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Top Name Brands of Paper

Rolling papers have been an essential tool in a smoker's arsenal for decades. Rolling by yourself or with the help of a rolling machine presents smokers with a unique experience that's suited for specific situations or moods. 

What smokers are looking for in the variety of papers they choose is consistency in quality. With seemingly endless options of rolling paper brands and styles to choose from, you might be wondering which companies produce the best paper. 

Top Name Brands of Paper

This blog post is designed to highlight the top rolling paper brands and show how using MJ Wholesale to feature these products in your business's inventory is easy and profitable. 

Before we outline the top name brands of paper, let's take a moment to talk about the different styles and sizes of rolling papers. 

Rolling Paper Sizes 

There are different sizes of rolling papers because different sizes support different styles of joints. 

The most popular size of rolling papers on the market is one ¼ inch paper. 

"Single" sized joints are 1 inch while the next size up from 1 ¼ inch papers are 1 ½ inch papers. Lastly, we have double and king-sized papers. 

1, 1 ¼, and 1 ½ Inch Papers 

It's no wonder that 1 ¼ inch and single sized papers are two of the most popular paper sizes on the market. Both sizes are equipped to handle solo smoke or group smoke. 

Single and 1 ¼ inch sizes provide just enough paper so that after you're done rolling, you don't have any extra paper, which results in a smooth smoking experience. 1 ½ inch papers provide a great chance to pack a filter into a paper before rolling without losing a lot of smoking space. 

Double Papers 

Double or double-wide papers are twice the widths of standard papers to create a joint that's more full-feeling and looking. Consider using double-wide papers if you're looking to roll a larger sized joint so you can utilize the extra amount of paper made available to you. 

If you roll a smaller sized joint with double-wide papers, it'll result in a harsher draw as you'll be consuming more paper than necessary. 

King-Sized Papers 

As the name implies, king-sized papers are at the top of the food chain when it comes to rolling paper sizes. King-sized papers are excellent for a group smoke with their ability to pack a large amount of flower. 

Rolling Paper Styles 

Now that we've covered sizes of joints, let's look into a specific style of paper that has become increasingly popular: 


Paper such as the 1 ¼ inch variety will yield a joint that resembles the shape of a cigarette. Cone rolling papers provide users with a cone shape that offers a unique smoking experience. 

Smokers want selection in the methods they have to roll, so let MJ Wholesale simplify the process of stocking your business with essential rolling supplies. 

Top Rolling Paper Companies 

Now it's time for the reason you clicked on this blog post. You want to know about the top name brands of paper. We're here to provide you with an informative list and links to these products for easy access. 

Let's begin: 


Raw has been at the top of the rolling paper game in recent years and is a fairly new company that was introduced in 2005. 

What makes RAW rolling papers unique is the fact that they're made from hemp and were labeled the world's first vegan papers. People love to utilize RAW papers for their natural elements. Burning RAW organic hemp papers tend to have a better smell than burning traditional rag fiber papers. 

Typical RAW papers are 1 ¼ inch size while cone and king sizes are additionally available through MJ Wholesale. 

Complete your purchase of popular RAW hemp rolling papers with filter tips and lighters to provide your customer base with all the rolling essentials.

Cones Supply

We touched on the popularity of cones earlier in the article, so it's only fair that we provide a category from our MJ Wholesale inventory that focuses specifically on providing stellar cone supplies. 

Through our cones supply page, you'll not only find cones in popular sizes such as 1 ¼ inch and 1 ½ inch, but you'll also find a fine selection of companies manufacturing the top cone products including: 

—and much more! 


Futurola was founded in 1996 by a brother and sister business duo who operated multiple coffeeshops in Amsterdam during the 1980s and 1990s. 

Since Futurola's owners were importing and exporting smoking products from their Amsterdam coffee shops, they saw an opportunity to improve on the average quality of products that were widely available at the time. 

The next step for Futurola's development was to seek out extremely high-quality, thin rolling paper produced in France made with organic arabic gum from acacia trees.

It didn't take long for Futurola to build on its success with innovative products such as the Futurola cone rolling machine. MJ Wholesale offers pre-rolled cones from Futurola for maximum convenience.  

Futurola continues to lead the way in providing innovative rolling products that meet the needs of smokers everywhere. 


If you're looking for a smooth burn with the papers you smoke, look no further than Elements rolling papers. Elements papers are made from natural materials such as rice and sugar and negate the use of chemicals and burning agents. 

You'll cut back on ash and gain an even burn when firing up natural Elements papers. Consider adding Elements papers to your inventory to gain an edge in providing the top rolling products for your customers.  

Papers are one of the most popular ways of smoking. MJ Wholesale knows the value of rolling and is here to help you meet the demands of your customers with low wholesale priced paper supplies.

Ordering paper supplies from MJ Wholesale in bulk makes providing quality, name-brand papers a simple task for your business. 

Get rolling today by browsing our extensive inventory of paper products

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