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Clipper Lighters: Why are they so popular?

Clipper Lighters

A Spanish Company, Flamagas, invented the Clipper lighter. The company has been around since the late 1950s. With the advent of different types of high-performance plastic, the company created several new materials and eventually came up with the world's first plastic lighter – Clipper. Clipper is the brand name of a refillable butane lighter. The Clipper lighters are generally produced in Barcelona, Spain, and others are manufactured in Chennai – India, and Shanghai – China. Clipper is popular for its range of lighters, gas refills, and other accessories. The first Clipper lighter was made in 1972 but is popular in more than 80 countries today. Its production is close to 450 million units annually and can easily be called the world's bestselling lighter.

Clipper Lighters: Usage

Clipper lighters are very different from standard lighters. They are classy, multifunctional, and environmentally friendly. They are peculiarly famous for their classic round shape and their reusability. They are available in many versions.

Here are some things you can use Clipper lighters for

  1. Light a cigarette or joint (of course)

  2. The bottom of the Clipper is designed in a way that it can be used to push marijuana or tobacco into the pipe.

  3. It can be used to open beer bottles

  4. It can be used to push tobacco or marijuana into hand-rolled joints with its removable flint system.

  5. It can fit in your beer bottle, distinguish your bottle from others, and prevent others from accidentally picking yours and drinking from it.

Features of the Clipper Lighters

Here are some features of the Clipper lighters that distinguish them from the rest.


These days people expect their lighters to be refillable and are increasingly opting for refillable ones only. Clipper lighters have set a standard in the market. Unlike other lighters that must be disposed of when empty, the Clipper lighter can be refilled. Clipper lighters might have nylon or a metal body, but all of them are refillable and reusable. The Clipper lighter can be refilled with butane gas whenever you need it and reused multiple times.

Consistent Flame

Clipper lighter has a consistent and even flame that reduces the risk of any health hazard. The flame can be adjusted if you tilt it. It gets bigger if you turn the lighter down.

Replace flintstones

A lighter's flint shortens over time and needs replacement. However, the frequency of flint replacement varies depending on how often the lighter is used. The good news is that flints are affordable, and replacing flint is quick and easy. Replacing flint is a simple process. First, the user has to remove the poker and unscrew the bottom to remove the old flint. After that, they should drop the new flint inside and screw the bottom back into place. And that's it. It is all ready to be used. No technicalities, no hard-n-fast rules. If you purchase a pack of flints, it will likely last you for your entire Clipper lighter collection.

Works even when wet

Even if your Clipper lighter gets wet, it will start working again. Just remove the firebrick holder and dry it. So, you're still sorted if you ever forget it in the shower or pool. This makes the Clipper lighter the best choice for campers, hikers, and people on the go. 

It is a collector's delight

Clipper lighters have an elegant and stylish appearance. They are not just a lighter but a smoker's pride. They work as a smoker's best friend and add to their collection. They are a way for smokers to show their sense of taste and style. Several series are designed by varied artists – making an infinite type of Clipper lighters possible. Clipper has it all: a simple non-grip lighter, special edition lighter, metal design lighter, neon-colored lighter, or lighter with psychedelic illustrations. Undoubtedly, Clipper lighters are the most collected lighters out there currently. They are a way to upgrade the aesthetics of a smoker's gear without compromising quality.

Why should you stock Clipper Lighters in your head shop?

The most popular feature of the Clipper lighters is that they possess a removable poker which is very helpful in packing cigarettes, joints, and blunts. It has a flat edge and helps to roll the joints. Clipper lighters have many features that suit most modern smokers – especially cannabis consumers. The right lighter can often make all the difference for cannabis consumers, and that's why they should be a part of your inventory. They will thank you for the difference they feel in their smoking experience.

Ending Note

Clipper lighters have a functionality and collectability value far above other lighters. They also offer sustainability too. You can buy the best marijuana smoking supplies from MJ Wholesale and a wide range of Clipper lighters at the best wholesale rates!
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