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Difference Between Dry Herb Water Pipe and Rig

If you have ever walked into a smoke shop or a dispensary then the first thing you probably noticed was the wide array of dry herb water pipes and rigs. When shopping online, the choices seem endless. If you are having a hard time deciding, then let us explore the differences between a dry herb water pipe and rig. 

Difference Between Dry Herb Water Pipe and Rig

Aren’t a Dab Rig and a Water Pipe the Same? 

A dab rig is a water pipe that was designed to smoke concentrates or oils. Dab Rig However, a water pipe (often called a bong) is designed to smoke dry herb. Basically, when choosing between a dab rig or a water pipe, you will need to ask yourself what you are going to be using. Concentrates, oils, and dry herb are preferences for use in the devices. 

Various Names

The first thing you will notice when shopping for a dry herb water pipe or a rig is that they have different names. The most common name of a water pipe is ‘bong.’  A dab rig is referred to as an ‘oil rig’ or a ‘concentrate rig’. 


Your Smoking Preference

A water pipe dopezilla water pipeis favored for smoking dry herb, flowers, and tobacco. The dab rig is an oil rig that lets you smoke concentrates such as honey, wax, shatter, glass, or oil. The rig’s nail is heated up so that the rig effectively vaporizes the concentrate. 


The Parts of the Water Pipe vs. Dag Rig 

Dab rigs and water pipes might both use water, but they have quite different parts that perform unique things. With a dab rig, the main part is the dab nail which is designed to withstand extreme temperatures when you torch the concentrate todab nail create a vapor. A water pipe has a bowl that cradles the herb so you can light the herb to create smoke.bowl water pipe


Bong and Rig Size Differences  

You will notice that there is a very distinct difference in size between water pipes and dab rigs. Water pipes are larger so that they can hold a variety of percolators to ensure that you never lose potency or flavor. The smoke can effectively travel a great distance without any reduction. In fact, the percs make the hit smoother which is something you want when burning herb or tobacco. The percolators provide great filtration so the better the bong, the more percs it has.  

Dab rigs are smaller so that the vapor produced by the concentrate is quickly inhaled. You do not want to lose any of the vapor, so you’ll want to minimize the percs so the vape reaches your lungs fast without losing any potency or flavor. 

Bongs vs Rigs Costs 

Everyone is thrifty, so do not feel bad if you want to save a few bucks. Dab rigs and bongs tend to cost about the same. However, you must consider that with a dab rig you are going to need more accessories so your cost of using the device is great. You’ll have to invest in a dab torch, dab nail, dabber tool, and carb cap. The water pipe requires nothing fancy to operate so you will probably skate by spending less on the bong then the rig. If you are shopping on a strict budget and you have your heart set on a dab rig then you might want to try to find a starter kit that contains everything you need for a low price. Overall, you should be able to find bongs and dab rigs priced at below $100. 

Can You Use Both a Dab Rig and Water Pipe for Dry Herb?

You can use a dab or a water pipe to smoke dry herb. All you need to do is modify the bowl of your bong by adding a dab nail. This is a great option for occasional use but ideally, you should have separate dedicated pieces. Remember how we outlined the differences between the bong and the dab rig. When using a water pipe as a dab rig, you will need to remove the bong’s bowl and replace it with a dab nail. If you use your bong as a dab rig, then the vapor still must go through the water pipe’s percs and it will lose its potency and flavor quickly. When the vapor reaches your mouth, it will probably taste bad and you will be unable to completely enjoy your experience. 

Cleaning a Dab Rig and a Bong

The bong has lots of nooks and crannies that need cleaning. Also, combustion makes things dirty. You will be faced with cleaning dab rigs far less than water pipes which saves time.  

Tips on Buying a Dab Rig

Nowadays, dab rig choices seem overwhelming. Also, once you pick a design, you will have to figure out the type of nail. Please remember, there are low end, average, and high-end dab rigs. Most newbies should choose and average rig and avoid anything overly cheap or too pricy. The standard dab right kit will contain a glass piece, nail, and lighter (torch). You’ll need to choose the nail surface material. Pick between ceramic, quartz, glass, or titanium. You might personally prefer one material over the next. The heat of the nail is directly impacted by the material it is fashioned from. Ideally, it must withstand exceedingly high temperatures, or you will have to replace the nail frequently. 

A domed nail requires virtually no maintenance but has much lower airflow. The domed airflow heats rapidly, unlike the domeless. A domeless nail needs regular care but it provides abundant airflow. 

Choosing a Torch for your Dab Rig 

You’ll need a torch with a dab rig so opt to buy a butane version. Avoid propane because it gets ridiculously hot rapidly. You want a small torch that renders a very manageable flame, so you do not accidentally heat up the glass of the dab rig. 



Tips on Buying a Water Pipe

Choose from a  wide assortment of water pipes in a variety of styles. Also, take the time to learn about all the bells and whistles that you’ll encounter when shopping. You’ll see bongs with splash guards, honeycomb percolators, and recyclers. Splash guards prevent the water from splashing up into your face. Recyclers help to filter the smoke. A percolator is also superior filtration; they come in many sizes and designs. 

Whether you are shopping for a dab right or water pipe, at MJ Wholesale we carry a wide selection. Please roam our site and contact us today to learn more about our inventory.


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