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Pre-Roll Packaging

Pre-rolled joints are a significant hit within dispensaries. 


People love convenience. For people who enjoy smoking joints, but don't care to roll, acquiring the perfect joint is now easier than ever with the availability of pre-rolls. 

With the high demand for pre-rolls, dispensaries need to have sufficient levels of pre-roll packaging on deck to supply customers with the products they desire adequately. 

MJ Wholesale offers pre-roll packaging supplies at low wholesale prices in bulk quantities so your dispensary can maximize its profits. 

Before we highlight high-quality pre-roll packaging selections from MJ Wholesale, let's take a look at the history of joints to understand where the market is today. 

Pre-Roll Packaging

The Progression of Joints Into Pre-Rolls 

While marijuana has been consumed for thousands of years, Leafly's cannabis history article states that the first recorded instances of people using joints were in Mexico during the 1800s. It didn't take long for joints to become a cultural hit among cannabis enthusiasts. 

The early 20th century played a crucial role in the popularization of joints, specifically during the prohibition era. Even though "reefer madness" ad campaigns condemned the use of smoking methods such as joints, cultural identity shifts during periods such as the 1960s led to an anti-authoritative ideology that undermined "reefer madness" propaganda. 

Rolling paper companies began producing broader papers that accommodated rolling as joints were finally entering the mainstream. 

Fast forward to recent years of medical and recreational marijuana legalization, and we've witnessed the introduction of pre-rolled joints into the market. 

Let's access some of the benefits that pre-roll joints present.

Pre-roll Benefits 

When accessing standard pre-roll products that you'll find in dispensaries, one might notice the fullness of modern pre-rolls. While a person can purchase king size papers or king-sized cones for a more sizable joint, many new pre-roll products featured in dispensaries are packed with a sizable quantity of flower. 

Sizable pre-rolls are super convenient since rolling a more prominent joint is more challenging, rolling an average-sized joint. Deciding to purchase a sizable pre-roll joint presents excellent value for the buyer. A smoker can even consume part of the pre-roll and put it back into the protective packaging to finish the rest later. 

Pre-rolls can be seen as one of the more common forms of consuming cannabis. If you're in a situation where a smoke circle is present, passing around a pre-roll is super convenient.

Ok, we've established that pre-rolls are convenient and fun ways to smoke. It's no wonder they are a smash hit on the dispensary market. Now it's time to take a look at the top-notch pre-roll packaging that MJ Wholesale has to offer. 

What MJ Wholesale Does for Pre-Roll Packaging 

MJ Wholesale works to provide dispensary supplies for the modern market. Cannabis products are evolving fast. That's why MJ Wholesale offers a wide selection of quality pre-roll packaging so your business can elevate its products. 

Pop Top Tubes 

Pop Top Tubes are one of the most popular modern methods for marketing and selling individual pre-rolls. Opening Pop Top tubes is easy. All you have to do is squeeze either side of the tube until you hear a distinct "pop" sound. The tubes are resealable and convenient for storage or transport. 

Assorted coloring options on pre-roll Pop Top tubes are available to boost the aesthetic value of your pre-roll packaging. 

Do you run a dispensary in a state with strict laws surrounding child-safe marijuana packaging? 

No worries. 

MJ Wholesale offers child-resistant joint tubes, so your packaging is state-compliant. 

Pre-Roll Mylar Bags 

If Pop-Top tubes aren't what you're looking for when it comes to pre-roll packaging, MJ Wholesale provides pre-roll Mylar bag options

Many of the pre-roll Mylar bag options are opaque to ensure that your dispensary's packaging is state-compliant. Vista packaging options are additionally available for selection with one transparent and one opaque side. 

MJ Wholesale is proud to be your one-stop destination for dispensary, growing, or processing supplies. 

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