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How do I find a good smoke shop, wholesale distributor?

Choosing the best smoke shop wholesale distributor can be a challenging decision for most smoke shop owners. Not only should the ideal smoke shop wholesale supplier be trustworthy and reliable, but they must also be open to give and receive feedback. Changing suppliers too frequently can cause a constant switch in the product quality and can impact your sales.
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It is a good idea to take some time to research and then finalize a single smoke shop wholesale supplier for your supplier. A smoke shop wholesale distributor is not just a supplier anymore, they must function as your supplying partners.

If you have not yet finalized where you must buy smoke shop supplies from, don't worry. I have listed the essential characteristics that you must seek when choosing your smoke shop supplier.

Here are a few of them:

  1. Minimum Order Quantity should be less

As you might already know, a majority of the suppliers require a minimum bill amount to process your order. Thus, they have a MOQ (minimum order quantity). The MOQ varies between different smoke shop wholesale distributors. As a smoke shop owner, your aim must be to select a supplier with a low MOQ, especially when you're trying them out for the first time!

  1. Quick Shipping and Delivery Process

Sometimes you might be required to fulfill urgent orders from your regular customers. But what if you don't have the required stock in the shop. At such a time, it would be great if your smoke shop supplier can step in and arrange a quick delivery for you. You can buy smoke shop supplies on an urgent basis if the supplier has a fast turnaround time. Slow and delayed deliveries are a big no-no!

  1. Good Quality Customer Service

The chances are that you will have to coordinate a lot with the customer care of your supplier. It could be to know the status of your order, place an urgent order, track the shipment, or any other query. Therefore, your head shop wholesale supplier must have good customer service in place. They must have a customer care number, email, or chat option for ease of communication.

  1. Competitive Prices

The whole point of choosing a good smoke shop wholesale supplier is to get a decent margin over the products without compromising on the product quality. The supplier you choose should have competitive prices, if not the lowest. Similarly, if the supplier's prices are low but the product quality is not upto the mark, it can be a problem too. Make sure you are analyzing both: quality and price when comparing two different smoke shop wholesale distributors.

  1. Vetted Inventory brimming with popular brands

The head shop wholesale supplier you choose must have a decent stock of all the popular brands in place. This is because if you can't stock up on popular brands and trendy supplies, you're going to lose a lot of customers. Ensure that your supplier keeps a stock of popular smoke shop supplies and keeps renewing and replenishing their inventory according to the market trends.

  1. Extensive Industry Experience

Choosing a smoke shop wholesale supplier with less or no experience can be a wrong move. It is always best to tie up with the industry experts and stalwarts when stocking your smoke shop. Especially if you're relatively new in this field, you must choose a head shop wholesale supplier that can help you with their mammoth industry experience.

  1. Wide Range of Smoke Shop Products

The best smoke shop wholesale distributors keep stock of a varied range of smoke shop supplies. Instead of opting for suppliers with a limited inventory, choose a supplier who stocks different products ranging from rolling papers, bubblers, water pipes, dab rigs to different dab tools, hookahs, and bongs, rolling trays, dab kits, and many more. When your smoke shop wholesale supplier has so many different products from many different brands, it can be easy to place a bulk order. It not only saves a lot of effort but also saves you a significant amount of time.

  1. Flexible Return Policy

This is a crucial aspect that most smoke shop owners ignore. If your prospective smoke shop wholesale distributor doesn't have a return policy, please skip them. This can be a risky move as they might not be open to return or exchange for the products you buy from them.

Similarly, if you find shady return policies on the website of a smoke shop wholesale supplier, it would be wise to drop them too. A return policy should be framed keeping the customer in mind, without causing any loss to the supplier. The return policy should be mentioned very clearly and be fair for both parties.

  1. Decent Customer Reviews

Don't skip this part. Researching and reading about your prospective smoke shop wholesale supplier should not be avoided. It would help if you went through the customer reviews, website, and ratings on different portals to compare and conclude. While it is not practical to find a head shop wholesale supplier with 5-star ratings and all good reviews, you must opt for the one with decent ratings and good to average customer reviews.

Choosing a smoke shop wholesale supplier can be intimidating, but when you choose the best possible supplier, you will be relaxed for a long time to come. Your smoke shop supplier must function as your partner and not just a vendor. Building an effective partnership with your head shop wholesale supplier can go a long way for you.

In addition to the pointers mentioned earlier, you can consider aspects such as compatibility between both of you, their promptness, and interest level in your business.

When you choose MJ Wholesale as your smoke shop wholesale distributor, you can procure as many smoke shop supplies as you want, from as many brands you want, and as soon as you want! MJ Wholesale has been in the business for several years and stocks a wholesome inventory consisting of the best brands, trendy products, and innovative smoke shop supplies that your customers won't be able to resist!

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