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Benefits of Using water pipes or a bong to smoke dry flower

Rolling a joint or a cigarette has undoubtedly, been the most traditional and popular method to smoke marijuana. However, with the recent expansion and advancement in the marijuana industry, water pipes and bongs have gained a lot of popularity too. They’re the perfect smoking equipment that smokers can use for a smooth hit. They have several advantages over smoking a joint. This article will cover everything you need to know about bongs or water pipes and why you must stock them in your head shop.

What are water pipes or bongs?

Bongs are quite similar to hand pipes in the sense that they too, involve packing herbs, lighting and inhaling. However, they are also like water pipes as they too, use water to purify the smoke and provide cleaner hits to the smoker. Bongs are considered safer for smoking as the smoke gets filtered, and the person gets smoother hits far better than cigarettes. They are also more convenient and efficient smoking devices.

What is the anatomy of water pipes or bongs? How do you use them?

Special hand pipes are available in the market for smoking purposes, but they might not be very convenient. This is because they do provide the smoke, but not the filtration or cooling effect as bongs do. Bongs on the other hands, are made of some specific parts. The bongs consist of a bowl, base, chamber, carb, and a mouthpiece. The bowl is meant to contain all the ingredients one wishes to smoke, and when it lightens up, the smoke travels to the base. The chamber is then supposed to carry all the smoke towards the mouthpiece where the consumer inhales all the goodness! The carb is a small opening used to contain the smoke in the bong and releases to let it out, whenever the consumer wants.

 To use it:
  • Fill the base with adequate water to fill the downstream.
  • Add the dry flower or preferred ingredient, light it up and inhale.
  • Use your finger on the small opening or carb to preserve or release the smoke.

That's it!  The process is so convenient, right?

What are the benefits of water pipes or bongs for smoking dry flowers?

Many of your customers might wonder whether purchasing bongs or water pipes is worth their money. Here are some advantages of bongs that you can share with them in case, they are not convinced about the versatility of bongs.

They provide a healthier smoke

Bongs use the method of filtering smoke through water which is safer to consume than cigarettes or joints. The water removes all sorts of unwanted elements or toxins from the smoke, making it not only cleaner but a healthier smoke!

Less Time Consuming

Everyone knows the time and effort required to roll a perfect joint or blunt. It can also get quite messy. With a bong, you don’t need to worry about such things and can enjoy your smoke almost instantly.

Reduced risks of respiratory disorders!

It can't be changed that smoking does cause some problems. However, the cleaner hits from a bong are comparatively less harsh than the other alternatives to smoking, such as cigarettes and blunts. 

Provides a more enjoyable experience!

Cigarettes can be very harsh on your throat, but the bongs provide a soothing and calm hit. The smoke gets filtered through the water so that you will have a very cool smoke down your throat. Some bongs also contain different features that provide even more cooling effects than usual!

They are a less fussy option

Bongs are easier to maintain. You need to clean the bowl and replace the water to remove any impurities; that's it! You can quickly just put the quantity of the ingredient and inhale. It's much easier than rolling and putting the stuff in a joint or a blunt!

Do bongs change the authenticity of the dry flower? Do they make the marijuana stronger or weaker? 

As you know, bongs do have a filtration process to filter unwanted or excessive toxins from the smoke getting inhaled. Filtering out here doesn’t refer to any change in the authenticity of the element. One can add their chosen amount of the ingredient into the bowl to get the right high. The amount plays a significant role in this. Some products are so strong that only some hits are required to have the full effect. The bongs can easily control your high, and if a person feels he needs more, he can go for another round. Bongs or water pipes are safer, stronger, and even stabilized than joints or cigarettes.

Ending Note

Bongs or water pipes are more convenient, cooler, and safer than other smoking devices. They don’t require much prep and experience either. They are easy to maintain, and the filtration process makes them unique! Bongs come in wide varieties and should be a part of your inventory, especially if you sell smoking devices and other supplies. A wide range of high-quality, affordable bongs and water pipes are available on MJ Wholesale at wholesale rates. Get your hands on them and encourage your customers to enjoy a smoother, cooler and an elevated smoking experience instantly! 
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