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What Are Dab Tools Used For?

Dabbing is becoming an increasingly popular way for modern smokers to consume concentrated cannabis. While people traditionally have consumed marijuana concentrates such as hash for thousands of years, it’s only been since the early 2000’s that dabbing has risen to prominence. 

With the expansion of marijuana legalization in several American states, different types of concentrate dab tools have been made available in dispensaries and head shops. 

Since there are different styles and methods of dabbing, it’s essential as a dispensary to know the purpose of the tools that are useful and popular on the market. 

What Are Dab Tools Used For?

Let’s start by explaining what dab tools are before we highlight popular dab tool products.

Standard Dab Tools 

Standard metal dab tools are an essential component of the dabbing experience as it allows the smoker to pick up concentrate from its container and place it on the rig’s dab nail. 

Dab tools tend to be made of heat-resistant components, including: 

  • Titanium 
  • Stainless steel
  • Glass 
  • Ceramic 
  • Quartz

Each material dab tool has its pros and cons. While stainless steel or titanium dab tools may be slightly less agreeable with a glass rig than glass dab tools, they offer durability for long-lasting use. 

MJ Wholesale offers 120mm dab tools for an incredibly low wholesale price. Offering dab tools in your dispensary or head shop is a sure way to satisfy customers and provide an essential.

If you want to offer one package with different sized dab tools in various sizes, check out MJ Wholesale’s Aluminum 5 Piece Custom Wax Tool Kit.

With a durable steel case and striking design, you’ll receive the following dab tool sizes: 

  • 106mm
  • 108mm
  • 108mm
  • 121mm
  • 127mm 

If you’re interested in a bagged kit, check out the Skilletools Master Kit for easy to clean, scrape, and dab tools. Similar to the 5 Piece Custom Wax Tool Kit, you’ll receive durable, essential dab tools in different sizes.

Skilletools Travel Set

Don’t let your various dab accessories hold you up from storing your supplies and being on the go. A travel kit for your essential dab and scrape tools can make life so more organized. 

MJ Wholesale’s travel kit utilizes medical grade stainless steel and a compact design to pack your dab tools in a small pouch conveniently.  

MJ Wholesale’s Mission 

We love staying up to date by providing the latest products at MJ Wholesale.

The selection of dab tools from MJ Wholesale doesn’t stop at the previous products. There’s an entire inventory category dedicated to providing dispensaries and head shops with different priced and sized dab tools for every preference. 

The cannabis market is moving increasingly faster toward standard production and sale of concentrate products. Selecting one of MJ Wholesale’s kit products, such as the Skilletools Master Kit, covers all the bases for a dab enthusiast. 

We even offer individually priced selections for personal purchases. 

If you’re a dispensary looking to round out your concentrate inventory, head over to our concentrate container page so you can maximize concentrate freshness and elevate the display of your products. 

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