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Why are custom mylar bags and custom marijuana packaging so popular?

Why are custom mylar bags and custom marijuana packaging so popular?

Cannabis business owners are always seeking innovative ways to promote their brands and market their products. Custom marijuana packaging is one of the best ways to promote the dispensary's brand. Whether it is custom mylar bags, custom weed bags, or custom blunt tubes, businesses need to choose the best 420 packaging that is apt for their product. 

All about Custom Marijuana Packaging

So, why is there a buzz and hype around custom marijuana packaging all of a sudden? Simple. The competition is immense, and custom cannabis packaging offers multiple benefits. It gives an attractive appearance to your product and is a sure-shot way to boost your branding efforts. It offers dispensaries and cannabis business owners an opportunity to stand out from the rest.

What exactly is custom marijuana packaging? 

Custom marijuana packaging refers to a type of packaging that not only provides protection to your product but also allows you to create something unique. Something that meets the needs of your product, brand, and target audience. This includes different types of 420 packaging like dispensary mylar bags, weed packaging bags, and custom weed bags, among other marijuana packaging. 

What does custom marijuana packaging involve?

Most common marijuana packaging includes pre-roll tubes, child-resistant containers, and zipper bags. Each of these needs to have a label that displays the amount of THC or CBD the product contains and have relevant warnings on it as per State laws. 

Custom marijuana packaging involves adding a brand logo, artwork, or message on the package to boost branding efforts. This can be done by adding a custom label or using a custom package. 

What are Custom Mylar Bags?

Mylar bags are popular packaging choices for a variety of products as they can keep the contents fresh for a long duration. You can elevate your packaging by choosing custom mylar bags that sport any design you want. Level up your branding efforts by creating fun and cutting-edge designs for your custom mylar bags. 

At MJ Wholesale, we offer custom mylar bags in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes. We offer a glossy, matte/soft touch, and pure soft touch finish, with limitless color variations. The sizes we offer include 1 gram, 1/8 oz, ¼ oz, ½ oz, 1 oz, 2 ½ oz, and 1 lb. with different gusset sizes. 

However, if you have a different size requirement, worry not! We offer mylar bags with custom sizes and custom gusset widths, too. MJ Wholesale offers 100% customization, allowing you to choose whether you want hole punch bags, standard zipper bags, CR zipper bags, tear notch bags, or bags with rounded corners. 

The process of ordering your custom mylar bags on MJ Wholesale is really simple. Choose the bag size, quantity, and details, upload your graphic, and share your contact details. Within 2-5 working days, we get back to you with the digital proof of your design (in PDF format). Once you approve the proof, we will process your entire order and ship it to you. 

The best part of buying with us is that the more you buy, the more you save. You can buy custom weed packaging bags from 5000 pieces to 1,00,000 pieces, with the per-unit cost going lower as you buy more. All our custom mylar bags are made and printed in the United States.

What are Custom Joint Tubes?

Joint tubes are one of the best packaging solutions to store and pack pre-rolls, joints, and blunts. These tubes are handy, lightweight, and discreet. But is it possible to customize these handy blunt tubes? Of course!


With attractive custom labels for your joint tubes, you can transform them from product holders to a visually appealing branding tool! With the help of custom labels, you can get your logo, product name, and brand message printed on the custom joint tubes and create an easily recognizable brand for yourself. The colors, shapes, and images you choose will make your product stand out from the others. 

MJ Wholesale offers 116 mm joint tubes with rhino-lock features in black, white, clear, and green colors in bulk quantities. You can outsource your entire stock of 116 mm tubes, their labels, and the labeling process to MJ Wholesale while you focus on your business. The process for this is similar: upload the graphic or artwork you want printed on the custom labels and we print them for you. If you don't have artwork ready, we also provide graphic designing and editing services to help you create something unique for your brand. 

Custom Printed Banners for Branding 

Why limit yourself to custom-printed labels, custom mylar bags, or just custom packaging? Go for Custom Printed Banners for your dispensary or marijuana business to take your branding efforts up a notch. Perfect to use at trade shows, exhibitions, promotional events, or just outside your store, custom-printed banners can easily catch the eyes of potential customers. 

MJ Wholesale offers a wide range of custom-printed promotional materials like custom-printed yard signs, custom-printed corrugated poster board, custom window decals, custom-printed retractable banners, and customer-printed banners with grommets. 

  • Custom Printed Banners – What's better than a custom banner highlighting your brand colors, logo, and advertising message to catch the eye of the public? Our custom-printed banners can be used as indoor or outdoor signage and meet fire-retardant standards.
  • Custom Window Decals – Enhance your brand visibility by using decals on glass windows and doors to attract the attention of the passersby. We offer window decals in different shapes, including round and square. 
  • Custom Printed Yard Signs – Use custom yard signs to get your message to the public. It can be used for a simple advertisement or to display contact information and directions. Custom print your yard sign and get it with or without grommets and with or without the wire stand from MJ Wholesale.
  • Custom Corrugated Boards – Perfect for outdoor use, you can get custom-printed corrugated boards in a horizontal or vertical orientation from MJ Wholesale. We offer boards of different thicknesses, with the option to print on one or both sides and the option of drilled holes. 
  • Custom Retractable Banners – An effective way to promote your brand is with a portable, durable, and slim custom retractable banner. These banners are adjustable with a telescopic pole that allows you to change banner height as required. You can buy the retractable banners with or without a stand from MJ Wholesale

Importance of the Right 420 Packaging

Underestimating the importance of the right custom marijuana packaging could mean losing out potential customers. With the tough competition in the cannabis industry, it is essential to use unique packaging and branding ideas to make your brand a recognizable and memorable one. Choosing the right 420 packaging is essential to keep your product safe, promote your brand, and instill trust in customers. 

It gives you an opportunity to communicate with your customers through your creative artwork, design, and logo. Custom labels go a long way to help customers identify your product easily and come back for more later. 

Choosing MJ Wholesale for Custom Marijuana Packaging

Having a reliable and experienced custom packaging supplier is crucial to boost your branding efforts. MJ Wholesale has been a marijuana packaging supplier since 2015 and offers custom labels, custom banners and custom marijuana packaging like custom mylar bags in bulk quantities at wholesale rates.

MJ Wholesale proudly offers end-to-end packaging, labeling, and label applying solutions when it comes to 116 mm joint tubes, right from the tubes to custom labels to applying the labels to the tubes. We also provide all types of custom banners you need for marketing or signage. When it comes to custom labels, banners and packaging, MJ Wholesale is the best and one-stop shop for all your needs. 

Ending Note

With cannabis becoming widely accepted worldwide, it is essential to look for effective and affordable ways to promote your brand. With the right custom printing partner by your side, you can escalate your branding efforts with ease. Whether it is custom mylar bags, custom joint tubes, or custom banners – MJ Wholesale offers the best for your brand at affordable rates. Check out our diverse collection of marijuana packaging supplies available at wholesale rates today! 

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