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14 of the Best, Most Affordable Dab Rigs Under $80

Getting Quality Rigs on a Budget in 2021

Dab rigs are an essential part of many cannabis consumers’ usable supplies. As concentrates become more popular across the nation and the legality behind the herb loosens, we know dab rigs are a more in-demand product than ever. 

We’re proud to offer a wide array of dab rigs in different shapes, sizes, and designs to fit any budget. 

If you’re looking for rigs to get a good stock set up for your customers to easily choose from, this guide was meant for you. Take a look through our beautiful range of high-quality, affordable dab rigs that won’t break you or your customers’ banks in the guide below.

What is a Dab Rig?

Referred to as a vapor rig, an oil rig, or a concentrate pipe, dab rigs are similar to bongs in that they help filter concentrate through water at the base. They’re pieces designed to vaporize or combust cannabis concentrates, as well as essential oils. 

Utilizing a dab rig to “dab” your concentrates is what most users feel has the fastest effects, so you can reap its benefits as soon as possible. Likewise, dabbing any sort of concentrate means you’re inhaling something far more potent than just flower. A more powerful, intense high, dab rigs are highly sought after, and only growing in popularity every day.

Due to larger name brands, many consumers and businesses may think dab rigs are expensive. And for the most part, they can be -- if you don’t know where to look. 

Fortunately, we keep a steady line of quality dab rigs that are all under $100, with some under $60 and some even under $30. Our goal, after all, truly is to help accommodate any budget out there. Let’s take a look at the many exceptional quality rigs in our line that may be appealing for your customers.

Side Note: Is Dabbing Considered Vaping or Smoking?

The act of dabbing means to heat the “hot plate” of the dab rig, which is typically a metal nail, to an extremely high temperature using a small blowtorch. This creates a temperature even hotter than the temperature of fire you use to combust herbs. 

Once it’s heated, many wait for the nail to cool off for a few seconds to better regulate how hot of a hit they’re about to dab. When dabbing in this manner, researchers suggest that it’s less harmful than outright smoking. As for whether dabbing is considered vaping or smoking, it still does produce its own form of smoke, so it’s technically a form of smoking.

Best Dab Rigs Under $10

Silicone Tank Rig

Silicone is a tried and true material that customers frequently come back to. Switch out the glass bowl on this guy for a dab nail and you have a military-grade dab rig -- pun included. These tank rigs hit like a freight train, giving you an overwhelming bank for your buck as it comes in under 10 bucks a rig. 

While it may not be a rig every customer buys, it’s sure to draw many eyes and have them come back to show their friends for next time. Having a stocked supply of these bad boys is always a smart icebreaker to have in your store.

This rig does not come with a dab nail included. Make sure you purchase nails if you want to turn these into dab rigs; otherwise, they come equipped with a bowl to make them a bong/water pipe.

7-Inch Silicone Chili Bottle Dab Rig

Another classic design sure to draw attention, the chili bottle dab rig is a perfect addition for your dispensary or head shop. Not only does it make consumers want to come back to show off the piece to their friends, it’s a novelty piece that customers are actually liable to purchase. 

Coming in at under $10, it’s a great add-on you can make an easy turnaround on. Plus, it’s made of silicone, which is a favorable bonus for many in the cannabis community. Less liable to break, it can be dropped without having to worry about needing an all-new piece. 

While it does have a glass nail instead of a metal nail, replacing just one small piece is a lot easier and more affordable for customers. This makes it a solid option for the consumers that look at pieces they purchase based on how long they’ll last and how reliably durable they may be.

Best Dab Rigs Under $30

MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig

A mini dab rig means more flavor for your hits. A user can elevate their usual session with something like the Ursa mini dab rig. The piece works by pulling through its reinforced, base-connected percolator. 

Smoke is split up into tiny bubbles that maximizes water diffusion. It then gets quickly spun into a vortex to be washed in a second rinse within the internal chamber. All this happens the second you start pulling your hit, so that it’s fresh, packed with flavor, and as smooth as it gets.

Famous X Brandz 6-Inch Bell Dab Rig

Famous X Brandz is, well, a famous brand, known for their superb-quality products. This includes their dab rigs, of which the 6-inch bell dab rig makes our “under $30” list. 

Made from borosilicate, hand blown glass, it comes with a 14.5mm male quartz banger that allows you to add concentrate to its larger surface area effortlessly. A small rig overall, it has a showerhead percolator that provides extra filtration to make your hit as smooth as butter. 

Adorned with the classic black Famous Brandz star-making X logo, this rig is a perfect addition to your smoke sesh when you really want to boast.

MJ Arsenal Royale Mini Dab Rig

The 2.0 of the Royale, this mini dab rig from MJ Arsenal can pack some heat. It has a wider, drastically more stable base than the original Royale. Its wider volume allows for increased air flow, maximum terpene flavor, and added filtration.

Mini dab rigs are a great addition to any smoke stock, providing more flavor with every hit because there’s less air overall. Elevate you and your customers’ experience by keeping stock of these affordable, reliable, and potent MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs.

Best Dab Rigs Under $40

Cheech & Chong Up In Smoke Anthony 8-Inch Dab Rig and Water Pipe

A name brand that’s here to stay, the Cheech & Chong dab rig is a premium find, especially at such an affordable price. 

Made of high-quality borosilicate glass and a double-tiered showerhead percolator, it also has a reinforced, fixed downstem. Its stable circular foot holds it in place, with a glass concentrate nail included alongside the rig.

In a variety of colors, you can expect bright colored glass accents that are available in apple green, black, purple, light blue, red, and yellow.

Famous X Brandz 6-Inch Stack Dab Rig

Another dab rig from Famous X Brandz makes the list, a powerful 6-inch stack dab rig with a 14mm male quartz banger attached. An impressive model, these are sure to wow your customers with superb-quality glass and a durable design.

You’ll also know they’re authentic with the classix X logo from Famous Brandz across the front of the piece. Get it here for an unbeatable price so you can show them off to your audience.

Dopezilla Kraken 9-Inch Dab Rig

Dopezilla is another powerfully popular paraphernalia brand, and they certainly impress enough to make the list with a number of their pieces, including the Kraken. Choose between black, teal, or a combination of both. 

The Kraken doesn't come with a carb hole, but it does have a drum percolator to improve filtration and flavor. With colorful accents on the mouthpiece, bowl, and classic monster logo from Dopezilla, it’s made with a high-quality borosilicate glass that’s reliably durable.

Famous X Brandz 7-Inch Drip Dab Rig

A 7-inch drip dab rig helps Famous X Brandz make the list yet again, coming in at 40 bucks or under for an impressive deal. The classic X logo from Famous Branz sit on the side, and a wide base helps keep the piece sturdy and in place. 

It’s easy to visualize this rig on yours or your customer’s shelves, so make sure you stay stocked to give them a piece worth taking home.

Best Dab Rigs Under $60

Dopezilla Banhee 10-Inch Dab Rig

We’re happy to say Dopezilla graces the list again, coming in under $60 with the Banshee, a monster of a 10-inch dab rig. The classic design from the brand means no carb hole but a drum percolator there to help with filtration and flavor. The male 14.5mm quartz banger is .5mm larger than the typical quartz banger you might see in rigs, so do keep a mindful eye on that fact.

Aesthetic colorful accents highlight the bowl, mouthpiece, and brand’s monster logo for this show off just how pretty the piece is, but the hits remind you why it’s named the Banshee.

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig Dab Rig

The embodiment of all that MJ Arsenal has to offer, the Mini Jig mini dab rig offers a little extra convenience that goes a long way. Liberate your consumption experience whether on the go or at home with a piece that can reliably do it all.

Made of handcrafted, pure borosilicate glass, the quartz bucket for a nail is included. In addition is an affixed storage jar. It’s designed to help you to keep your oil sealed, safe and closed, so your terpenes, cannabinoids and other precious compounds can stay as fresh as when you first put them in the jar. Wherever your day’s journey is designed to take you, you can enjoy to the fullest extent with the Mini Jig.

Famous Brandz 8-Inch Versuz Dab Rig

The fourth and final Famous Brandz product to grace the list is the 8-inch Versuz dab rig. It includes a male 14.5mm quartz banger, which is more common for Famous Brandz but not the standard 14mm quartz banger that fits most pieces. 

Crafted with thick, hand-blown borosilicate glass, the piece comes packed in a Famous X Brandz box. It was made for both novelty and legal use, it looks good whether it’s displayed on a shelf or in use. The honeycomb percolator within this rig helps improve flavor and filtration, adding to 

Best Dab Rigs Under $80

Guns N’ Roses Appetite for Destruction 10-Inch Hex Base Dab Rig

The Appetite for Destruction from Guns N’ Roses is a large and in charge 10-inch dab rig with a solid hexagon base made of hand-blown borosilicate glass. It comes with a 14mm quartz banger to allow your extracts to be used efficiently and more easily.

Note on this novelty rig the Appetite for Destruction skull portrait imagery and font, at the bottom of the rig. There’s also a fun graffiti style Guns N’ Roses was here text that compliments the red splatter behind the illustration.

Give your customers something they actively want to show off to their friends with a rig that everyone loves.

Hemper Crystal Ball XL Rig

Coming in to finish off the list at still under $80 is the Crystal Ball XL rig from Hemper. Perfect for smoking or dabs, you can choose between pink, blue, green, and smoke. 

The colored inner globe creates a storm effect inside the cooling chamber, which makes a plume-shaped smoke stream come from each hole. This helps passively cool the smoke -- plus, it just looks sick, and is what gives the piece its crystal ball name. 

With a frosted base and standing 7 inches in height, this extra large rig has a large, colored showerhead percolator to further add to its filtration and flavor. 

Do keep in mind for this one, though that it only comes equipped with a 14mm male flower bowl. You’ll need to purchase additional nails to make it able to be dabbed.

Wrapping Up 

We hope this helps you see just how many high-quality dab rigs are available through our line. When it comes to buying bulk wholesale through MJ Wholesale, you can feel confident you’re walking away with reliable, durable products that will impress your customers. After all, impressed consumers help build brand loyalty, and turns them into repeat customers. 

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