned range. However, smokers can expect a slightly smoother experience.

  • 400 degrees F – 550 degrees F

The smoker will experience some reasonably smooth moments in this temperature range. However, it also depends on the extract quantity and quality that one uses.

Advantages of Mid Temperature Dabbing

  • Mid-temperature dabbing provides more intense moments than low-temperature dabbing.
  • Do not worry about the quartz nail or banger in case of mid-temperature dabbing. It will not mess them up!
  • Mid-temperature dabbing allows the smoker to intake larger, longer dabs.
  • The proportionality quotient of taste is on similar lines as that of smoothness. However, the lower end (400 degrees F – 550 degrees F) of mid-temperature dabs is flavoury. Overall, it offers a smokey taste.


  • The smoke becomes harsher, and the flavor starts deteriorating as the user reaches the higher end of mid-temperature dabbing.

Low-Temperature Dabbing

A low temperature dab is around 350 degrees F – 400 degrees F.

What if the temperature is below the degrees mentioned above? No vapor will be released as that temperature won't be sufficient to heat the extract.

Advantages of low-temperature dabbing

  • More extracts are conserved, which directly converts to less wastage.
  • The smoke produced by low-temperature dabs consists of fewer toxins, is less harsh, and doesn't adversely affect your health.
  • Flavorsome and savory compared to high temperature or mid temperature dabs. Low-temperature dabs are known to provide a smoother hit than high-temperature dabs.
  • Cleaner smoke is discharged via low-temperature dabs.
  • A relatively smoother and more relaxing experience is guaranteed compared to the other two temperature ranges used for dabbing. The activated terpenes don't burn the oils produced by them in the low-temperature range.


  • Low-temperature dabs can sometimes leave your quartz nail or banger in a messy situation.
  • Some users might have a complaint that low-temperature dabs are relatively slower or colder.

Using an eNail for dabbing

When smokers use a torch to achieve the ideal temperature range, they are likely to face several issues. The nail can get too hot, or it might not heat up at all. When they use an electronic nail, it gives them complete control of the temperature they dab at.

It helps them maintain a low temperature and ensures that the concentrate terpenes are utilized fully, thus giving them flavorful hits. The best thing about eNails is that they don't require much power to operate and can last the smoker multiple dabbing sessions in one go.

Using a Dab Pen for Dabbing

Dab pens are much safer and healthier as compared to using a torch while dabbing. The best feature of dab pens is that they can reach a temperature of over 1000 degrees F in less than 5 seconds and also possess an adjustable temperature setting. This utilizes the terpenes in the user’s concentrate and gives them access to quick and smooth hits.

eNail is a modern and straightforward method to set the temperature while dabbing, but if your customers insist on using a torch, they can decide their temperature range for better results. If the smoker is patient and wants flavorful hits, then low-temperature dabbing will be the best for them. If the smoker wants a mix of speed and taste, then medium-temperature dabbing will work for them. And lastly, if the smoker is looking for some quick hits, then high-temperature dabbing is a good option for them.

To conclude, I would like to say that the temperature that one uses to dab is a personal decision. If you are to recommend a temperature range to your customers, you can suggest a medium range. This will provide great flavor and doesn’t harm the mouth, throat, or lungs of the customer. You can purchase a bulk stock of eNails, dab tools, and dab kits for your smoke shop at the MJ Wholesale website.

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