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MJ Wholesale: The One Stop Shop for all your cannabis packaging needs

Are you a cannabis business owner looking for high-quality packaging options for your cannabis products? MJ Wholesale is your one stop shop for a diverse collection of packaging options designed to meet the high-quality standards and extensive compliance requirements of the cannabis industry. In this comprehensive blog post, we will address common packaging concerns and provide clarity on a variety of topics, like the distinction between cannabis and traditional packaging, the best packaging for edibles, the significance of CPSC certification, and the extensive customization options available on MJ WholesaleLet’s begin!

Cannabis Packaging vs Traditional Packaging: Understanding the Difference

While a lot of the traditional packaging focuses on aesthetics, convenience and safety of the contents, cannabis packaging prioritizes safety, compliance, and freshness in addition to the aesthetics and convenience. This is primarily to conserve the potency of the cannabis and also stay compliant to the laws of the State. At MJ Wholesale, we carry packaging solutions specifically tailored to the cannabis industry's unique needs. Our packaging ensures safety, compliance, and freshness while offering customization opportunities that help your products stand out in the market.

Best Packaging for Edibles: Marrying Taste and Safety

Edibles necessitate a type of packaging that maintains the freshness, protects against dirt and moisture, and upholds the taste and quality. At MJ Wholesale, we offer extensive packaging options specifically designed to address these requirements. We carry a collection of mylar bags and containers that are airtight and odor-proof to keep your edibles fresh and maintain their potency as well as flavor. You can also enhance your product's appeal by adding your brand logo, tagline or colorful designs, whilst ensuring its freshness. Our customizable solutions will meet all your needs whether you need resealable bags, jars, or pouches.

CPSC-Certified Packaging: Prioritizing Safety for All

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is a federal regulatory agency responsible for setting standards for consumer product safety across the United States. CPSC certification guarantees that the packaging meets rigorous safety standards, including crucial features such as child-resistant and tamper-evident. As a law-conscious dispensary or head shop owner, customer safety should be your paramount concern. Hence, opting for CPSC-certified packaging is imperative. By choosing MJ Wholesale packaging, you can be confident that your products comply with the essential safety measures.

Certifications: A Testament to Trust and Quality Assurance

At MJ Wholesale, we take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to providing high-quality packaging solutions. Trust and quality assurance are pivotal in the cannabis industry, and we fully recognize their significance. We have a selection of products that undergo stringent testing to meet industry standards, guaranteeing the utmost reliability and performance. We offer diverse certified packaging options, including ASTM child-resistant packaging and ASTM tamper-evident packaging. These certifications affirm our dedication to delivering packaging solutions that are dependable and fully compliant. However, despite being completely child safe, some products might not have the necessary certifications due to various reasons. Even though these packaging items are not manufactured by us, we try our best to get the required certifications for these items as and when possible.

Customization: Elevating Your Branding Efforts

It is crucial to create a strong brand identity in order to survive in the highly competitive cannabis industry. At MJ Wholesale, we provide multiple customization choices for your packaging that will suit your brand's distinctive style. Create your packaging the way you desire with the variety of options we have. Our services let you customize bags, stickers, and printing to correspond with your brand image, allowing you to create a packaging that suits your brand. You get the autonomy to select each specification that caters to your needs aptly.

1. Custom Print stickers

Promoting your brand is no longer a difficult task with our custom stickers.We have got you covered if you need to have your packaging designs materialized on labels. Our printing technology is equipped to handle all kinds of requirements. You can exhibit your artwork, promotional messages, or logo on these stickers, because they are both- flexible and cost-effective. By adding our high-quality stickers to your packaging, you can seamlessly customize and label your products, resulting in a higher visibility for your brand. With MJ Wholesale, you get the flexibility to choose the shape of your labels whether it is circular, square, or rectangular. You can also choose the size of the labels (we provide custom sizes too) and also the quantity of labels (right from 250 to 10K). You just need to upload your artwork, and we do the rest! We will show you a proof of your artwork before we print your labels in bulk. We provide just the application services too, so if you already have the labels and the tubes, we apply them for you at reasonable costs. Also, if you want to stock blank labels, we have that option too! You can now buy white gloss premium BOPP labels in different shapes such as circle, rectangle  and square in different sizes from us.

2. Custom Print Mylar Bags

Not only custom labels, you can order customized mylar bags with us too. The catch? The custom print mylar bags will have your preferred artwork or design on them directly and not through labels. Simply choose the bag size, choose the quantity, choose the features you want in the bags, and upload your graphic. Greater the quantity, the less the price per bag. And you can choose from various features such as corner type (square or round), zipper type (Child-Resistant or Standard), finishing type (matte or gloss) and many more. You can personalize them with your unique designs, brand logo, or product details. And then, by harnessing our abilities, we create custom mylar packaging with intricately detailed designs, vivid colors, and complex patterns that truly embody your brand and have an appealing visual aesthetic. This will enhance the appearance of your packaging and make it more noticeable on the shelves, boosting your brand visibility and attracting potential customers.

Benefits of Choosing MJ Wholesale Packaging

Besides its extensive capabilities as a custom label and custom packaging provider, MJ Wholesale stands out as the ideal partner for your cannabis packaging needs due many more reasons listed below.

1. Extensive Range of products: We are proud to carry an extensive assortment of distinct packaging types. Our diverse packaging options are tailored to suit your unique needs. Whether it is flower, concentrates, edibles, and topicals, we have something for everything. You will also find suitable packaging for medicines, cosmetics and food items on our website. Discover the most fitting packaging solution for any product category with the numerous choices we have in store.

2. Bulk Orders: We can meet your demand for any quantity, small or large, with our bulk ordering option. This allows businesses of all sizes to optimize their packaging supply chain and save on costs. We're happy to cater to your needs and provide an easily accessible way to order in bulk.

3. Quick turnaround time: With the cannabis industry being so fast-paced, we understand the value of your time. Quick turnaround times are guaranteed by our efficient production processes and devoted team. This allows you to meet your deadlines and launch your products without any unnecessary setbacks.

4. Responsive customer support: We prioritize excellent customer service at MJ Wholesale. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer support team can always answer any questions or concerns you may have. We strive to provide exceptional support throughout your ordering procedure, ensuring you have a seamless and satisfactory experience with us.

5. Industry expertise: With years of experience in the cannabis packaging industry, we have developed a deep understanding of the evolving market trends, regulatory requirements, and consumer preferences. Our expertise enables us to provide valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring you make informed decisions when packaging your cannabis products.

Ending Note

Selecting the right packaging is crucial for dispensary and head shop owners to meet the compliance requirements, preserve their product’s quality, and create a memorable user experience. Over the years, MJ Wholesale has gained a reputation of a trusted and reliable partner, offering a comprehensive range of cannabis packaging solutions tailored to the industry's unique needs. From safety and compliance to sustainability and customization, our packaging solutions meet the highest standards and help your products shine in the market. Trust MJ Wholesale for all your cannabis packaging needs, and avail the best offers, prices and products under one roof!
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