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What are 510 Thread Batteries? - Types, Usage and Benefits-MJ Wholesale

What are 510 Thread Batteries? - Types, Usage and Benefits

Flower isn't the only form of cannabis; there are edibles, oils, tinctures, and other types of concentrates that win over consumers by the day. Among the many methods of consuming it, vaping is rising in popularity among cannabis consumers, young and old. At a time when cigarette smokers are shifting toward e-cigarettes, the cannabis industry is taking a similar approach with the introduction of vapes. It's an easy and discreet method of consuming cannabis and is conveniently portable, too. Also, they don't reek up the place after the smoker takes a hit!

As more states legalize the consumption of marijuana products, people are turning to e-rigs for smoother, water-filtered vaping. It also helps them avoid the dry coughing that other ways of smoking marijuana can cause.

Benefits of vaping marijuana

  • Vaping marijuana is done at below combustion temperatures. It has been widely recognized as a healthier option compared to smoking in many medical studies. 
  • Vaping is a very discreet process as there is no smoke created and very little smell involved. 

One standout player in this field is Lookah, renowned for its cutting-edge and innovative dab rigs, bongs, and vaporizers.

Lookah Dragon Egg

Many e-rigs combine a mouthpiece and glass bubbler to preserve the flavor and cool the vapor. However, their extensive glass parts make these devices susceptible to easy breakage, primarily when used on the go. For customers who relish a smooth vaping experience, the Lookah Dragon Egg is more durable than other options.

Dragon Egg is one of the latest portable electronic dab rigs introduced by Lookah. It has a durable design and fulfills the need for water-filtered vaping. The mini handheld vape has a capsule shape, with the upper half housing the battery and atomizing chamber, display screen, and LED indicator light. This new device features a top-colored half-top holding the battery with a glass bottom and a circular shape that resembles a dragon egg. This electronic dab rig aims to make vaping convenient, satiating, and easy.

Role of 510 Thread Batteries in Cannabis Consumption

A 510-thread battery is an electronic vaporizing device. These 510-thread batteries are used to consume cannabis, along with liquid cartridges that contain THC, CBD, or nicotine, as per the user's choice. This type of device has many names, like a thick oil vape pen or a vape pen.

The 510-thread battery has many benefits. Let's discuss some of them.

1. Ease of usage

510 thread batteries are easy to use for consuming cannabis, as they don't require you to buy smoking accessories. You need to attach the cartridge to the main device. The next step is to turn it on, heat it, and inhale. Though the term 510 thread describes a wide range of batteries in the cannabis industry, the name derives from the existing threads on the first device made. 

The original vape battery included ten threads 5mm apart, hence the name. Some believe that it was due to a 5mm diameter, but the actual measurement of 510 thread batteries is 7mm. These batteries also have a corresponding 510-thread vape tester for cannabis operators and dispensaries who want to determine the cartridges' ohms.

2. Easy to carry

510 thread batteries are portable devices and can be taken anywhere unless you buy a massive one. They easily fit in a bag or pocket and can be charged with a plug. In addition, you can detach the cartridge from the device, and it will become smaller. However, if you are traveling to a country where cannabis is illegal, you must not carry cartridges, but you can carry the 510-thread battery part.

3. Highly discreet 

A 510-thread battery is highly discreet due to its small size and is often mistaken for an e-cigarette rather than a cannabis-related device. The vapor produced is less odorous than smoke, making it less noticeable to those nearby, and it doesn't linger on your body or clothes. This discreet nature makes it a subtle and convenient option for cannabis consumption.

4. Rechargeable

The 510-thread battery offers rechargeability, distinguishing it from traditional joints or used and discarded cigarettes. This device allows for repeated use, and some cartridges can be refilled with various oil substances, providing the option for a fully reusable device if desired.

5. Lesser Maintenance

Using a 510-thread battery is much easier and cleaner than rolling a joint. There's no residue of tobacco or cannabis left on surfaces, and you avoid the mess of poorly rolled roaches. Additionally, unlike dry herb vaporizers, there's no chamber to clean, making the entire device maintenance-free.

6. Universality

The 510-thread battery's universal design allows for complete interchangeability, making it compatible with a wide range of cartridges. It means that most cartridges and 510-thread batteries can be used together, providing convenience for users in different countries or allowing friends to share and try different oils easily by adding their cartridges to the device.

Types of 510 thread batteries

  • There are two categories of 510-thread batteries: fixed voltage and variable voltage.

  • Fixed voltage 510 thread batteries are pre-programmed to deliver a specific amount of power and are often used with pre-filled cartridges. Hence, cannabis is always heated to the same temperature. 
  • On the other hand, variable voltage 510 thread batteries can deliver different amounts of power and allow the vape pen to get to a hotter or cooler temperature. It is a great option for users who have different types of cannabis and prefer to go with variable voltage 510 thread batteries as they may wish to control the temperature of their vape device.
  • 510 thread batteries are also available in rechargeable models and disposable models. 
  • There are also buttonless 510-threaded batteries. These use special sensors, and can be activated by inhaling.

How to use a 510 thread battery

510 thread batteries are compatible with many models of vape pens, different brands, and atomizers. 510 thread battery can be used for different forms of cannabis, like oil, dry herb, or wax.

1. 510 thread batteries for oil

The process is to fill the tank of the vape device with cannabis oil and connect the battery. The next step is to activate the pen until it heats the oil into vapor. Many 510 thread batteries that are designed to use oil are disposable. However, in case of reusing the device, clean the tank thoroughly before using it next time.

2. 510 thread batteries designed to use wax

There is a special chamber with a ceramic heating coil for cannabis devices that use concentrates, wax, or distillates. Open this chamber, place the cannabis inside, close it, and then attach the battery. 

3. 510-threaded batteries designed for dry herb 

A dry herb vaporizer, or atomizer, allows the consumption of cannabis flower. Grind your flower with a grinder, then add it to the tank of your vaping device. The next step is to attach the battery and activate it to generate heat. It will produce vapor, which you can inhale. It is important to remember that a vape pen for dry herb may require a fixed voltage 510 thread battery or a variable voltage when a 510 thread battery is set to a higher temperature.


Ending Note

The consistent growth of the cannabis industry is largely due to innovation and the technological advancements that have replaced traditional practices. Maintaining efficiency and quality and keeping up with consumer demand are the key factors for thriving in this industry. So, investing in top-quality vaporizers, atomizers, mods, coils, and 510 thread batteries is essential for any dispensary, smoke shop, or head shop.

The 510 thread batteries remain a unique innovation in the cannabis industry. Purchasing these vape pens is a great starting point for all your customers intrigued by exploring the world of concentrates. The matching carts are relatively easy to find in the legalized markets.

MJ Wholesale provides wholesale marijuana packaging and smoking tools and accessories in bulk quantities. Offering a diverse range, we ensure quality and reliability, catering to the needs of retailers and businesses in the marijuana industry. Check out our latest arrivals today! 

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