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The Perfect Marijuana Packaging

Perfection is often impossible to achieve, but not with marijuana packaging! To create the perfect packaging is to say the perfect way to connect with people. This guide will focus on choosing the demographic, packaging material, and design for a cannabis product. When all three of these factors are combined, the perfect marijuana packaging emerges.

Demographics are the often forgotten component of sales. Production facilities can easily become wrapped up in producing and forget why the end consumers are buying the product to begin with. Most legal cannabis states and some medical states provide detailed demographic information on the sales of marijuana. Use this information if it is available to you. If the information is not trying to research an area in a state that does with a similar population and demographic spread as your area. Try to identify the age range purchasing cannabis, the income level, and the population not purchasing cannabis products. Try to understand why those groups are not buying the product and potentially an under-served market can be discovered. If not, try to understand how to relate to those currently purchasing cannabis products more so than the other options available.

Packaging material is the next factor to consider. Now with an understanding of income level, there can be an understanding of the spending range. If the customers are spending more money per purchase, glass jars make sense as they provide a higher quality experience. If the income level is low, the customer will often care less about the packaging versus the amount of product for the price. Mylar bags are good options for those customers. Also, consider how the packaging will look on the shelf at the dispensary. Stickers and colorful labels are great ways to make a package stand out from the crowd on the shelf. If the dispensary only hands the customer the product after the sale, then spending money on packaging design could be a waste as the customer never sees it until they have the product.

The last factor is the design of the package. As above, the design should take into account the end sale space. The design should have some color that attracts the eye. A brief story or description of the producer or product can further strengthen a relationship with the customer. Secondary packaging can also help boost visibility and provide a higher quality experience to otherwise lower perceived quality packaging. The use of language should tailor to the demographic in the area being sold. 

All together, these three factors when put together produce the perfect marijuana packaging. Demographics are the first and foremost consideration as it's imperative to know who the end consumer is. Packaging material and cost present the next consideration as they determine the margin and quality perception to the customer. Lastly, the design is what causes the customer to pick up the package. This should only be a concern in areas where the customer can see the product before the end sale. Here at MJ Wholesale, we are proud to provide everything a dispensary or processing facility needs for perfect marijuana packaging.

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