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Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps

Rolling with wraps is currently one of the most popular ways for smokers to enjoy cannabis—and it’s not hard to see why. Modern dispensaries, head shops, and even your everyday gas station feature wraps that make rolling and enjoying cannabis a convenient task. 

Since smokers want to enter a shop, see an extensive display of wrap selections, and quickly grab a pack to get rolling, it’s essential for dispensary and head shop owners to have an up to date awareness of what the most in-demand products are. 

Tobacco Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps

Equipping yourself with modern wrap knowledge can even pave the opportunity to offer new products that customers might be interested in. 

Before we highlight fan favorite and innovative wrap products for your dispensary or head shop to feature, let’s access the history of wraps to get a better understanding of how the industry has evolved. 

The History of Wraps 

Wrap smoking became popularized on the east coast in New York City and consists of a smoker rolling cannabis in tobacco wraps. 

The typical historical use of wraps for blunt smoking consisted of a smoker purchasing more inexpensive wraps that were readily offered. Blunt is a common slang term for smoking with wraps and is derived from the ‘Phillies Blunt’ brand of cigars. 

While blunts tend to be wider than an average cigarillo, they aren’t as wide as a typical cigar. Wrap enthusiasts also have the option of buying individually packed leaves that serve as sheets for rolling cannabis. 

Fans of wraps have stayed true to the history of this smoking method as Phillie blunts, and individually packed leaves continue to be stocked in dispensaries and head shops just about anywhere you go. 

Now that we’ve touched on the classics let’s explore the type of products you’d see today when walking into a dispensary or head shop. 

Modern Tobacco Wraps 

As we highlight the most popular wrap products on the market today, we’ll also provide some background information on each variety to reflect why they’re a top choice among smokers. 

Dutch Wraps 

Dutch wraps are made with natural tobacco leaves and provide a laid-back experience for the smoker. Since modern wraps tend to be featured in a wide array of flavors, the unflavored Palma Dutch variety serves as an excellent option to satisfy everyone in a group smoke session.

If you are looking for some flavor in a Dutch wrap, Dutch offers plenty of flavor varieties including: 

  • Honey
  • Berry
  • Rum  

Swisher Sweets 

Swisher Sweets are a classic due to their low price, wide availability, and selection of flavors. A pack of Swisher Sweets contains two wraps. Fans of blunts love the smooth smoking experience of Swisher Sweets.

If you’re looking to enjoy the flavor of cannabis, look toward Swisher Sweets as they don’t conceal the taste of your flower as much as other wraps. 


Backwoods have a special place in the heart of every blunt enthusiast. Made with 100% natural tobacco leaves, you’ll get more of an authentic blunt smoking experience with Backwoods. 

While many wrap brands require a smoker to split the cigar down the middle to dump tobacco and access the wrap, Backwoods are designed so a user can unroll the cigar instead of breaking them open. 

For beginner blunt smokers, Backwoods can be a great wrap to start with as they’re considered to be easier to roll than other brands. 

Modern Hemp Wraps 

Here’s what you need to know about hemp wraps

If you’re looking to skip the tobacco and nicotine elements associated with traditional blunt wrap brands such as Backwoods, then hemp wraps are a better option. 

Hemp wraps are healthier than tobacco wraps to a certain extent. The use of organic hemp negates the need for growth stimulants during production. Proponents of hemp wraps report that the burn is longer compared to tobacco blunt wraps. 

Let’s highlight some top Hemp Wrap brands to wrap up (no pun intended). 

High Hemp Wraps

A cool feature associated with High Hemp Wraps is its inclusion of filters with each blunt. 

You’re bound to find a flavor or High Hemp Wraps that you enjoy with the following varieties: 

  • Organic 
  • Honey Pot Swirl
  • Grape 
  • Mango 
  • Lemonade 

High Hemp Wraps naturally contain CBD to increase the mellow experience of your smoking experience. 

Twisted Hemp Wraps

Smokers who purchase Twisted Hemp Wraps are getting a great bang for their buck as each pack contains four wraps compared to the typical two you might find with brands such as Swisher Sweets. 

Twisted Hemp Wraps have some of the best flavors around in the wrap game with options including:

  • Grape Burst
  • Endless Summer 
  • Sweet
  • Tropical Breeze

—and more! 

Kong Natural Hemp Wraps 

Those looking for a quick smoke experience should check out Kong Natural Hemp Wraps. Kong Wraps burn slightly faster than other hemp wraps but provide full and fresh flavor.

Smokers who purchase Kong Wraps get stable value at three wraps per pack and receive natural CBD to complement the wraps fresh and organic nature. 

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