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A guide to different kinds of hand pipes

A majority of smokers prefer hand pipes because they are the most common and simplest way to enjoy their dry herbs or tobacco. If your customers are unaware of this magnificent creation, they are missing out. Here’s a brief guide about hand pipes and its types.

What’s a hand pipe?

Comprising a bowl, neck, carb, and mouthpiece, hand pipes are generally curvy and handy. Earlier versions of the hand pipes looked like Sherlock Holmes’ pipe. But after years of innovation and adaptation, hand pipes are now available in a number of novelty designs and shapes.

Pros of hand pipes

They are easy to handle and simple to use.

They don’t require any particular attachment or setup for functioning

They are portable devices and very handy.

Although hand pipes are the most straightforward smoking tools, they are harsher than a bong or a dab rig. This is because they lack a water filtration system. However, some modern hand pipes such as bubblers do use water to cool off the smoke. Alternatively, users can also use a pipe screen.

Utility of a Pipe Screen

Hand pipes might seem too small to allow any ash from sliding through. But, without a pipe screen, there is a good chance that the smokers might inhale the ash and other debris. This can cause throat irritation and also damage the lungs. A pipe screen serves as a filter and blocks all ash particles from reaching the smoke and into the mouthpiece.

Other benefits of a pipe screen include that it lets the smokers draw smooth and easy hits without pulling too hard. Thus, it makes the smoking experience better for the users. Also, it helps keep the herb bowl free from any tobacco debris that might be filled over continuous usage. Pipe screens are available in a variety of types, especially brass or silver. The smoked material can be cleaned from the bowl between sessions when using these pipe screens.

Different Types of Hand Pipes

Your customers will love buying hand pipes for their utility and trendy designs. If you want to cater to all the smokers, it would be best to stock up all types of hand pipes made out of wood, glass, or silicone. This will help you cater to every kind of smoker, whether they are an expert or a beginner.

Here are the different kinds of hand pipes based on the material they are made from.

Glass Hand Pipes

Glass hand pipes are the most popular hand pipes as they do not interfere with the taste of the herbs when smoking. Reasonably simple to use. The user has to load the herb in the bowl, light it up and inhale the smoke. The only drawback of glass hand pipes is that they need to be handled with good care because they can get damaged if not handled properly.

Silicone Hand Pipes

Best for people who aren’t confident about handling their hand pipes with care, silicone hand pipes are the most durable smoking accessory. Silicone never breaks, shatters or scratches and can be used roughly too. One other benefit of silicone hand pipes is that they are available in a number of designs and colors.

Wooden Hand Pipes

For old-school smokers who love their tools handmade, the wooden hand pipe is a perfect choice. Wooden pipes are considered the oldest hand pipes that are used to date. They are made out of the bark of trees such as the oak tree. The only downside of wooden hand pipes is that they might have a minor impact on the flavor of your herb.

Metal Hand Pipes

Metal pipes are easy to handle and durable at the same time. Whether your customers are beginners, veterans, or regular smokers, they can use the metal hand pipe with ease. Metals get extremely hot with the temperature rise, and hence these hand pipes come with a plastic or wood handle so that the user can handle it.

Well, this is not the only variation available in hand pipes. They are available in a variety of designs and shapes too. Here are some of the most popular types of hand pipes based on their design

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are named so because they look just like spoons. They are available in a number of designs and colors. Generally made out of glass, spoon pipes of silicone and wood are available in the market. The spoon pipes are arguably the most famous hand pipes used by smokers. Like the standard hand pipes, spoon pipes possess a neck, carb, mouthpiece, and bowl. One of the best features of the spoon pipe is that it allows the user to control the amount of airflow.


The design of chillums is a bit different from regular hand pipes. They are conical pipes that go straight from the bowl to the mouthpiece. Usually made of clay, the chillums have been used for centuries. They originated in India and then eventually spread throughout the world.

Chillums are portable and serve as an ideal smoking tool for vapers who love to smoke on the go. A chillum stone is generally used along with the chillum pipe. The stone is inserted inside the pipe that prevents the smoker from inhaling the tobacco debris. It acts as a filter. It has a flat top and a small hole drilled through the center.

Novelty Pipes

Novelty pipes are similar to regular hand pipes, but they are artistically designed and can appeal to your customers who love intriguing and sophisticated designs. The novelty pipes can make the user get lost in their imagination while enjoying their hits. A number of design possibilities are explored, and a vast number of beautiful novelty pipes are available. These pipes have the ability to transfer the user into a different world by tickling their imagination.

Even though hand pipes have been in use for centuries, they will not fade out anytime soon. It would be great to stock up different types of hand pipes to cater to the customers who love to smoke their dry herb or tobacco with this simple accessory. You can buy all the varieties mentioned above and more from the MJ Wholesale

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