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What are Smell Proof Bags? Their Features and Advantages

Ever wondered why marijuana is often called "skunk?" There’s a good reason! It produces a strong and pungent smell that can easily give away its location. It can easily catch the attention of an onlooker or a passerby with its smell. This odor is a result of the compounds it possesses, known as terpenes or terpenoids Terpenes are also responsible for the distinct smell of different strains of weed. The primary purpose of these aromatic oils is to attract pollination and repel predators. However, your customers might not want their stash to be easily detectable through its smell, so you'll need a good smell-proof storage solution. Although many packaging solutions claim they can mask the smell effectively, one of the few dependable packaging solutions for marijuana are the smell-proof bags. Let us learn more about smell proof bags.


What are Smell Proof Bags?

What comes to mind when one thinks of smell proof packaging? An airtight jar or a mason jar? Basically, an air-tight, sealed container or jar. However, with the advancement of technology, many simpler, convenient, affordable and more effective methods to do the same are available. Smell proof bags are made of multiple layers that work together to contain the smell coming from the contents. Smell-proof bags serve the purpose of locking in and neutralizing any smell coming from within the bag.

Features of Smell-Proof Bags

  • All smell proof bags consist of a lining with activated carbon between the bag's inner layer and exterior shell. By constructing it that way, the smells are restricted from escaping.
  • The activated carbon is a natural odor absorber, because of its porous texture.

  • Multiple layers of the bag ensure that the smell stays trapped and doesn’t escape the bag.

  • The charcoal layer also has micro pockets, that effectively neutralize the odor.

  • The exterior shell is generally made of nylon or other sturdy material to ensure the bag stays intact and the contents are not exposed to the air.

Smell Proof bags are most commonly used for storage of cannabis and other edible substances. They are designed to keep the weed from smelling up the place. They work by trapping the odor inside the bag, so it can't escape and fill the air up.


Benefits Of Using Smell-Proof Bags for your dispensary

Investing in smell-proof bags has many benefits, especially if you own a dispensary, head shop, smoke shop or sell cannabis products. Not only do they keep the smells contained, but they also offer other advantages too.

  • Ensures Discreetness: When carrying weed or cannabis products, your customers don't want everyone to know what's in their bag. Smell-proof bags allow your customers to be more discreet about their weed.

  • Grants Protection: You might not think of the sun as a threat to weed, but UV rays can cause oxidation and degradation over time. If the weed is in a clear container and it's exposed to sunlight, the potency could drop because of the harmful effects of UV light exposure. Smell-proof bags protect the weed from the sun and other environmental factors that could reduce its quality and lifespan.

  • Maintains freshness: Too many people forget that mold causes problems when storing weed. If your weed gets wet, there's a chance that mold will destroy the entire product. Even if the mold situation is avoided, moisture makes it tough to grind the weed in a grinder and even tougher to smoke. No one wants to smoke wet weed, so it's important to keep it dry. Smell-proof bags are airtight and waterproof, so they're an excellent way to protect the weed from moisture damage.

  • Provides Security: Your customers might be worried about someone stealing their weed, and rightfully so. Many parts of the world still prohibit weed. However, if you store the weed in a smell-proof bag, it will not gather undue attention and you can be confident about it even when traveling.

Smell Proof Bags vs Other Packaging

When it comes to glass jars, they can effectively conceal the smell of marijuana but will reveal the contents. The smell proof bags however, hide the smell and the visibility of the contents, keeping the purchase of your customers 100% discreet. Ziplock bags can be confusing about whether they are smell-proof or not. But generally, Ziploc bags are not smell-proof. They are porous and have no charcoal filter unlike smell-proof bags. This gives away the smell of the contents inside the bag. Smell-proof bags works the best when it comes to providing discretion with their technologically advanced ways.

Smell Proof Bags and Dogs

While it's impossible to say whether a smell-proof bag can protect weed from drug-sniffing dogs, it’s true that the average human nose cannot detect the bag's contents. Not only does this type of protective shield avoid detection by dissuading people from looking in the first place, but it also protects against contamination, visual detection, and oxidation. Invest for long term and enable your customers to protect their stash with a smell-proof bag today!

Here are some tips to make your packaging further discreet. 
- Use small, tightly rolled joints instead of big blunts.
- Store cannabis in multiple small containers rather than a single big one.
- If possible, avoid carrying cannabis in person; leave it in the car or another safe location.
- Do not use cannabis immediately before or during the encounter with the dog, as this will make it easier for them to detect the scent.

Ending Note

Smell Proof Bags are one of the best cannabis packaging solutions. They guarantee freshness, potency and discreetness. And at MJ Wholesale, you can buy them in bulk at wholesale prices. So, hurry and get your stock of smell proof bags today!
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