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Myths and Misconceptions of Mylar Bags

There are a decent amount of myths and misconceptions regarding Humidity packs, Oxygen Absorbents and Mylar bags. This is mainly because they were intended to be used commercially for the storage of food products. Today, not only are they being used in everyday food storage, they are also known to package marijuana. It's always best to review the pros and cons of each product to ensure proper use.

Humidity packs are becoming increasingly popular to store herb that has been previously dried. Oxygen Absorbents are used to maintain product safety and keep air out.

True or False

Mylar bags appear to look vacuum-packed when the oxygen has been removed.


Just because a Mylar bag looks completely vacuum-packed does not mean that it actually is or that all of the oxygen has been removed. This is a myth. OxMylar Bag ygen absorbents actually absorb oxygen, not air.


True or False?

Thicker Mylar bags are better

False. Occasionally thicker bags can be better equipped to hold more weight. There are mylar bags on the market that are designed with a grid-like structure that are able to hold more weight than a thicker one.

True. 2 mil and 7 mil Mylar bags have essentially the same amount of oxygen protection. This is because the aluminum is what keeps the oxygen at bay. To properly seal a 7 mil Mylar bag you will need a 600 watt sealer.

True or False?

Mylar bags can make leaks or holes at the folded crease.

False. Mylar bags are made out of the most durable and flexible materials. They are not made out of metal. There is a well known inferior quality substitute for Mylar that appears to be metallic. It looks like metal because another layer of aluminum exists.

True. Mylar is very transparent in appearance. It is noticeable after filling and moving a Mylar bag, that little breaks in the foil start to appear. This will most Clear Mylar Bag likely be easier to see in the light. This is not something to worry about. This process is consistent with Mylar bags and does not affect the overall durability of what is stored inside.

True or False?

Failing the flashlight test means your Mylar bag fails

False. For a very long time, people have pondered the idea that light will damage whatever they are trying to store in a Mylar bag. Mylar is very transparent. It protects what has filled your Mylar bag, metal has been added.

 True. As long as the Mylar bag that you use has been metalized, there is no possibility of the sunlight ruining the contents. This vapor deposition is a process where metal is sprayed onto the Mylar to provide better protection.


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