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What are Vista Mylar Bags?

What are Vista Mylar Bags?

Vista Bags for flower is a great example of a company listing to their audience, then being  flexible with the products design. Essentially, Vista Bags are Window Bags.

These Mylar bags are made of 1 clear panel and 1 opaque panel. The opaque panel is designed so users cannot see through; not transparent. Vista Mylar bags come in White/Clear or Black/Clear. Vista Mylar Bags

Vista Bags, originally designed to package electronics so the user can see the type of port or cable they are getting easily! I don’t know about you but its hard to remember the name of the cable, but I know what it looks like! Aside from aesthetics of the Mylar bag, what makes them great for electronics & medical marijuana storage, both being moisture sensitive products, is their superior packaging solution packaging with freshness in mind!  The clear panel can also make it easier to monitor for internal RH levels using a humidity card.

All mylar bags are made with food grade FDA approved material. Aside from electronics and food, they can be used for non-food industries as well such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, compounds, medical, medical marijuana, adhesives, automotive, machinery, telecommunications, defense, aerospace, exports and many more.

Vista Mylar Bags are available in many sizes!

Mylar bag Vista Black & Clear 1 Gram Mylar bag Vista White/- Clear 1 Oz Mylar bag Vista Silver Clear 1/2 Oz

Mylar bag Vista Kraft & Clear 1/4 Oz Mylar bag Vista Gold/- Clear 1/8 Oz Mylar bag Vista White/- Clear Preroll

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