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Top Cannabis Destinations in United States

Recreational cannabis usage is growing in the United States! This is because many of the United States are now changing their laws to allow for cannabis use. So many states have changed their laws now that there are actually cannabis travel groups!

These travelers leave their houses and go visit the states where cannabis is allowed. This article is going to give a list of the best destinations to experience cannabis in the United States. But remember, when traveling, to abide by laws with your medicinal flower. If you are in a legal space, be sure to use a Lock Box, Storage Case or something small proof to transport your marijuana freshly, safely and without scent

Safe Traveling with Marijuana

  1. San Francisco has always been an easy place to find cannabis. The city is known for its hippie culture and many activities. There are many cannabis-friendly activities as well. One rule to keep in mind though is that you are not allowed to smoke in public in San Francisco. Another reason to go visit is the city has world-class food.

  2. Los Angeles is also known for its cannabis-friendly culture. However, it just recently became legal for recreational cannabis use as well. Therefore, it has become a top marijuana destination. Additionally, The Standard Hotel in Hollywood was the first hotel with a cannabis dispensary. If you do decide to visit Los Angeles, you should go to Venice Beach. This beach has also been known for its marijuana culture. Also, LA is a food lover’s paradise with some of the best street food, markets, and upscale dining in the United States.

  3. Las Vegas has been selling recreational cannabis legally since 2017. Las Vegas is where Planet 13 is located. Planet 13 is the largest dispensary in the country! Additionally, the soccer team Las Vegas Lights are from here. They are the world’s first professional soccer team to be sponsored by a cannabis brand. Another thing we should add is that it’s illegal to consume cannabis on public and casino property. These rules are strictly enforced.

  4. Denver is the next choice on this list. Again, public consumption of cannabis is illegal. However, there are some smoking clubs and lounges. Keep in mind that these clubs usually serve locals and some require a membership. However, it might be fun to go and test the mountains with your own RAW custom snowboard!

  5. Seattle is another city where public consumption is illegal. It is known for being rainy and having a lot of forests. However, it’s also located in the first state (Washington) that legalized recreational cannabis in 2014. This makes it a destination point that many cannabis enthusiasts would like to visit. A place of interest would be Boro School in Seattle. If you visit the Boro School, you can even try to make your own pipe! You should follow that up with going to Pike Place which is where you can eat from some amazing restaurants. Furthermore, in August, Seattle holds an event named Hempfest. This is one of the largest celebrations of cannabis in the country.

  6. Portland is also located in one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. It currently offers several “cannabus” tours. “Cannabus” tours take you by bus to visit the local dispensaries. Another option is a guided bicycle tour. If you happen to be there around Labor Day, you can also experience “Hempstalk Festival.” This features live music, food vendors and displays the many uses of hemp products.

Hopefully, now that you know some of the top US destinations for cannabis, you will be sure to visit them. Make sure to look up the special rules and regulations of each airport before you get there. This way you can plan and prepare for your trip.

Did You Know?
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