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420 and its origin: Here's all you need to know-MJ Wholesale

420 and its origin: Here's all you need to know

The Origin of 420

The exact origin of the term "420" is uncertain and remains a bit of a mystery. Cannabis use has been associated with the number 420 for decades now. But why? Many believe that it is related to Hitler's birthday (April 20), while others think it might have something to do with the fact that there are 500 active chemicals in marijuana. However, neither of these explanations has been proven definitively. Another theory suggests that 420 originated from the police code for marijuana use and possession, which was then adopted by the cannabis subculture as a way to recognize one another and share information about cannabis.

The most believable story follows a group of Californian teenagers in the 1970s. The friends would smoke marijuana every day after school and use the code word ‘420’ to communicate their plans. If someone said "Four twenty," it meant they wanted to meet up at 4:20 pm and smoke pot. It became a popular reference to weed smoking among their social circle. Eventually, the slang for smoking marijuana caught on so much that almost everyone understood its reference. Somebody changed 420 to April 20 on the calendar at some point during its spread. This day turned into a holiday where pot smokers would celebrate all things related to weed culture, including customs and traditions. This way, the most plausible theory of how 420 originated is in the early 1970s by a group of high school students in San Rafael, California, who would meet up at 4:20 pm after their class to consume cannabis.

Regardless of its origin, the term 420 has become a popular phrase used among those who use and are interested in cannabis. It is often seen on t-shirts, hats, stickers, and other merchandise related to cannabis culture. As a cannabusiness owner, it is vital to acquaint yourself with the term 420, its usage and popularity among the cannabis enthusiasts.

420 Weed Day: Why?

What started as a counter culture has now spread like a movement worldwide, with April 20th being a special day for celebration among cannabis enthusiasts. It has slowly grown to be the most popular day when weed lovers gather around, celebrate and get high!  The celebration hopes to inspire people to advocate for legalization, reform, educate, normalize and celebrate the use and culture of cannabis.

As more states are making it legal to use cannabis, the event has become more mainstream. The celebration of 4/20 has become more about people interested in buying and using cannabis. Media outlets cover many 4/20 rallies, trade shows, concerts, and other events worldwide. For example, every year, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco fills with people celebrating several different things: from rainbow-colored products to glasswork and cannabis art.

420 Friendly: What is that?

The phrase "420 friendly" is commonly used in advertising by businesses in states where marijuana smoking is legal to indicate that pot smoking is allowed on the premises. Many people wrongly believe that they can smoke marijuana anywhere if it's legal in the state or country they're visiting. The reality is that even places where pot is allowed have rules about its consumption. Some people believe marijuana is a gateway drug that leads users to try other, dangerous drugs. So, lawmakers have made it illegal for anyone under 21 to use cannabis in the U.S. They've also banned smoking it in public places where children are often present.

Business owners who are 420-friendly provide a safe haven for customers to use marijuana, however that too, cannot be done anywhere on the premises. There is a dedicated area for the same, usually indoors or outdoors in a fenced-off section. For people traveling from areas where cannabis is criminalized, this type of setting can feel like an oasis. The meaning and usage of 420-friendly has evolved with time. It can also refer to anything or anyone who is okay with smoking weed. A person who likes to smoke cannabis or someone who doesn't mind if you do, they would be considered 420-friendly. It would be valid to say that the term ""420 friendly"" not only provides a safe place for customers to enjoy weed, but it also represents a deeper understanding and acceptance of the cannabis culture and lifestyle.

Harness the Power Of 420 for your brand

If you own a cannabis product, get acquainted with the growing cannabis culture and use it to your benefit. Your goal is to understand what motivates your customer to use your cannabis products. Linking it with popular culture provides exposure to a market that was once hidden but is now gaining economic power. You can incorporate popular 420 symbols or themes into your branding to create an instantly recognizable presence among the cannabis enthusiasts. For instance, for recreational marijuana, you can use funky packaging and create logos or designs that feature a cannabis leaf or even adopt the classic "420" as part of your logo design.

This lets customers know immediately that they have stumbled upon a company that is friendly and tolerant towards marijuana use – which will attract more customers and strengthen brand awareness. Offering promotional discounts that focus on celebrating 4/20 can help to boost sales during this high-traffic holiday period.

Ending Note

Being 420-friendly means accepting marijuana use as a part of life. More and more businesses are embracing the idea and gaining trust of customers who appreciate their forward-thinking attitude. By tapping into this trend, you can make your brand stand out from the crowd and connect with customers on an entirely new level. So why not give it a try? Jump on the bandwagon and stock up on 420 themed apparel, packaging and smoking accessories for your customers! Shop at MJ Wholesale now!
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