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Make your Cannabis Packaging Stand out from the rest

Here at MJ Wholesale, we've been busy lately creating a comprehensive blog series on cannabis packaging. All of these posts are deeply informative and should help anyone navigate the daunting topic of marijuana packaging. In this round-up blogs are in collections by relevant information. Regulations for packaging and what to look for when purchasing, the packaging itself, and our guide series are the collections. These collections should help break up the complex topic of packaging into bite-size chunks.

Regulations and laws are often the first hurdle for any fledgling marijuana producer or dispensary. We've covered a Brief Look Into Regulations that outlines some of the concerns that come up with packaging in regards to the law. Once you've determined your business to be legal the next step becomes where and how to purchase cannabis. Our blogs on Why to Buy Wholesale? And Tips for Finding the Right Packaging Partner are perfect for explaining why developing a relationship with a packaging wholesaler and wholesale purchasing are vital for increasing revenue. 

Now that you know what you need to be legal and have a wholesaler to provide you with packaging, the next concern is the packaging itself. What are MyMylar Baglar Bags? And What Size Mylar Bag or Dram Do I Need? are great for understanding the most common packaging solutions for flower outside of glass jars. Do you know the difference between a Gusseted BagGusseted and Non-Gusseted Bag? We also have a post on how to make your Packaging Stand Out. Lastly, check out or Tips for Cannabis Packaging.

With knowledge of what packaging you need for your operation, check out our guides for a great overview from different perspectives. First, we have the Ask a Budtender post, which gives insight into what makes packaging successful from the perspective of the person selling the product. Secondly, we have the Perfect Marijuana Packaging Guide which focuses on our insights from the wholesale end of the industry. Together, these two pieces can give a cohesive picture of the thought process from different standpoints in the industry. Most of the sentiments echo between both blogs, so they're a great read for understanding the cannabis industry in regards to packaging. Our last guide, the Ultimate Cannabis Packaging Guide, ties all the information together painting the picture that branding is the end game goal of any packaging campaign. 

Al together, we hope our blog series looking into the many business concepts regarding cannabis packaging have been helpful to you or your business. We've gone in-depth over the regulations and laws governing packaging, where, and who to buy the packaging from. We've done a great series on the various materials of packaging and have given quite a few design tips along the way. Our excellent guides tie all the information together and hopefully will give you great ideas for a brand identity moving forward. We hope to do business with you soon in the future and are always happy to answer questions if you have them about any of our products. 

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Marijuana packaging bags - January 26, 2023

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Dura Pack - January 26, 2023

I read the above article and I found it very informative. Thanks for it.

Dura Defense - January 26, 2023

Hi George Abro,

Thanks for explaining to everyone who are reading your blog. The information you have provided is great and will be helpful to everyone. Looking forward to more blogs like these from you.

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