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The Ultimate Marijuana Packaging Guide

Looking for a definitive guide to Marijuana Packaging? Here at MJ Wholesale, we pride ourselves on being an industry-leading packaging distributor, so we understand it's difficult to understand all the options available. Storage effectiveness, material cost, and branding capability should be the foremost concerns when choosing cannabis packaging. Addressing these concerns is critical to successful cannabis sales in today's fast-paced industry.

As the cannabis industry evolves, freshness is the number one product concern for packaging. When weighing options for storage and even packaging for sale, the first evaluation has to be how long the product will last. Once harvested and dried, cannabis should be stored in a sealed environment away from sunlight and other sources of ultraviolet light. Vacuum seal bags and large mylar bags are available in our store for long term storage at a production facility or dispensary. Myler Bag These options provide a seal that prevents air transfer and maintains quality for up to a year when stored properly. All cannabis loses potency and flavor from the time of harvest, so it is highly recommended to have the product through end sale within a year. 

The next concern is the material cost of the packaging itself. Options for end sale include mylar bags and glass containers. Glass Container Quality is a huge factor in deciding packaging options to use. The quality of packaging should match the product quality. It is not cost-effective to use jars to sell trim and leaves poor customer perception. Cost-effectiveness is another component of the material cost, as mylar can provide more storage space since it is more compact while being cheaper than jars. In the end, it depends greatly on your product and market on which material is the most effective for your operation. If you're providing a higher quality product at a more premium price then the glass is a better option.

Lastly, branding opportunity is a large concern for any cannabis packaging. Marijuana can invoke a strong emotional response in some users and you can capitalize on that in very cost-effective ways. Use a sticker or label that has the story of you as a producer or dispensary. Use effective and concise language that tries to relate to people in order to see the best response. Make sure the language targets a particular demographic that is appropriate to the region you are selling. Also, make sure all of the packaging throughout your product line is consistent. The most important part of branding is creating a constant image that is easily recognizable. 

All together, freshness is the most important concern for a cannabis product. Starting from that point creates a strong quality standard for the customer. Using cost-effective materials that represent the product well further strengthen that standard. Those two points together with a consistent image create a brand. Branding means repeat sales as customers will identify the quality standard with your product. Here at MJ Wholesale, we're proud to provide all the necessary supplies to run a dispensary or production facility to create a strong and consistent brand. 

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