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How Much Cannabis Flower Will Fit In A Jar?-MJ Wholesale

How Much Cannabis Flower Will Fit In A Jar?

Determining what size container you need to package your freshly grown flower may be more complicated than you think. There is no one standard unit of measurement when it comes to cannabis packaging. Containers like jars are often measured in ounces, while pop tops are more likely to be measured in drams. Some containers are even measured in milliliters.

To complicate things further, these units of measurements don’t necessarily translate as practically as one would think. For example, a two-ounce jar isn’t going to two ounces of bud. This is because the weight of something isn’t necessarily congruent with its mass. Think about a pound of feather vs a pound of bricks – the feathers are going to take up much more space. Mass is also going to differ between individual batches of cannabis. Things like moisture and density are going to play huge factors in determining how much space your flower will take up.

Because sizing is so complicated, we’ve created this handy guide to help you approximate how much bud will fit in a container.

1 Gram

5 to 7 Grams

10 Grams

15 Grams

The Density of the Flower

Density is the mass of the flower divided by its volume. Different strains of the cannabis plant yield different nugs, which could be fluffy or dense. This factor causes a different optical experience because different strains produce varied terpene profiles and cannabinoids. For example, two nugs with identical weights but two diverse strains could have very different densities. One could be denser, making the flower look smaller, and the other could be less dense, making the flower look fluffy and bigger.

How Humidity Affects Dry Herb in a Container

The relative humidity (RH) of weed is best maintained between 59 to 63 percent. If the moisture is higher, it can lead to mold growth. If it is lower, it can lead to your weed drying out. Therefore, your container should possess the relative humidity that maintains the weed. You can add humidity packs to your containers to level up the moisture in the container or maintain it. You can also store your dry herb in a humidor made especially for cannabis.

How to Use Boveda Packs When Packaging

Boveda’s 2-way humidity control packs respond to ambient conditions inside the marijuana container by adding or removing moisture and maintaining the required Relative Humidity printed on the pack.

Boveda packs are available in several sizes and can fit into any container. You can place the Boveda pack into your airtight container and close it. You can use any number of humidity control packs depending on the amount of marijuana you are storing. It immediately creates a monolayer of purified water that protects the dry herb inside the container. When you open the container and grind the flower, the terpenes get released in an attractive aroma and flavor that can be enjoyed when smoked.

You might need to replace your Boveda packs if you feel hard spots when you touch them. It is recommended that you should not wait until it turns into solid water, which suggests that it has dried out completely. If your Boveda packs last lesser than two months, it simply means that it is working extra hard to keep the interior of the container stable. In such cases, it is better to check again if your container is leak-proof, airtight, and sealed well.

Shelf Life of Different Marijuana Products

According to various studies, the approximate shelf life of various marijuana products is given below.

  • Dried cannabis flower remains viable between 6 to 12 months.
  • Cannabis oils stay fresh for more than a year if protected well from light and heat.
  • Wax, dabs, and other concentrates stay fresh for several months.
  • Shelf-life of edibles like sauces, energy drinks, condiments, or any other edible that can be refrigerated is between 5 to 7 days. Other edibles like cookies, brownies, and rice crispy treats might last longer.
  • Topical manufacturers recommend using topicals within one year of purchasing for the best results due to loss of potency over time. If you open the topical container and witness a strange color, consistency, or smell, it would be better not to use it on your skin.

Adverse Effects of Improper Storage of Marijuana

If marijuana is not stored in the right conditions, it can harm its quality. For example, if your dry herb or flower gets in contact with air, it will decline the quality of the flower and ultimately reduce its flavor and potency. If it gets too moist due to humidity levels, it will have mold and become useless.

Whether you are storing marijuana just till the end of the week or for the long term, keeping a balanced and proper storage environment for marijuana is essential if you wish to keep your buds fluffy, potent, and aromatic.

One Gram of Cannabis

A 2 ounce jar is a typical size container for a gram of bud. If you’re looking for a pop-top vial, you’ll find that they are traditionally measured in drams. Drams began as a unit of measurement in the old English apothecary system, and one dram is equivalent to ⅛ of an ounce or 3.697 milliliters. Don’t worry, you won’t have to do any math. One gram of cannabis will typically fit in a 13 - 16 dram pop top. Breaking it down to milliliters, expect to need a 60 ml container to hold one gram of cannabis.

Five to Seven Grams of Cannabis

The average quarter of cannabis will fit neatly inside a 5 ounce jar. That translates to around 40 drams or 160 milliliters.

Ten Grams of Cannabis

When we get up to 10 grams of sticky icky you can expect your buds to fit in a 6 to 8 ounce jar depending on density. That’s the equivalent of 60 drams or 220 milliliters. 

Fifteen Grams of Cannabis

At fifteen grams of cannabis, expect to need a 10 ounce jar. This is equal to 300 milliliters. Currently, drams come in the following sizes: 6, 13, 19, 30, 60, 90. At a half ounce and above, you’ll want to select the largest size of 90 drams. Depending on how fluffy your bud is, a 90 dram pop-top may be a little cramped.

Sizes Will Vary

The most important thing to remember is that these are just general guidelines. All cannabis is going to have different densities, which means that all cannabis will take up more or less space. Use these guidelines as a jumping off point, and determine what container you’ll need based on the mass of your individual cannabis buds.

A Few Cannabis Containers We Carry

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David Armitage - January 26, 2023

I’m making cannibus oil, I need to know how many grams of decarbed ground weed will fit in one cup. I can do the math after that.

Thank you

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