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Rolling Paper vs. Cones

While the topic of rolling papers vs. cones may seem strange to discuss since both products are paper products, rolling traditional style papers vs. cones provides two unique experiences for the smoker. 

MJ Wholesale recognizes that there are all different types of smokers, so that’s why we’re here to compare traditional rolling paper and cones so we can help you find which style is right for you. 

Our comparison of traditional rolling paper vs. cones will cover the history, types, and advantages of each style of rolling. We’ll even point out some top-notch products from each category along the way.

Let’s get started. 

Rolling Paper vs. Cones

Rolling Papers 

Ever since their inception in the early 18th century in Spain, rolling papers have been a hit with smokers everywhere. Nowadays, it’s easy to see the cultural impact that rolling papers have had on the smoking community. 

There are tons of brands that provide an ample amount of rolling paper sizes and materials to choose. The universal rolling paper size is 1 ¼ inch, while king-sized papers hover around 4 inches in length. 

The buck doesn’t stop when it comes to paper sizes. 

Top rolling paper companies utilize different materials to manufacture their products, with some of the most popular materials being rice and hemp. 

Certain paper materials and production methods have an impact on the smoking experience. Hemp papers have become increasingly popular due to their organic nature.

We’ve talked enough about how popular rolling papers have become. Let’s list exact reasons why while also noting some potential disadvantages of this smoking method. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rolling Paper 

One of the main advantages of rolling papers is convenience in terms of transportation and storage. Tossing a pack of papers in your bag or storing them in a drawer barely takes up space and provides plenty (usually 32 papers) of opportunities to roll up. 

The next topic of actually rolling up a joint can be seen as both an advantage and disadvantage of the smoking method. Rolling a joint using papers is a skill, but when the ability is perfected or at least passable, it provides the smoker with satisfaction. 

While tearing a single paper isn’t a big deal since swiping an extra paper from a pack is as easy as 1-2-3, if you’re rolling paper pack was to get wet, it could easily damage all the papers within the pack. 

While rolling can provide plenty of individuals with satisfaction, it can also be a daunting challenge and time consuming for some. For people who don’t like to roll/don’t care to learn, MJ Wholesale provides rolling machines so your dispensary or head shop can provide straightforward ways to create perfect joints. 

MJ Wholesale Rolling Papers 

MJ Wholesale provides low-wholesale prices on all the top rolling paper brands including: 

—and more! 

Jump over to our rolling paper inventory to browse our extensive line of selections.


Are you looking for a unique paper style that varies from a traditionally rolled joint?

Look no further than cones

Cone-shaped paper allows a smoker to pack more cannabis and enjoy a longer smoke. While rolling cones by hand is a manageable task given some practice, most people enjoy buying pre-rolled cones for the convenience of merely having to grind and drop cannabis into the cone shape before twisting the top. 

You can count on pre-rolled cones being rolled perfectly every time so you can enjoy a smooth burn. MJ Wholesale offers low wholesale pricing on bulk orders of pre-rolled cones from famous brands such as Raw and Elements. Through utilizing MJ Wholesale’s pre-rolled cone inventory, you’ll consistently gain quality products. 

Some downsides of using pre-rolled cones include the fact that they’re fragile. Most pre-rolled cones are stored in a tube to protect the shape of the cone. When the cone is removed from the protective tubing, it’s susceptible to damage. 

When it comes to rolling multiple cones or joints at once, rolling multiple joints with traditional rolling paper is more efficient due to the fact that cones tend to be sold individually. A single pre-rolled cone is equivalent in price to a standard pack of 30 papers. 

Both traditional rolling papers and pre-rolled cones offer a unique smoking experience. When it comes to saving money, your best bet is to select rolling papers due to their low cost and ability to roll multiple joints quickly. 

While grinding and filling a pre-rolled cone can take less time than rolling joints, pre-rolled cones are more expensive than a pack of rolling papers due to their convenience and protective packaging. 

Whichever option you prefer, MJ Wholesale has a wide selection of paper products to supply your headshop or dispensary with all the fan favorites at low wholesale prices. 

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