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Difference Between Opaque and Translucent Drams

With the current boom of the marijuana industry, there are several different packaging selections for dispensaries, growers, and processing facilities, including:

Difference Between Opaque and Translucent Drams

Dram vials are containers whose name is derived from the Ancient Greek measurement of one dram as one teaspoon. When you en ter a modern-day dispensary, you're bound to find dram containers as they're often used for packaging products for sales transactions and transport.

This article is going to highlight the essential differences between various dram pop top vials.

Dram Sizes

Drams are available in a variety of sizes to keep up with the demands that modern-day marijuana businesses present.

MJ Wholesale is proud to assist businesses by supplying dram pop top vials in the following sizes:

Dram Styles

Drams come in pop-top, push and turn, and screw-top vial styles. Many pop-top vials are CPSC child-resistant rated and can be opened by firmly squeezing both sides of the vial until you hear a distinct "pop" sound.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana now becoming more mainstream, states are enacting legislation surrounding the types of packaging that can be used for a product during a sales transaction.

Specific individual states require that a product must be sealed during transport. That's why MJ Wholesale offers Tamper-Evident Dram Pop Top Vials so your business can be compliant with your state's laws.

Opaque vs. Translucent

We're not done covering state packaging laws. Some states require a product to be concealed during a transaction. Opaque dram packaging is an excellent option for states that fall under concealment laws.

For states with product concealment laws, MJ Wholesale can provide low wholesale prices on bulk orders of opaque dram pop top vials.

If your state doesn't contain any laws requiring marijuana products to be concealed during a transaction, you can additionally browse MJ Wholesale's collection of translucent drams.

Whether you select opaque or translucent dram containers, MJ Wholesale provides plenty of colors to add an extra visual pop to your business's packaging.

Chinese and American Dram Vials

When shopping through MJ Wholesale, you also gain selection in where your dram products are being sourced. The MJ Wholesale Dram inventory features top pop containers sourced from both China and the United States with companies such as Philips.

As the marijuana industry has grown, packaging options have evolved.

Here's why you should buy dram pop-top containers for your business:

  • Universal application
  • Easy to open
  • Convenient and secure for travel
  • Child-resistant options for state compliance

Purchasing dram pop top vials through MJ Wholesale gives you:

  • Low wholesale prices
  • Opportunities to buy in bulk
  • Color variance
  • Brand selection
  • A wide choice of sizes

If you're not sure which dram sizes are right for your business, check out our blog post 'What Sized Dram Do I Need?'. Through the dram size blog post, you'll find both visual and numerical sizing guides to aid your selection.

MJ Wholesale is happy to provide quality products that meet the supply needs of your business and follow state laws.

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