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Why You Need a Pre-Roll Tube

Pre-Roll Tubes Offer Unique Benefits for Every Smoker

Every smoker is different, each with a separate smoking style and preferences for how to smoke and store it than anyone else. With such a unique experience for smokers, it’s rare to find a product that most can find a good use for. That’s where pre-roll tubes come in, though.

The benefits of pre-roll tubes, while they stick mostly to those who smoke joints or blunts, can extend to all smokers. That’s why we’ll be diving into those benefits today. 

In our guide, we’ll take a look at the multiple uses of a pre-roll tube, the different types available, and why each smoker might need one. Given all the perks and features, let’s look at why any smoker might want a pre-roll tube in their arsenal.

What is a Pre-Roll Tube?

A generally cylinder-shaped container, a pre-roll tube is meant to store joints or blunts. Whether they’re pre-rolled or rolled by hand, the tube helps keep the herb from falling out, among other benefits we’ll get into shortly.

Even though all pre-roll tubes are cylinder-shaped, there are a variety of tubes available. Made from different materials, let’s look at the most common types of pre-roll tubes currently out there.

Types of Pre-Rolled Tubes

It stands to reason there would be different types of pre-roll tubes to choose from, so how do you know which type is the best? First, let’s look at what’s most popular.

The most common types of pre-roll tubes are:

  • Polypropylene pre-roll tubes

The most economic option, polypropylene can cost as little as 7 cents per tube. They generally have a squeeze top that’s as easy as just popping it open. However, it still manages to keep everything inside sealed and fresh. That means your joint or blunt can remain inside and come out hours later like you just rolled it minutes ago.

  • Glass pre-roll tubes

Glass pre-roll tubes offer the qualities of traditional packaging, and then some. The screw-top cap is specifically threaded for the container it comes with. This creates an absolute airtight space to maintain the security and freshness of the pre-rolled joint or blunt inside.

Benefits of Pre-Roll Tubes

Now, the big reason we’re all here. What are the benefits of pre-rolled tubes? Each benefit might give someone a reason to want pre-rolls, so let’s lay out all of them.

Some are Child-Resistant

While this is technically a type of pre-roll tube, it’s also a benefit for many of them. They’re child-resistant, and some are downright childproof. As long as you aren’t using an easy pop-top cap, many of the other methods make it inaccessible for children. Fortunately, a tube will always specify if it’s child-resistant, so you can correctly find the one for your needs.

More Sanitary

Compared to glass pieces and other smoke paraphernalia, pre-roll tubes to safely hold your joints or blunts is far more sanitary. They go so far as to even prevent the spread of illness more than their smoking alternatives.

Protects Your Pre-Rolls

If a blunt or joint you rolled gets to dry, or you just don’t smoke it fast enough, it can crack. Worse, some have even been known to shatter. To keep your pre-roll looking and tasting fresh, stick it in a pre-roll tube

The tube helps keep it safe from environmental factors that would dry it out. Plus, you can’t clumsily drop your blunt in a puddle when it’s sealed safely away in a pre-roll tube. Not that we have any experience with that.

Keeps Bud Flavorful

Whether your papers were flavored or you’re trying to taste the herb itself, pre-rolled tubes help maintain the flavor for longer. Leaving a joint or blunt out on the table until you smoke it can reduce its flavor every minute. As it sits out in the air, you’re missing out on microscopic terpenes and other cannabinoids. Keep all your bud on the actual joint or blunt and use a pre-roll tube.

Smell-Proof, or At Least Smell-Resistant

We all know here how stinky some herbs can get. Sometimes, you may be more inclined to hide that smell than others. Fortunately, a quality pre-roll tube can come in handy. Seal up your joint, blunt, or even loose bud in a tube and tuck it away for later.

Makes Storage More Discreet

Hiding a joint looks a little obvious. Hiding a tube-looking thing looks more inconspicuous, at the least. Easy to conceal, joint and blunt tubes can be stashed practically anywhere. Storage being made discreet makes it a plus for those that like to smoke quietly or covertly.

Think of the Variety

Just with colors alone, there’s a lot to choose from for a joint tube. Pick your favorite color or go with a transparent version, and then decide on the material from there. The variety is endless -- just another reason to purchase a pre-rolled tube, though.

Economical and Efficient Thinking

Saving herb for later in a pre-rolled package just means you’re thinking efficiently. What’s more, you’re actually creating less waste with your blunt or joint than someone might if smoking out of a bowl. Even further, blunts and joints to a lesser degree burn much slower than a bowl. You’re saving on herb, improving how much time you spend smoking, and thinking economically. Overall, a pre-rolled tube sounds like it could save you money.

Just Plain Convenient

Finally, a pre-roll tube is just plain convenient. If your plans just changed last minute, if you’re in a rush, regardless of the situation, a pre-roll tube holding your joint or blunt for later comes in handy. 

The portability with the tube makes it otherworldly useful. Even for those that don’t smoke blunts or joints, a tube to keep your herb safe for later is still a great idea. Just grab it and go -- it couldn’t be made more simple.

The Finishing Touch for a Smoker’s J or Blunt Tube

To cater to smokers that would utilize a pre-roll tube, you’d want to sweeten the deal. What better way to do that than offer up something that can seal the pre-roll tube for the long haul? For the smokers that use pre-roll tubes to keep their joint or blunt fresh for later, joint tube shrink wrap and a heat gun might do that job.

Using the shrink wrap, slide a clear band over the top of the pre-roll tube. Then, using the heat gun, apply heat to allow the bands to shrink. It takes just a few seconds, depending on the heat setting, and then the tube is sealed and secured for later use.

This has an added bonus of making the tube more odor-proof if it’s been open and loaded down with a joint or blunt. This is a great option for any of the more stealth smokers that like to hide things away for later. 

Do You Have a Pre-Roll Tube Yet?

Are you an avid joint or blunt smoker? Do you often find yourself taking your herb on the go with you? A pre-roll tube might be exactly what you need to improve your smoking experience. Keep everything fresh longer, even if you don’t smoke it right away. Enjoy your blunt or joint like you just rolled it no matter how long it’s been with the help of a high-quality pre-roll tube.

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