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What Are Carb Caps?

Carb caps are an accessory within the concentrate dab market that restricts airflow and circulates heat around nails or bangers without a dome. The carb cap application process allows the cannabis concentrate to vaporize at a lower temperature. When cannabis concentrate is vaporized at a lower temperature, the integrity of the concentrate is preserved. 

If you're looking to maintain the quality and enhance the flavor of your concentrate, then carb caps are an excellent asset. 

Let's jump into the different types of carb caps available before we talk about where to buy carb caps and how to use them. 

By the end of the post, we'll have enough context and information to recommend whether or not carb caps are necessary for dab enthusiasts. 

Carb Cap Variety 

Different types of carb caps are ideal for various dab rig setups. Most carb caps are quartz, titanium, or glass material.

What Are Carb Caps?

Standard carb caps feature a rounded end that acts as the cap and a handle for the user to hold during the process. 

Bubble carb caps feature a bubble shape with hollow stems that reach from the top of the cap to the bottom to create the overall shape. 

When used in conjunction with flat-top quartz carb caps, the rounded shape of the bubble carb creates a seal against the flat top leading to faster vaporization. The last perk that bubble carb caps present is a smooth rotation for moving to concentrate across the rig's banger. 

Directional carb caps are another style of caps that lead to a seal on banger style nails with a carb hole, and a thin angled stem that extends from the bottom portion of the cap. When users rotate directional carb caps, the airflow will chase the concentrate around the nail, which leads to more quickly produced vapor. 

Now that we've covered the common types of carb caps, let's break down the process of using carb caps. 

How to Use a Carb Cap

First, you apply a dab to a heated nail or banger surface before covering with the carb cap. Directional or bubble carb caps call for the user to twist or rotate the carb cap to spread the concentrate across the nail's surface. Subtle up-and-down motions with standard dab tools work with flat-based carb caps. 

Once you've followed the previous steps, remove the carb cap to clear the smoke from your rig. 

You can find these accessories at head shops, dispensaries, or online cannabis outlets if you're looking to purchase a carb cap. 

Final Verdict: Are Carb Caps Necessary? 

If you're looking to vaporize concentrates at lower temperatures, carb caps are an excellent asset. When dab rig nails are overheated, it can hurt the flavor and even the potency of your concentrate. 

Utilizing a carb cap can provide fans of dabs with the consistency that they're aiming to achieve in a smoking experience. While it's an extra step in preparing to smoke, it can make a huge difference. 

MJ Wholesale is proud to provide dispensaries and head shops with concentrate containers and other essential dab tools.  

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