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Buying in Bulk has Never Been Easier

When it comes to buying in bulk, you likely know the sheer number of benefits that are available. Buying wholesale has massive perks, so it makes sense why so many people do it. Even big-name stores like Sam’s Club understand -- you don’t have to be a business to want to buy in bulk.

Sometimes, maybe you’re looking for wholesale prices in a world that overcharges for just about anything, which can be a real drag when you’re trying to get set up for the first time.

Whether you’re trying to get a small business set up, are a consumer looking to dive into the wholesale world, or you’re just not ready to buy in bulk just yet, we have an alternative you may not have ever considered. Samples!

Try before you buy

Why buy before you decide it’s the bulk order you’re looking for? You can test our products through the Level Smoke Shop Samples Page before you head over to MJ Wholesale to buy in bulk. We offer samples to truly accommodate any needs you could have.

Not many dispensary supply shops allow you to try before you buy, but we like to be ahead of the rest. We’re confident in the quality of the products we have to offer, so offering samples is just an easy way to get that quality right in front of you.

There’s more than just one reason for nabbing a sample before you buy, too. Maybe you want to see how your custom product labels will look on dispensary and head shop supplies you get from our line. You don’t have to waste your time trying out an entire bulk order just to decide you need a different product label. This lets you experiment and truly decide what’s going to fit best in your store.

Test out what sells the most

Samples means you don’t have to be stressed about the products entering your store. You can test them out, see what people really prefer, and then grab up your best sellers from our line so you can do it again. Keeping stock of inventory that people genuinely want, and will regularly come back for, builds up brand loyalty that your local head shop simply can’t compete against. 

If you want to show why you’re different, why you’re the smoke shop, dispensary, grower or processor that your customers should be coming back to, this is the place to start!

Affordable, wholesale prices without the stress

Investing in bulk isn’t the easiest step to take. Before you dive in, it makes sense that you’d want to test out the products you’ll be offering to your customers. Most online wholesale supply chains don’t give you the benefit of looking at the quality you’re getting yourself into before you actually invest. 

With MJ Wholesale, you can ensure you’re making the right choice by trying out marijuana packaging samples ahead of time. See what works best for your customers, see what feels or looks best in your store, and/or get a sample for your custom label, insure you will be happy with the look on any number of our products with a sample. We’re eager to make sure you and your customer’s preferences are always being accounted for.

Purchase a sample on almost any marijuana packaging products here

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