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Tips for Cannabis Packaging

It can be very difficult to keep up with all the information regarding cannabis packaging. It's easy to overlook some of the small and easy steps available to evaluate and execute great packaging. Here at MJ Wholesale, we're dedicated to providing our customers with as much information as we can to help inform their purchasing decisions. Being legal, fresh, and understanding what the packaging says about your company are some of the key factors for successful marijuana packaging. That's why we've got the tips and the products to help all cannabis-related businesses succeed.

Legality is the first and foremost concern for all cannabis packaging. While every state is different in their requirements for what the packaging must have, they do have some consistent standards. Usually, the packaging must be child-resistant or childproof in some states. The packaging must have a label with information Exit Bags regarding the product within. There's also state-specific guidelines that vary vastly from state to state that is changing constantly. We carry a variety of childproof packaging options, state-specific labels, and exit bags to cover almost every state's current regulations.

Staying fresh is a critical concern for the sale of products. If a customer has a negative experience with a product, they are less likely to purchase more from that brand or producer in the future. It's important to understand how long a product sits on the shelf and choose appropriate storage means to reach thMylar Packaging e end consumer. Mylar packaging is great for almost all cannabis products. There's advanced systems using nitrogen to remove the oxygen from the mylar packaging before sealing. This technology is quite cost-prohibitive for most operations, however, there are options ranging from simple sealable packaging to complicated systems. All of these processes and products are aimed at promoting the longevity of the cannabis held inside. 

Lastly, packaging speaks about the company producing the product. In states where the producers are separate from the end dispensary retailers the products often are sold to the retailers prepackaged. If all the packaging and quality are consistent across all products offered then a brand image begins to form for consumers. Using small statements or stories about the producer help reinforce this relationship. Other tokens like stickers or small pictures of the cannabis as a plant before processing can also further increase the perceived value to the end consumer, increasing return sales.

While it seems like a lot of information, it's easy to focus on one aspect of packaging on the day at a time. Figuring out what options are legally valid for you is the first and foremost concern, as it needs to be legal to be sold legally. Child resistance, correct labeling, and other state-specific information are important to consider. The freshness of the cannabis product is another strong consideration for packaging. All of this together starts forming a brand image, which is critical for long term consistent sales. We hope these tips and considerations have been informative. Here at MJ Wholesale, we're proud to provide everything a processor or dispensary needs!

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