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The Best Child-Resistant Mylar Bag on the Market - Let's have a look!

When it comes to packaging and storing cannabis products, keeping it safe, fresh, and potent is the top priority. But another important aspect of it is that they should not get into the hands of children. That's where Child Resistant (CR) Mylar Bags come in handy. Child-Resistant bags are designed with an advanced system that makes it difficult for children to access the contents inside the bag while keeping the product fresh for an extended period. However, not all Child-Resistant mylar bags are the same. Some might be more effective than others in terms of features. This article aims to compare different types of child-resistant Mylar Bags and identify the best one you can purchase.

What are CR Mylar Bags?

Before we dive into the differences between Child-Resistant Mylar Bags, let's first understand what they are. Mylar bags are composed of a strong material to protect what is stored inside from moisture, oxygen, and light. These bags are durable and chemically stable. Because of these features, Mylar bags are often used as child-resistant packaging in the cannabis industry. CR Mylar Bags are designed with child-resistant features that prevent children under five years old from easily opening it. However, they remain easily accessible to seniors and adults. These bags are typically subjected to thorough testing before they are approved for use as Child-resistant packaging.

Why are CR Mylar Bags Important?

The cannabis industry needs to use child-resistant packaging to avoid accidental ingestion. This means that cannabis packaging, such as mylar bags, must be designed in a way that is difficult for children to access or open. By using these bags, dispensaries and cultivators can also stay compliant with their state’s regulations while protecting children from potential harm.

Types of CR Mylar Bags

There are several types of CR mylar bags on the market, each with some unique features. Some of the most popular types include:

  • Pinch N Slide CR Mylar Bags: The Pinch N Slide bags have a simple locking mechanism for adults that might be challenging for children to open. To unlock the bag, users need to pinch the sides of the bag and slide their fingers across the top.

  • Loud Lock Exit Bags: The Loud Lock exit bags are highly favored by dispensaries and cultivators as they have excellent child-resistant features. To open the bag, the user must grip onto the bag, do a fast pull up and then down each time they need to release the opening of the bag.

  • Other Child Resistant Mylar Bags: There are other types of mylar bags available too. Some of which are Pinch n Pull Mylar bags and Pull n Seal Mylar Bags. Made of smooth mylar, the Pinch n Pull bags feature a perforated laser-lined tear notch above the opening that are in sync with tamper-evident packaging requirements. They have child-resistant zip seal closures. The Pull n Seal bags are generally a one-time use, lab certified child-resistant, tamper evident herb storage bags. Made in the USA, these bags can be sealed when one pulls off their glue strip. The patents for these kinds of bags might be pending. They are easy to use and have tamper evident outer seals.

Why Loud Lock Exit Bags are the Best CR Mylar Bags

Among the several types of CR mylar bags on the market, only the Loud Lock exit bags stand out for several reasons. Here are some features of the Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar Bags that set it apart from the rest.

1. Superior Child-Resistant Capabilities

The Loud Lock Grip N Pull bag has a unique locking mechanism that requires one to grip onto the bag, do a fast pull up and then down each time they need to release the opening of the bag. Compared to the Pinch N Slide, this mechanism is more complex, which makes it much harder for children to open the bag and access its contents.

2. Durability and Resilience

The Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar Bags are built by Packaging Supply industry leaders using top-notch mylar material keeping durability in mind.  These bags are re-sealable and 6 mil thick which is thick enough to ensure that they are resistant to tears, punctures, and other damages. Unlike many other mylar bags, you can easily heat-seal these mylar bags for an additional layer of protection or to further extend the life of the contents of the bag. Just seal it above the tear notches and follow the directions on your machine.

3. Compliance and Certifications

Unlike some other mylar bags on the market that are yet to be certified or aren’t child-resistant on paper, the Loud Lock bags are certified child resistant and meet nationwide child-resistance compliance standards.

4. Discreetness

When you use the Loud Lock Grip N Pull mylar bags you ensure that the odour of the contents stay inside the bag, making them a discrete and odorless packaging solution. The smell of cannabis or edibles will not escape from the bag. They provide discreet packaging and storage, hence perfect to use as exit bags.

5. Versatility

Many mylar bags on the market are not suitable for multi-application. But Loud Lock’s Grip N Pull mylar bags can be used for storing practically everything – right from coffee, dry herbs, candies, snacks to even spices. They can be used for storing makeup products like lip gloss, lashes or to store sample contents. Lightweight and perfect to carry around, they can keep the headphones and jewellery untangled and the electronics dry.

6. Eye-Catching Design

The Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar bags feature a gusset bottom. This aids in bag expansion and allows your packaging to stand upright on the shelves, serving as an ideal display option. Some Loud Lock Grip N Pull mylar bags orders may also come with a hang hole above the Ziplock seal (based on availability). Other than being durable and child-resistant, Loud Lock bags possess an attractive design that is sure to grab customers' attention. Moreover, these bags come in different sizes, making them ideal for use in various settings for dispensaries, processors and cultivators. You can also utilize these bags for marketing and branding purposes as MJ Wholesale provides custom stickers and label application services.

7. Brand Reputation

In the packaging business since 2007, Loud Lock has evolved as a renowned and reputable brand in the cannabis industry because of their top-quality, dependable, and reasonably priced products. Consistently inventing and reinventing, they have an expertise and extensive knowledge of developing secure packaging for the safe distribution of your products. They have established a reputation for delivering the best CR Mylar Bags, making them a dependable option for retailers, cannabis growers and dispensaries.

8. Affordability

Loud Lock bags have great features and are more economical compared to other CR mylar bags available on the market. This makes them a great choice for dispensaries and cultivators seeking a packaging solution that is both high-quality and reasonably priced. Plus, with MJ Wholesale’s low prices and bulk quantities, you can get the best deal there is!

Loud Lock Grip N Pull Mylar Bags

Here are a few types of the top-quality Grip N Pull Mylar Bags we have in stock at MJ Wholesale.

This bag is perfect for storing small amounts of cannabis. These bags are opaque, providing an extra layer of protection and privacy. They have a unique locking mechanism that needs the users to Grip and Pull to access the contents. We have a variety of these bags that can hold different amounts of cannabis like ¼ Oz, ½ Oz, and 1 Full Oz, among others.

The Loud Lock Grip N Pull exit bags are great for storing and carrying marijuana products safely in a child-resistant manner. You can use these bags for packaging and offering any quantity as their design is suitable for discreet daily storage and meets all the national standards of child-resistant packaging. Start by ordering them in bulk. If you need a mix and match of all the sizes, we have an affordable option for you. Our Loud Lock Grip N Pull Starter Packs comprise of all the 4 sizes – 1/8 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz and 1 Oz. The packs comprise of 500 bags of each size and are available in black and white opaques.

Ending Note

Although Pinch N Slide bags have decent technology, they do not offer the same level of protection or sturdiness as Loud Lock bags. Loud Lock is a better packaging than Pinch N Slide because it has stronger seal strength, child-resistant technology, and greater durability, which keeps your products fresh and secure. It also ensures that your business complies with State regulations. To stay compliant with cannabis industry standards, businesses must keep up with trends and regulations. Choosing the right packaging can help. Invest in high-quality CR Mylar bags, such as Loud Lock bags, to keep your products fresh, safe, and secure. Visit MJ Wholesale for more information on Loud Lock bags.
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