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Choosing the right Cannabis Concentrate Packaging: Here are some factors to consider

Packaging cannabis concentrate is not as straightforward as packaging dry herb is. It is important to consider certain crucial factors when packaging cannabis concentrate. One of the most important factors is the consistency of the concentrate.


Why does the Right Concentrate Packaging Matter?

Although cannabis concentrates may look like they don't need much attention or precaution, bad storage conditions or frequent exposure to outside elements can make them go bad quickly. If they are not stored properly, concentrates are at the risk of developing mold and going bad. If this happens, they can no longer be used. Moreover, exposure to contaminants can also alter the products' quality. When cannabis concentrate gets exposed to outside elements like light, air, moisture or extreme temperatures, it can break down and become less potent. That’s why choosing the optimal packaging is necessary to maintain the quality and shelf-life of the product.

How to package different types of cannabis concentrates

Choosing the best way to package your cannabis concentrate involves figuring out the texture of your product, as some containers can't handle certain consistencies. For example, parchment paper would absorb liquid concentrates, and most solvents can't fit into tiny bottles. So, understanding what kind of concentrate you have, its texture and consistency is the first step in choosing how to package it properly.

  • Packaging Solid Concentrates

If you have a solid concentrate, the best container to store it is an open-top metal tin or plastic pouch. Be sure to check whether the seal is airtight before purchase. This will ensure that your product is not continually exposed to oxygen, and doesn’t degrade very quickly. With metal and plastic packaging, there are a lot of variabilities, so an airtight seal is essential. If you need short-term fix, parchment or wax paper can work, too, as long as it's wrapped securely to keep the concentrate fresh. Unfortunately, this option won't work with watery forms of concentrate, but it works great for crystalline forms. To ensure each piece is properly preserved, wrap them individually and store them in another container for extra security.

  • Packaging Liquid Concentrates

Glass jars or containers are not only the most attractive option for liquid concentrates, but also offer optimal protection. Small glass bottles with twist tops, make holding oils and distillates easy. Oils and distillates often depend on droppers to administer controlled doses of concentrate. Another easy-to-use, reliable container, you can invest in is a jar with a snap-top or pop-top lid. If you're looking for an alternative to glass containers for watery concentrates, plastic and silicone bottles are the most reliable and affordable options. Many distilleries and hemp shops use plastic or silicone packaging because it is more durable and convenient than glass. While plastic or silicone isn't perfect for keeping your concentrated cannabis fresh in the long run, they're ideal if you need a non-breakable container that's also disposable. This is especially useful for customers who don’t want to deal with glass and are always on the go.

  • Packaging Thick Liquids and Semi-Solids

Polystyrene containers, commonly used for balms, salves, and beauty products, work great for concentrates that aren't either solid or liquid, like wax and budder. Many cannabis users prefer them because of how accessible they are; their compact size and their easy-to-open twist tops, which make them very user-friendly. Polystyrene containers come in all sizes and can look just as sleek and effective as traditional glass jars. If you're interested in trying something new, they are the best bet, because these containers are available in different shapes too.

Other Important Factors to consider

  • Temperature

No matter what type of container you prefer, the best way to keep your cannabis concentrate fresh is by storing it in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposure to sunlight or any source of heat, as this will degrade the quality of the product. For long-term storage, keeping concentrates in the fridge is ideal.

  • Humidity

Because cannabis concentrates are composed of terpenes, they are very susceptible to degradation from moisture. The humidity level in your storage area should therefore not be too high or too low. Use a dehumidifier or store your products in airtight containers with humidity packs if you live in a humid climate.

  • Customization

Customization works perfectly for retailers looking to create a cohesive brand identity with both distinctive and exceptional packaging. By using customization, you add character to your products via packaging. It helps you make yourself memorable to customers and outshine the competition with less investment!

Ending Note

The key to safeguarding your cannabis concentrate is by storing it in a container that provides an airtight seal, and that is good enough to block oxygen, sunlight, heat, and moisture from entering it. Depending on the consistency of your product, select the most appropriate storing method to ensure that it keeps its full potency, flavor, and texture. You'll also want to ensure that your packaging is child-resistant and tamper-evident. And finally, opt for a customized labeling solution that meets all local and state regulations.
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