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Application of Stickers on Joint Tubes: Manual or Automated. Which is better?

Even today many marijuana processors and businesses apply stickers on their joint tubes and other marijuana packaging by hand. The prime reason for this is that they think it is cheaper when compared to outsourcing the process. But what if we tell you, it is not true? Automated label application is far better when compared to manual application of labels to packaging. At MJ Wholesale, you can get JUST the label application done by us at lower rates, in faster time and with high quality precision. How? MJ Wholesale is a wholesale supplier of marijuana packaging and has forayed into printing custom labels for the same. What’s more is that seeing the demand and necessity for sticker application services, we also offer our services for applying the labels. We offer many services related to label application.

1. Print, Supply and Apply

With this option, you can purchase pre-roll packaging right off our shelves, get them labeled and shipped to you. Right from providing a bulk quantity of the 116 mm tubes, custom-printing the labels, to applying these labels on the tubes, we do it all for you. Here are the three major components of this service.

  • Supply Pre-Roll Tubes

MJ Wholesale carries a wide collection of 116mm, Made in America, Philips Joint Tubes in bulk quantities. We have a variety of colors like green, gold, white, silver and clear that you can choose from. You can buy these tubes in quantities that start from 950, 9500, 19000, 28500, 38000 to 47500.

  • Print Custom Labels

Next, we print the labels in the same bulk quantity according to the graphic design or artwork shared by you. If you need assistance, we can help you with the design for your labels. We use high-quality BOPP material for the labels that are crafted with tapered edges for perfect application. You can also use the labels for branding purposes by getting the name of your brand, logo, or any relevant image printed on the labels. You can add any additional information like contact details, strain and dosage details on the label.

  • Automated Label Application

After your custom printed labels and tubes are ready, we apply the labels on the tubes with our automated label applicator with perfect precision. Lastly, we get the entire lot of this ready-to-use pre-roll packaging shipped at your doorstep at lightning speed. Voila! Your labeled, your brand-new pre-roll tubes are ready to package and sell your products!

2. Automated Label Application

In case you have already purchased a bulk quantity of joint tubes and also have the sticker labels ready, doesn’t mean you now have to resort to application of stickers by hand. You can still avail of our services. How? We offer JUST the label application services too! As compared to manual application of labels, automated label application is faster, more efficient and cheaper. Just give us your closed joint tubes and your roll of labels, and we will get them labeled within no time. Using our automated label applicator, we can label your joint tubes lightning fast with quality precision.

Why should you use our sticker application services?

  • Cheaper and Faster

Did you know that using our automated applicator for sticking labels on your tubes is even cheaper than paying minimum wage for labor? And with labor getting expensive, you can save tremendously when you use our services for sticker application. The price for the application of labels starts from as low as $0.05 to up to $0.15 per tube. More the number of tubes, lesser the cost per tube. The amount of man hours and labor required to label a bulk quantity of joint tubes can be overwhelming. Our automated label applicator makes the process many more times faster and efficient. Save money and time on extensive man hours by outsourcing your labeling process to us.

  • Hygienic

Application of labels by hand can get quite messy. It could leave some very visible fingerprints on and around the sticker labels. At times, the labels are left with a sticky and oily residue that causes the ink on labels to smear, which makes the labels illegible. Not only does this make the label unreadable but also results in a clumsy appearance of your product. The automated label applicator ensures a 100% hygienic and neat process of label application on the joint tubes. All necessary precautions and instructions for safety and hygiene are followed during the process. Gloves are used even while loading the label or tubes onto the machine to avoid any chances of residue or fingerprints.

  • Glitch-Free

With manual labor there is always a chance of misaligning the label while sticking it on the tube. Manual application is sometimes hasty which could result in the label peeling off even before it reaches the customers. Sometimes, the labels might be applied upside down or even wrongly on the tubes requiring an additional round of supervision and correction, further wasting time and money. Our automatic label applicator applies labels on your tubes with 100% precision and without a glitch. With MJ Wholesale’s automated applicator, you don’t have to worry about the alignment or the quality of application. Avoid any kind of crooked, misaligned or slanted labels with our automated label applicator. The process is completely hygienic. Our machine applies each label with equal precision and perfect alignment, resulting in a neat and clean look for your tubes.

  • Zero Wastage

When handling joint tubes that are in numbers like 10,000 or more, manual application can be quite risky. It could cause a few of your tubes to crack or even break if mishandled. But with our automated label applicator there is zero wastage. It is built to handle and label a humongous quantity of tubes at once. So, say bye to applying labels by hand and switch to the smarter, faster and a much more efficient way to label your pre-roll packaging with MJ Wholesale’s label applicator. Get a quote for your requirement.

Order directly from MJ Wholesale or you can order custom stickers with application from our Partner Beast Branding 

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