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Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging and the Cannabis Industry

If you watch the news regularly, it's easy to notice that the world is changing in a way that's unpredictable. Climate change, environmental destruction, and much more have the potential to greatly affect all aspects of our lives. That's why it's important to seek ecologically friendly alternatives to everything in our daily lives.

Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging and the Cannabis Industry

Currently, the cannabis industry as a whole is not doing as much as possible to be eco-friendly. It's hard to understand how without knowing what is sustainable and eco-friendly. There's a lot of benefits to eco-friendly sustainable packaging for everyone. If you or your customers are using eco-friendly sustainable packaging products, then it is also important to make sure you have ways to properly handle those products. 

The cannabis industry as a whole is not very ecologically friendly. Current packaging trends use materials that are sustainable, but they are not properly handled. What's worse is some states prevent the recycling or reuse of a container that were used to store a cannabis product. Even then, it's harder to recycle mylar packaging products. Now this is not a statement for every company. We do offer sustainable solutions such as glass jars and plastic pop top bottles that are sustainable and recyclable option for most states.

Sustainability is an important part of being eco-friendly. To be sustainable a particular resource must be used in a way that it is not exhausted. Most products in our society are using unsustainable packaging in the form of useless plastic wrapping the products. Unsustainable practices include improperly disposing of ecologically friendly alternatives. Even though the plastic might be recyclable on those products in the stores, because it is thrown away the resource cannot be replenished. More plastic will have to be produced to replace the wrapping.

The effects of eco-friendly packaging are great for the environment. Currently there are large patches of garbage in the ocean, made primarily of plastic. Fish and other animals are dying from the plastic as it is killing out large patches of algae the food chain depends on. On land, the situation is similar as birds and other animals are being found dead with large amounts of plastic in their stomachs. If packaging is recycled responsibly, then these effects can be mitigated. We would see the damage start to slow to a point we can manage the problems. The difficulty with all the large climate or ecological issues is it's hard to see what action that can be taken. When there's no way forward, people become anxious or depressed and are less likely to act.

Action has to come from business owners and consumers for eco-friendly sustainable packaging to be successful. Consumers have to actively choose products that are glass or recyclable plastics and make sure they are recyclable in their area. Dispensary owners can install packaging recycling bins for products they can legally recycle. Processing facilities can choose to use reusable packaging methods for long term storage before sale to the dispensaries. If the legal structure of the state is preventing recycling of the packaging that can be recycled, then everyone needs to work together to change those laws. With everyone working together then the environment can slowly start to recover. 

Eco-friendly sustainable packaging is the way to go for leaving a great world for future generations. While the cannabis industry is currently not as eco-friendly as it could be, it can be easily changed. Legal structure, lack of recycling programs, or lack of access to sustainable packaging are potential issues the industry faces. Eco-friendly sustainable packaging is a great choice for the environment as it can prevent the issues our current products produce. Action to implement these solutions have to come from the people. We're proud to provide glass jar solutions and plastic pop top bottles for sale that are recyclable for most states with recreational or medical cannabis.

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