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MJ Wholesale How to Library

MJ Wholesale How To Library

MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.

Marijuana Dispensary Supply Wholesale

  • How To Clean A Glass Bong

    When Should I Clean My Bong? 

    Having a clean piece is incredibly important. Bacteria can grow in dirty water, and make you sick. Grimy cannabis residue can also affect the way of your bud tastes. All the delicious flavors and terpenes in even the highest quality of flower can taste rancid if smoked from a dirty bong. What a waste! 

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  • What Size Rolling Tray Do I Need?

    Rolling enthusiasts can utilize rolling trays as an accessory to roll more efficiently. Keeping your papers, flower, and grinder on a single tray makes things more organized and more comfortable to clean up. 
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  • Torches vs. Electronic Nails

    Butane torches and electronic nails are both used for dabbing concentrates. Dab torches are similar to torches used in the culinary world and are utilized to activate concentrate products. Once the flame is applied to a dab rig’s nail, the concentrate vaporizes and is then ready for consumption. 

    It’s vital that smokers using torches for dabs not apply the blue segment of the flame to the nail as it can result in a butane taste. Heating the dab indirectly using a torch is the way to go. 

    Electronic nails control the temperature of the dab rig’s nail, eliminating the need for a butane torch.  

    Let’s dive into each device's pros and cons so we can end with our overall recommendation. 

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  • Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps

    Rolling with wraps is currently one of the most popular ways for smokers to enjoy cannabis—and it’s not hard to see why. Modern dispensaries, head shops, and even your everyday gas station feature wraps that make rolling and enjoying cannabis a convenient task. 

    Since smokers want to enter a shop, see an extensive display of wrap selections, and quickly grab a pack to get rolling, it’s essential for dispensary and head shop owners to have an up to date awareness of what the most in-demand products are. 

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  • Differences Between Glass, Titanium, and Ceramic Rig Nails

    Nails are used in dab rigs and function similarly to bowls. A nail takes your concentrate oil, modifies it, and creates the vapor for you to inhale through your rig. Many forms of nails offer different experiences for the smoker. 

    The type of nail you should select depends on what will work for your rig, palate, and overall, the kind of dab experience you're seeking out. 

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  • Child-Resistant vs. Non-Resistant

    With the continual growth of marijuana legalization, it’s only natural that the cannabis packaging industry has expanded. Dispensaries, growing, and processing facilities all need a wide selection of packaging to suit their specific production and sales needs. 

    That’s where MJ Wholesale comes in. 

    Before we highlight some of the quality and professional packaging products that MJ Wholesale provides, let’s explore one of the essential comparisons in cannabis packaging today:

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  • Rolling Paper vs. Cones

    While the topic of rolling papers vs. cones may seem strange to discuss since both products are paper products, rolling traditional style papers vs. cones provides two unique experiences for the smoker. 

    MJ Wholesale recognizes that there are all different types of smokers, so that’s why we’re here to compare traditional rolling paper and cones so we can help you find which style is right for you. 

    Our comparison of traditional rolling paper vs. cones will cover the history, types, and advantages of each style of rolling. We’ll even point out some top-notch products from each category along the way.

    Let’s get started. 

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  • Hand Pipes or Papers?

    There are all kinds of smokers with various preferences toward the way they smoke. As a business, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of smoking methods such as hand pipes and papers so you can make recommendations for customers that might have trouble deciding. 

    The objective of this blog is to provide the benefits and drawbacks of each method and make suggestions toward high-quality products within each way of smoking. 

    Let’s start out discussing the history of hand pipes before we dive into the pros and cons. 

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  • Differences in Rolling Paper

    With the massive number of rolling paper varieties and companies on the market today, it’s not a big surprise that some papers contain different types of material. 

    Businesses should be aware of the differences in rolling paper as each variety provides a unique smoking experience. Smokers have different tastes, and MJ Wholesale is here to offer a wide selection of rolling papers to satisfy every type of smoker. 

    Let’s dive into the makeup of different rolling papers. 

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