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Smoking Pipes: Guidelines to keep them from breaking

The last thing smokers want to witness is the sight of their beloved smoking pipe getting shattered. Smoke shop owners know the level of attachment people can have to their smoking pipes, whether it is a hand pipe or a water pipe.

Although pipes are available in a variety of materials, glass pipes are most famous and commonly brought. However, some of your customers might be skeptical about buying glass pipe. They are considered fragile and non-reliable due to their easily breakable nature, primarily when they have intricate designs.

But glass pipes have been used by people for ages and will be used for the coming decades. They only require proper maintenance, care, and caution. The same is true with other smoking pipes such as ceramic and silicone. You can recommend your customers to follow specific guidelines to ensure the longevity of their glass pipes.

So, what do your consumers need to do? Here are a few guidelines.

Puff, Puff, CAUTION, and Pass!

Needless to say, smoking is an exquisite experience when friends are around. But it can become a nightmare if any one person doesn’t handle the pipe well. This doesn't mean that your customers must not share their smoking pipes or host a joint smoking session. But a bit of alertness, carefulness, and caution can help quite a lot. Here are a few tips:

  • Never leave the smoking pipe unattended.
  • Pass it with extreme care.
  • Ensure everybody in the group handles it with utmost care.

Disassemble the piece before placing it away

Even though smokers love showing off their smoking pipes, leaving their pipe unattended on a table that's accessible to everyone in their house can be a matter of worry. Worse, if your patrons have pets moving freely around that area. What can be done in such a case?

  • Down stem and bowls can get blended into the pipe due to their color and material (glass). So, disassembling them can save a smoker from great pain later. Moving the piece with its components attached can pose severe breakable damage due to a possible collision.
  • Never grab the smoking pipe hastily.
  • Store it in a place where it isn't prone to damages and isn't accessible to everyone at home: especially children and pets.

Use a suitable transportation material for moving the smoking pipe

Being a dispensary or a smoke shop owner, you surely understand the importance of secure packaging and logistics. But your customers might not necessarily focus on its importance. Here's how they can be more careful.

  • Use a glass case for transporting small glass bubblers or bowls.
  • A bubble wrap, a towel, or clothes can help transport more significant pieces from the departure point to the smoking destination.
  • A gym bag, duffel bag, or backpack doesn't work! Your delicate and intricate smoking pipes cannot be considered safe in these bags. A soft carry pouch can be ideal for carrying smoking pipes around.

Water CAN break your pipe

While it is natural for your customers to add water to the desired level in their pipe before smoking, the inverse isn't allowed. Simple. Your customers should not let water stay in the pipe after its used.

Keeping water (say dirty water) in the bong for a long time can cause expansion of water. This expansion might result in shattering of the glass. Especially if your customers store their pipes in relatively cold places such as basements etc., this can cause a massive problem.

Clean pipe means safe smoking!
If your customers aren't worried about preserving their smoking pipes or cleaning them regularly, here are a few pointers you can highlight to them.

  • Smoking from a dirty pipe is harmful to a person's health.
  • Cleaning the pipe (after a long time) will give your consumers severe pain. Shaking their piece rigorously for removing all the residue will increase the chances of dropping and breaking it down during the process.

Tip – They must avoid using sharp tools for cleaning the smoking pipe. Such tools can contribute to cracking the glass of the pipe.

Thus, a responsible smoker should clean their smoking pipes regularly to increase its life span.

Avoid if unsure about glass.

Customers can be intuitive enough to determine whether a glass smoking pipe will sustain at their homes. In such cases, don't endorse glass pipes to customers. Some people live in crowded homes, have more than one pet, or have many toddlers/ children at home, and hence, are not comfortable with glass. You can recommend them an option, and that alternative's name is 'Silicon Smoking Pipes.'

New in the market, these trendy pieces are damage-free. Silicon smoking pipes are portable, travel-friendly bongs that are capable of providing excellent filtration. This function is fulfilled due to its upright tube style and water pipe's operation.

Purchase a Scientific Glass Smoking Pipe

Customers looking for exceptionally high quality and standards in their smoking pipes can opt for scientific glass smoking pipes!

What's a scientific glass smoking pipe? It is the one that possesses:

  • Dewar's Joint

If the smoking pipe is equipped with a Dewar's Joint connecting the piece's body and bowl, then the smoking pipe can be considered to be damage-proof up to a great extent.

  • Possesses a wide base

If the smoking pipe features a broad base, chances of its toppling become far less. Even the water pipe will show stability on surfaces such as the floor, table, or any flat surface.

  • Thickness matters

Give your consumers a simple formula to remember. The thickness of the glass is directly proportional to the resisting/withstanding breaking force.

Typically, smoking pipes are made of glass with a thickness that measures 2 mm – 3 mm. A scientific glass smoking pipe features glass possessing a thickness of a minimum of 4 mm.

Do you know there are smoking pipes in the market with glass thickness that measures up to 9 mm? The above-mentioned fool proof techniques will help secure your customer's pipes as long as they want them in their possession. If you want to stock up on smoking pipes, whether ceramic, silicon, or glass, you can purchase them in bulk from the MJ Wholesale website.

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