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Zig Zag

Smoking for Beginners: Why Chose Zig Zag

The Choice is Yours

The cannabis market is constantly evolving, and there are several cannabis equipments, variants, and options available in the market today.

As a smoking novice, when people google “best rolling papers for beginners,” they are bound to be flooded with a mind-blowing variety of choices. While variety is a great thing to have, it can often get confusing for a beginner, especially when choosing a good enough rolling paper for themselves.

As a smoke shop or dispensary owner, you must be facing such questions daily. To make the process of choosing the best rolling papers easier for your customers, you can suggest a few things to them. Firstly, your customers should know that rolling papers are much more than just their aesthetic appeal. A lot depends on the fiber material, the amount of ash produced, and how slow or fast they burn.

One of the most reliable and top brands is the Zig Zag brand. If you haven’t heard about it, Zig Zag is a (very) famous rolling paper brand that originated in France. There are plenty of reasons why smoking novices should choose Zig Zag. Let’s look at a few of them right here:

One of the most reliable & top brands is the Zig Zag brand.

1. It has an incredible history

Zig Zag has been helping people rock n roll since 1855! It is one of the original rolling paper brands in world history. They have a rich history of creating premium quality joint papers for more than 160 years. That’s more than one and a half-century!

And in recent decades, it has become extremely popular in the cannabis world as well. This French company has managed to stay relevant for so long because of one primary reason: the indisputable quality of Zig-Zag rolling papers! And, of course, the various other cannabis products they have added to their offerings.


2. A vast range of product variety

While Zig Zag rolling papers are definitely among the most popular products they have, they also have a wide array of products like rolling trays, clothing, cones, rolling machines, apparel, and much more in addition to that.

You can stock up your shop for a whole range of Zig Zag products for the beginner customers you might encounter. When brands have a diverse and wholesome offering range, consumers tend to trust it more and feel like a part of a community.


3. Different types of rolling papers for every user

Zig Zag gives a lot of importance to users’ personal choices and styles. They have a wide range of rolling paper lineup for every user, no matter how they roll.

The original French Orange joint paper (which is actually white and not orange, contrary to popular belief) by Zig Zag is an absolute favorite with the smoking novices due to its thickness.

But because Zig Zag has been in business for so long now, it has developed several joint rolling paper varieties. Some hemp papers are an organic and thinner version of their original design. Zig Zag papers for connoisseurs are the ultra-thins. The ultra-thin paper from Zig Zag is so thin that it can be practically seen through! This also means it burns slowly and smoothly without leaving behind any heavily burnt paper after-taste.


4. It has a vast influence

The Zig Zags have had a tremendous influence and impact on the cannabis community. They are one of the most iconic brands there is. Would you believe that people get tattooed with the Zig Zag logo?

The Zig Zag brand founders created the famous accordion or “zig-zag” paper pack design in 1894. This design has been used by a majority of the rolling paper brands to date. Undoubtedly, the brothers/founders of the company have created this fantastic Zig Zag brand and the easy-dispensing system that is widely used even today.

The emblematic Zig Zag man, ‘Le Zouave’ of the Zig Zag brand, has become no less than a cultural icon across the nation. It is widely linked to hip-hop, rock n’ roll, and cannabis culture.

5. Performing their Social Responsibility

The Zig-Zag papers’ online store features an initiative called “burn one/plant one,” where the company uses a portion of its profit to reduce its environmental impact by planting trees. This action helps restore the environment and positions the brand as an eco-friendly brand in the eyes of its consumer.


6. It has consistently evolved

Needless to say, Zig Zag has evolved over the past century. They could have settled by being just a ‘cigarette paper company,’ but they chose to adapt and evolve. It ventured into various products such as cigarillos, pipes, cigar wraps, rolling papers, cigars, and much more. No wonder it stays relevant and at the top of the charts even today!


"Cause Doggy Dogg is all about the zig zag smoke."
- Snoop Dogg

When beginners at your shop ask for your advice, you must know that the Zig-Zag brand is definitely the best brand for beginners. Besides the above pointers, Zig Zag is popular with the smoking novices because it looks and feels like an old and familiar friend. It has a certain level of comfort that it radiates.

Another important reason is that they are readily available online and in convenience stores. Plus, they are incredibly affordable, making it the right choice for someone just starting. Also, the slow-burning orange Zig Zags have their unique charm with cannabis users.

By now, you know the versatility and utility of the Zig Zag brand. And if you’re wondering where to stock up the Zig Zag brand goodies from, you will find the best prices and collections only at MJ Wholesale.

Not only this, we offer bulk discount prices that you can avail of. Our range includes Zig Zag rolling papers, hemp rolling papers, rolling trays, apparel, pre-rolled cones, rolling machines, and much more in stock. So, what are you waiting for? Place your bulk order now over here!

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