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Best smoking tools and accessories for cannabis: A guide-MJ Wholesale

Best smoking tools and accessories for cannabis: A guide

Smoke shops and dispensary owners can add a range of cannabis smoking tools and accessories to expand their offerings for customers and help elevate their smoking experience. MJ Wholesale carries different types of pipes, water bubblers, bubbler pipes, vaporizers, wholesale bongs, and accessories like grinders, weed trays, and rolling tray sets that are useful, affordable, and can upgrade your inventory quickly. 

Whether new to the cannabis industry or an experienced cannabis business owner, this article will help you learn more about the various ways people consume cannabis and the different accessories you can keep on your shelf to attract and retain customers.

Ways to Consume Cannabis 

There are several ways to consume cannabis, and the methods your customers choose will determine which cannabis accessories they need. In popular culture, smoking and cannabis use are frequently related to one another. However, smoking is not necessarily the most covert or practical way to ingest cannabis. Let's look at the different ways to consume cannabis.

1. Direct Inhalation

The most common and classic way to consume cannabis, this process involves inhaling the smoke or vapor generated from combusting dried cannabis flowers or vaporizing cannabis concentrates. The effects of the inhaled vapor can be seen within a few minutes as compounds like THC, CBD, and other terpenes get into the lungs. From the lungs, they cross into the bloodstream and reach the cannabinoid receptors in the body. 

Cannabis can be inhaled by smoking flower using a pipe, joint, bong, bubbler, etc. Flower can be vaporized using a dry vape apparatus, and concentrates can be vaporized using a dab rig or a portable dab device. Cannabis vapor can be inhaled from a vape pen or pod. 

  1. Ingesting Orally 

Even though inhalation is an oral route of consuming cannabis, ingestion involves digesting cannabis products by swallowing them. The cannabinoids of the cannabis are then broken down into cannabinoid byproducts by the liver. The resulting cannabis compounds then interact with the cannabinoid receptors of the body. The effect of the pills or orally ingested product can take between thirty minutes to two hours. For people who detest smoking and wish to go with medicinal marijuana, it is a compelling alternative.

3. Topical Administration

Topical products like lotions, salves, and cannabis-infused creams are directly applied to the skin. Many different types of topicals are available in the market. Some include personal lubricants, bath salts and oils, and more. They penetrate the uppermost layer of the epidermis and provide localized relief. 

Transdermal products are a subcategory of topical products that feature encapsulated cannabinoids, allowing penetration into all skin layers and entering the bloodstream for full-body relief. Thickened cannabis plant extracts are utilized in topical oils. The body's muscles and soreness can be relieved by applying and absorbing the oils onto the skin. Since marijuana-infused topicals don't get users high, they are usually only used medically.

4. Sublingual Administration

Sublingual administration involves placing cannabis products under the tongue. The capillary network under the tongue is close to the surface of very thin skin, enabling the terpenes and cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream quickly. 

Many products can be dosed sublingually. Alcohol-based and oil-based tinctures are some of the most popular ones. They can be administered with a dropper or a syringe.

Smoking tools and accessories

Choosing the right smoking accessories can improve the cannabis consumption experience considerably. MJ Wholesale has a variety of smoking tools for different ways of consuming cannabis.

  1. Bubblers

While calling these devices a bong or a water pipe is normal, a bubbler is more appropriate. They require very little water. The water gets across quickly and can be used regularly even if no water is on hand. Bubblers are easy to use, inexpensive, and available in different designs from various brands. 

Bubblers can be difficult to clean; hence, changing the water after every smoking sesh is better. A downside of bubblers is that some are too small, making them difficult to fit in percolators. Also, fitting accessories like an ash catcher is difficult.

Bubblers can be made of different materials. Some of the popular materials for making bubblers are:

  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Silicone

Here's a list of steps for cleaning and maintaining a bubbler:

  • Drain it.
  • Rinse with hot water.
  • Apply salt and rubbing alcohol.
  • Shake the bubbler.
  • Sweep up remaining debris/resin.
  • Fill the stem and bowl with hot water.
  • Put the stem and bowl into a container.
  • Put salt solution and alcohol into the container.
  • Slosh the stem around the container.
  • Rinse and let it shine!

  1. Vaporizers

By heating cannabis to a certain level, cannabinoids and other compounds get released into the air. Vaporizers heat the marijuana to a level that is just below the level of combustion. It creates a vapor that can be inhaled. Rather than smoke, the active substances are inhaled as vapor in this process. It may hold various things, such as oils, resin, and concentrates, and it is more covert, less harsh on the lungs, and smoke-free.

People may use vaporizers because:

  • They get a stronger high.
  • Vaporizers produce less marijuana smell compared to smoking.
  • Vaporizers are usually easier and smaller to hide.
  • They are portable and can be carried around easily.

Using a vaporizer for dry flower is another way to refer to vaping marijuana. For over 20 years, dry flower vaporizing systems have been commercially available as they don't cause as much lung irritation as vaping oil or smoking dried flowers. Using an e-cigarette with cannabis oil is not the same as this kind of vaping.

3. Rolling Papers

For consuming cannabis in a dry herb form, it is better to pack a spoon pipe, bong, or some other water pipe to smoke. Using some high-quality rolling papers or blunt wraps is another good alternative for smoking. 

Rolling papers offer the flexibility to customize the joint how the smoker likes it, whether they like a stuffy, sparse, fat, or slim joint. MJ Wholesale carries rolling papers from brands like RAW, Zig Zag, Elements, Vibes, and many more. We also carry a range of rolling paper accessories that your customers might need when they roll. Lighters are necessary for standard flower consumption, while a torch is necessary for a dab rig. A grinder is required to crush the coarse pieces of cannabis into a fine powder that can be rolled.

Besides smoking tools and accessories, we also carry marijuana packaging and storage supplies. One of the best ways to store cannabis is in a mason jar to lock in the freshness and maximize its quality over an extended period. We also carry joint tubes, mylar bags, and concentrate containers to store all forms of cannabis. 

  1. Hemp wraps

Hemp wraps are a cleaner alternative compared to smoking the traditional blunt wraps. These are just simple, flat, thin sheets of paper made out of hemp, which is a variety of Cannabis sativa L. Hemp wraps are just like blunt wraps but without tobacco. These are perfect for wrapping the product in a tight bundle. Using a hemp wrap to roll a joint or cigarette is easy. But hemp wraps are also available as pre-rolled cones for those who don't want to deal with the hassle of rolling. Made from natural hemp fibers, these wraps offer a slow and even burn, enhancing the flavor of your smoke. RAW cones, High Hemp, and Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps are among the top choices for those seeking a natural and flavorful smoking experience.

Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps

Juicy Jays is well known for its great variety of flavourful selections to smoke from. These come from Alcoy, Spain. Juicy Hemp Wraps are made using 100% pure hemp for a new experience. These delicious wraps come with two wraps in each pack. Juicy Wraps are moist, delicious, and available in several amazing flavors. Juicy Wraps are created using their famous triple-dip flavor system. They are sealed extra tight for guaranteed freshness.

High Hemp Wraps

Smoking with hemp wraps is a fun and healthy way to smoke cannabis. It's a great alternative compared to tobacco. It is a popular hemp wrap designed to become a high-quality organic hemp. It is a healthier alternative to tobacco wraps. The brand offers different flavors and sizes, such as cherry and mango, or sweet flavors like honey. Sizes can also vary from pocket-sized wraps that will give a quick smoke to king-sized ones to enjoy the cannabis. 

Zig Zag Wraps are the perfect product for a clean, refined wrap for legal blends. These slow-burning and smooth wraps deliver an exceptional draw.

Buy them for your smoke shop wholesale only from MJ Wholesale.

Advantages of Using Hemp Wraps 

These wraps are made of hemp, which is a natural plant. It doesn't contain nicotine. Hemp wraps do not produce carbon or tar monoxide like tobacco. Plus, they contain no tobacco, which reduces the risk of addiction to nicotine.

Here are some more benefits of hemp wraps.

  • Healthier alternative
  • One of the benefits of high hemp wraps is that it's a healthier alternative to using tobacco wraps. There are no toxic additives in a tobacco wrap, especially nicotine, which is the main cause of tobacco addiction.

  • Safe for Vegans
  • This hemp wrap is safe for vegans to smoke with. Most hemp wrap brand products provide customers with the best and safest quality hemp wraps worldwide. Their products are non-GMO and also gluten-friendly, which helps vegans enjoy their smoking experience without worrying about harmful substances that could be in their wrap.

  • Pure Organic Hemp
  • The rolling papers used to make the hemp wraps are 100% organic and natural. It means that there aren't any chemical additives mixed in during its creation. It has no harmful side effects that standard rolling papers usually have. They also try to avoid using chemicals during their growth, making the plants safe to smoke.

  • A Smoother Hit
  • Smoking high hemp wraps gives a slow burn that gives a smoother hit whenever smoke is drawn out of it. These wraps can provide an enhanced experience when smoking your herbs. You'll also be able to taste the full flavor of your cannabis with the bonus fruity and juicy flavors that are contained in the hemp wrap.

    1. Dab Rigs

    The popularity of concentrates has grown exponentially over the last few years. Small doses of cannabis concentrate can be vaporized easily using a dab rig, e-rig, or dab pen. These concentrates include wax, budder, rosin, shatter, resin, and crumble. Compared to other smoking methods, dab rigs provide smoother and stronger hits as their vapor is less harsh, cooler, and does not irritate the lungs. 

    MJ Wholesale has a wide variety of dab rigs and dab rig accessories that you can stock up in your smoke shop, head shop, or dispensary. We carry popular brands like Hemper, Zooted, Goodie Glass, KLEAN, and many more. Other accessories needed for dabbing include the nectar gathering device, dab tool, nail, or a banger. The dab of concentrate is heated by placing it on a pre-heated surface, causing it to vaporize. The vapor can then be inhaled by the mouthpiece of the dab rig, nectar gathering device, dab pen, or any other accessory you're using. 

    1. Rolling trays

    Every smoker's grief is that the different tools required during their smoke sesh, like scissors, filters, and paper, can easily get lost. For this reason, rolling trays are a great accessory for anyone who likes rolling joints. Rolling trays have a flat surface that makes rolling easier. It helps roll joints easily and is used to catch any cannabis sprinkles that may fall out during the rolling process. 

    When preparing to smoke, a rolling tray serves as a workstation. A flat tray with raised edges helps keep the flower contained. When preparing a joint or blunt, a rolling tray gives a consistent roll while maintaining neat and clean surroundings. It helps keep dust, debris, and other undesired particles out of your stash and helps catch any weed that may fall while rolling up.

    Rolling trays come in small, medium, and large sizes with different features. There are bigger trays in the market, and those who like larger workstations can use these trays. However, a smaller tray is more appropriate for those who want something that can be packed away into a smaller space or used for traveling frequently. There are different sizes and designs of rolling trays at MJ Wholesale to meet the needs and expectations of all your customers. Metal, plastic, or wood trays are all popular options. So, while choosing, it is better to choose the one that is durable and easy to clean.

    1. Grinders

    To smoke dry herbs, it is better to use a quality grinder. It will help to break down the bud into a workable texture. A finely ground texture is easier to roll into a wrap or pack into a bowl. 

    In the market, a wide range of grinders are available. While some of these tools are basic, others are more sophisticated, using various cutting tools and motors to ensure a constant grind. Usually, grinders have three compartments: one to contain the ground bud, one to load the flower, and a bottom compartment. The bottom part helps catch the fine trichomes from the plant. A simple three-compartment weed grinder is an essential tool for a pleasant smoking session.

    The first item that comes to mind when talking about the best cannabis accessories is a grinder, which is a tiny canister with "teeth" that will twist to grind up the flower evenly. Grinding up the bud creates more surface area that can burn, resulting in a stronger high. Purchasing a grinder is something you should think about if you're wondering how to get high off of marijuana.

    Grinders break up cannabis flowers into almost powder, making it easier to roll or pack into a pipe/bong and smoke. Grinders are made of metal,

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