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Maximize Profits, Lower Costs and Save Time Using a Pre-Roll Machine

Dispensary owners are aware that pre-rolls are a significant hit. People love the convenience of smoking pre-rolls along with the amount of flower that they contain. Instead of taking time to roll a killer joint, dispensary visitors can pop in and leave with a perfectly rolled product that’s ready for smoking. 

With the higher demand for pre-rolls, dispensary owners need to be aware of strategies that can help them save time and maximize profits. One of those strategies is utilizing a device known as a pre-roll machine

This article is designed to educate readers on the numerous benefits that pre-roll machines create while highlighting some of the pre-roll machine products that MJ Wholesale has to offer. 

Maximize Profits, Lower Costs and Save Time Using a Pre-Roll Machine

Let’s take a look at what precisely pre-roll machines do and why they help in today’s cannabis economy. 

What Are Pre-Roll Machines? Why Do They Help? 

Rolling the perfect joint, takes both skill and time. Even though companies such as Elements offer pre-rolled cone papers that increase the convenience of producing the ideal pre-roll, it takes time to create individual pre-rolls. 

Pre-Roll machines are designed to fill hundreds of pre-roll papers at once. As a result of packing hundreds of pre-rolls in less than 5 minutes, you’ll save time that can be applied to other areas of your business. 

How Do These Machines Work? 

Futurola is a company that offers some of the best pre-roll machines on the market today. Their design consists of filling the machine’s tubes with pre-roll cones before loading shredded flower product into the top shelf compartment. 

After removing the sliding top shelf compartment, the shredded flower product falls into the machine’s slots where pre-roll cones are then filled. It’s recommended that quality pre-roll devices such as the Futurola Knockbox 3 300 Cone Filler should be used with other Futurola products such as the Original Marijuana Shredder. 

Are you not yet sold on the cutting-edge technology that the Knockbox 3 300 cone filler provides? 

Here are some additional benefits that this Futurola machine presents: 

  • You can fill up to 300 cones in 2 minutes.
  • Compatible with 16 varieties of pre-roll cones
  • Accommodates multiple diameters of pre-roll cones 

It’s probably making more sense as to why the vast majority of pre-rolls in dispensaries are cones. Smart dispensary owners are investing in equipment that saves them time and maximizes profits. Machines such as Futurola Knockbox 3 pay for themselves over time with the efficiency they bring. 

Knockbox 3’s from Futurola are available with multiple capacity levels, including 50, 100, or 300

MJ Wholesale Pre-Roll Machine Products 

MJ Wholesale provides all the latest and greatest pre-roll machine technology. If you already own a top-notch machine such as the Futurola Knockbox 3 and need a replacement part such as a controller, MJ Wholesale has you covered. 

It’s a great idea to compliment a rolling machine with related products such as paper. Raw, Elements, and Futurola are all leading brands that offer high-quality, in-demand paper products. MJ Wholesale gives you access to paper supplies at low wholesale prices. 

For dispensary or head shop sales, there’s always the benefit of offering classic rolling machines. Basic rolling machines help your customers classically roll perfect joints.
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