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MJ Wholesale How to Library

MJ Wholesale How To Library

MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.MJ Wholesale How to Library. Learn what people also ask about Pop Top drams, Mylar bags, Joint Tubes, Glass Jars, All about Marijuana Processing, Dispensary Supply and Smoke Shop Supply needs.

Marijuana Processing & Hydroponic Supplies

  • Stages and Products Needed For Hydroponic Growing

    Hydroponic growing is changing the way people cultivate cannabis.

    So, what is hydroponic growing?

    Traditional cannabis cultivation involves using soil to grow plants, while hydroponic growth can occur without soil use. 

    Marijuana isn't the only popular plant that's being grown through hydroponic methods. 

    A quick list of popular plants that can be grown using hydroponics include:

    • Microgreens 
    • Lettuce
    • Spinach
    • Strawberries
    • Tomatoes 
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  • What Are Terpenes?

    If you’re a regular consumer of cannabis, you may have heard the word terpene being casually tossed around in your local dispensary, or read it on the label attached to your pre-roll tube or other wholesale dispensary supply. But what exactly is a terpene?

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  • The Difference Between Sativa and Indica

    While many smokers are aware of the common feelings that these two cannabis varieties produce, this article is written to highlight some key information that further explains how these two varieties of cannabis differ from each other.  

    After we uncover the driving force behind Sativa and Indica classifications, we'll be covering some additional critical differences related to their relationship with medical use, recreational use, and breeding. 

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  • What Type of Scale Do You Need?

    Scales play an essential role in growing and processing facilities along with dispensaries. While all branches of the marijuana industry share the practice of using scales to measure and distribute cannabis products, different sectors of the industry utilize separate scale varieties for their respective roles. 

    This article is designed to educate readers on the different types of scales present on the market so you can find the option that works best for you. MJ Wholesale provides an extensive selection of digital scales so you can efficiently meet your needs.

    Before we differentiate specific scale products, let’s take a look at how modern cannabis scales operate. 

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  • Child Resistant Packaging

    As the marijuana industry grows with the expansion of state legalization on both a medical and recreational level, the demand for cannabis products has risen exponentially. 

    Modern-day growers, processors, and dispensary owners all have unique needs when it comes to packaging. With a rise in demand for marijuana products, businesses need to equip themselves with quality packaging that follows state laws. 

    This post is designed to educate readers on some of the existing laws surrounding marijuana packaging practices while highlighting the products that MJ Wholesale offers as a solution. 

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  • Maximize Profits, Lower Costs and Save Time Using a Pre-Roll Machine

    What Are Pre-Roll Machines? Why Do They Help? 

    Rolling the perfect joint, takes both skill and time. Even though companies such as Elements offer pre-rolled cone papers that increase the convenience of producing the ideal pre-roll, it takes time to create individual pre-rolls. 

    Pre-Roll machines are designed to fill hundreds of pre-roll papers at once. As a result of packing hundreds of pre-rolls in less than 5 minutes, you’ll save time that can be applied to other areas of your business.

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  • Does UV Light Hurt Your Product?

    Whether you grow, process, or run a dispensary, UV light is something that workers within the marijuana industry should be aware of. 

    At MJ Wholesale, we understand the process of cultivating a top-tier product. That’s why we’re providing this blog to educate marijuana industry workers about the impacts of UV light so you can promote your product’s integrity and maintain consistency in quality. 

    Before we touch on UV light’s impact on marijuana, let’s take some time to define what UV light is. 

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  • Cleaning Your Herb Grinder

    Your grinder is an often-overlooked part of your cannabis tool arsenal. However, the handy gadget is a godsend for providing you with fresh herb and potent kief. Sadly, if you use the grinder frequently then debris starts to build up in the gears and chambers. The sticky rubbish becomes a prime breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If you don’t want to become sick from potentially contaminated and less-than-clean weed, then cleaning your grinder frequently is imperative. 

    Importance of Cleaning Your Grinder

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  • Make your Cannabis Packaging Stand out from the rest

    comprehensive blog series on cannabis packaging. All of these posts are deeply informative and should help anyone navigate the daunting topic of marijuana packaging. In this round-up blogs are in collections by relevant information. Regulations for packaging and what to look for when purchasing, the packaging itself, and our guide series are the collections. These collections should help break up the complex topic of packaging into bite-size chunks.

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