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Why Use Child Safe Mylar Bags?

So, what are child-safe bags? 

Child safe bags are packaging options for marijuana that make it difficult for children under the age of 5 to open the package. While it’s difficult for a child under the age of 5 to open child-resistant bags, it’s still convenient for the customer to access the product.

At MJ Wholesale, we strive to provide child-resistant bags that are of the utmost quality for your growing, processing, or dispensary facility. Our mission in bringing you the best packaging is supported through our extensive inventory of bag products. 

This article will: 

Common Issues With Marijuana Packaging: A Solution

Most of the danger with children and marijuana packaging revolves around edibles. A child can easily confuse marijuana gummies, brownies, cookies, etc. for foods that they might typically consume. 

Marijuana-infused products can be found in a variety of familiar places by children such as parks, or even at home. People can easily overlook the importance of safe marijuana storage when they have kids in the house.  

Jama Network published a statistic stating that after Colorado legalized marijuana, rates of marijuana exposure for young children rose to 150%. Storing edibles in non-child protective packaging increases the risk of a child accessing the product. 

Mylar Grip N’ Pull and Mylar Dymapak luckily offer simple, reusable solutions.

How Mylar Bags Keep Your Product Fresh 

Mylar bags are great for deflecting ultraviolet light that may damage your product. The tight seal that Mylar bags create ensures that no odor escapes your packaging and that your product remains fresh. 

Mylar material is commonly used for marijuana packaging, mostly due to the opacity it provides for stored products. Short and long-term storage are easy tasks when using mylar bags.

If you’re wondering what the science is regarding how Mylar bags maintain your product’s freshness, keep reading!

When storing products in mylar bags, you receive stable conditions, no oxygen exposure, and material that doesn’t leak chemicals. 

The fact that mylar bags are tear-resistant boosts overall child resistant ratings.   

For more detailed information on Mylar packaging, please refer to our blog post dedicated to the topic.

Mylar Grip n’ Pull

Loud Lock Grip n’ Pull bags offer convenient and secure transportation for your product. Grip n’ Pull bags feature a design that makes the package resealable and easy to use. 

Our Grip n’ Pull bags meet all nationwide and child compliance standards while keeping your product fresh and discreet.

MJ Wholesale offers the following sizes for Grip n’ Pull bags: 

One of the best parts of Mylar Grip n’ Pull bags is the low cost of the product offered through MJ Wholesale.

While our prices on Mylar Grip n’ Pull bags are low, that doesn’t mean that we’re sacrificing quality in the products we offer. Mylar Grip n’ Pull bags are ideal for child resistant transportation and storing of products.

Grip n’ Pull bags can be used for edible products as well! 

Dymapak Bags 

We’re proud carriers of top child safe bag companies such as Dymapak. 

The Dymapak philosophy consists of directly engaging with dispensaries, producers, processors, and growers to gain a better understanding of business packaging needs. 

Here’s the result: 

Dymapak is at the forefront of bringing innovative and protective packaging options for dispensaries, growing, and processing facilities. The Dymapak bags that MJ wholesale provides are odor-proof and durable in addition to being child-resistant. Your product will be kept both discrete and fresh. 

You may have noticed that Dymapak bag design is minimalistic. The minimalist design of Dymapak bags helps that packaging be unappealing to children. 

A variety of child-safe Dymapak bag sizes are offered through MJ Wholesale to meet your spectrum of needs. 

The following Dymapak child safe sizes are offered through MJ Wholesale’s inventory: 

Additional sizes are offered through our entire directory of child-safe bags. 

Our Dymapak child safe exit bags are an excellent option for packaging edibles. Most of our Dymapak bulk ordering options come in selections of: 

  • 100
  • 500
  • 1000

How Dymapak and Grip n’ Pull Bags Follow State Laws 

MJ wholesale is proud to offer both vista and opaque coloring options for Dymapak and Grip n’ Pull child safe bags. Individual states have laws condemning the use of packaging where a product can be seen. Check your state’s rules and regulations regarding packaging to see if Opaque bags are right for you. 

There are a number of states that require child-safe packaging. While you may be able to display your product in a vista style bag, purchasing Dymapak and Grip N’ Pull bags ensures that you’re meeting basic state laws regarding package safety. 


While both Dymapak and Mylar Grip n’ Pull bags are quality and comparable options, Grip n’ Pull bags are at the top of our list of child-safe recommendations for your business to use. 

Through utilizing innovative Grip n’ Pull bags, you’re receiving a lower-priced product than Dymapak bags with: 

  • Child-resistant features 
  • Easy to use design 
  • Discretion for daily storage
  • Nationwide child-resistant compliance standards 

Promoting proper packaging safety helps your business be professional. Offering child-safe packaging helps your business stay up to date with current rules and regulations surrounding packaging while keeping your product fresh and discreet.

Our low wholesale prices on top packaging child-resistant packaging brands make utilizing high-end companies a breeze. 

Check out our directory page of child-safe bags to find an option that works for you.

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