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Butter Makers

Get the perfect cannabutter every time with the easy butter makers from MJ Wholesale. This super-smart machine is a must for all cannabis establishments and dispensaries as it makes it easy to infuse herbs into butter, oils, and edibles. With the Easy Butter Maker, you can easily create herbal-infused butter and oils, two sticks at a time! This stainless-steel device is the easiest way to make cannabutter and marijuana-infused oil. Its small size means it's easy to store in your smoke shop, dispensary, or cannabis facility! Easy Butter Single Butter Mold easily molds your infused butter or oils into the perfect shape. Just pour into the mold, and voila! Its tablespoon marks make it easy to measure, and the air-tight lid keeps the odor from escaping.
  • Easy Butter Large Single Butter Bag - (1 Count)

    Description For when you want to make your herbal butter the old fashioned way. You simply pour your butter through the bag to strain out any par...

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    Description For when you want to make your herbal butter the old fashioned way. You simply pour your butter through the bag to strain out any par...

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For cannabis businesses that are passionate about creating edibles and CBD oils, a Canna Butter Maker serves as an indispensable asset. This advanced machine shortens the herbal infusion process to quickly create canna butter - helping marijuana businesses create their delectable creations in record time.A canna butter maker is more than just a time-saver; it's a quality guarantor. It ensures that it creates top-shelf butter, resulting in consistent texture and taste - each time. Plus, it can easily handle large batches, so you never have to worry about falling behind on production.If you want to learn all there is to know about Butter Makers, then this post has got everything that you need! Get ready for an in-depth look at the following topics:

  • What is a Butter Maker?
  • The types of Butter Makers.
  • How does a Butter Maker work?
  • How to use a Butter Maker?
  • How to clean a Butter Maker?
  • Why should you stock up on Butter Makers for your shop?
  • Where can you buy Butter Makers at wholesale prices?
  • Butter Makers – The Final Verdict
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Butter Makers

What is a Butter Maker?

A butter maker is a specialized machine that makes the process of creating canna-butter easy and quick. The technology employed by it blends the cannabis into heated butter or oil, making it easy to produce large batches of flavorful cannabutter.

A butter maker eliminates the tediousness of manually infusing cannabis into butter, putting the process on autopilot to give consistent and effortless results. Furthermore, these machines save you time, material, labor and the clean-up associated with manual methods.

With the Easy Butter Maker, available on MJ Wholesale, you can become an expert in crafting herbal-infused butter and oils. This machine merges the basic kettle heating method with a specialized filtering system that's removable for easy cleaning. In no time, you'll be able to make delicious infused butter and oil for your customers.

The types of Butter Makers

There are two main types of butter makers on the market: electric and manual. Electric machines are larger and might be more expensive than manual models, but they offer an automated process for creating cannabutter with consistent results. Manual models require more time and effort but are more cost-effective for smaller batches.

We have two different types of Butter Makers on MJ Wholesale

  1. One-stick butter maker

The Easy Butter Maker – one stick, is great for small batches and features a simple, one-button operation. These machines can make up to one stick of butter at a time and typically do not require additional tools or equipment. It doesn’t need electricity and heats directly on the stove-top. It comes with detailed instructions for usage and cleaning, a drawstring bag for storage and three pieces that make up the infuser kettle. 

  1. Two-stick butter maker

 This machine is slightly larger than the single-stick model and produces two sticks of infused butter at a given time. This option is a better choice for larger batches and can produce up to two cups of butter at a time. It doesn’t need electricity and heats on the stove-top just like the one-stick butter maker. 

How does a Butter Maker work?

A cannabutter machine works by infusing cannabis into heated butter or oil and then filtering out the plant material. This process helps to ensure that your infused butter or oil retains its original flavors and aromas for better-tasting edibles.

The machine features a simple, one-button operation and has removable parts that make it easy to clean. The Butter Maker takes the guesswork out of making butter or oil, as you can adjust the timer and temperature settings to ensure consistent results each time.

How to use a Butter Maker

Using a butter maker machine is incredibly easy. Here are a few things you will need to make infused butter with a butter maker:

  • butter or oil
  • water
  • ground herb (of choice)

Here are some simple steps that can assist you in creating the cannabutter.

  • Insert one cube of unsalted butter into the lower pot and then fill it with water as per your user manual (or alternately, you may use 1/2 cup of olive oil).
  • To start, insert the filter through your butter or oil and sprinkle the finely ground herb on top.
  • Attach the two pots firmly and securely, then place the kettle on a medium heat stovetop burner.
  • Let the mixture simmer until you hear bubbling or observe steam rising from it, much like an ordinary teakettle.
  • When you have finished the process, your infused oil or butter will be ready in the top pot along with a water mixture. 
  • To remove the water, pour the butter into a plastic container and use an eyedropper to draw out the drops of water. You can also place that container inside your refrigerator until its contents harden; afterward, poke through it to drain any retained extra moisture.

How to clean a Butter Maker

To ensure you create top-quality butter, it is essential that you properly clean your Butter Maker. Allow the machine to cool before beginning any cleaning process; then, remove and rinse all of its parts with warm, soapy water. 

Following this step, take a cloth to wipe or scrub away all traces of any butter or oil residue from its exterior surfaces. Finally, leave it open for air drying before using it for the next time.

Why should I stock up on Butter Makers in my shop?

Having a Butter Maker on hand can be a great way to continuously create high-quality cannabutter and oils for your customers. By stocking up on these machines, you can provide consistent results that will keep your customers happy. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider stocking up on Butter Makers:

  • Consistent results 

A Butter Maker can help provide more consistent results with each batch of cannabutter or oil. Your customers will get the same flavor and potency with every purchase.

  • Easy to use 

Creating cannabutter and marijuana-infused oil is now fast, easy, and accessible to all! The herbal butter maker allows both professional chefs and amateur cooks to infuse their own butter in a mere 10 minutes. Say goodbye to complex recipes - this machine makes it simple for anyone who wants the benefits of infused herb butter!

  • Home-Made Taste

Butter makers give you the feasibility to customize your product by adjusting the ingredients in every batch. Your customers will love the taste of home-made butter. 

  • Small and Portable 

The Butter maker is an extraordinary device, as it can achieve incredible results despite being the size of a simple electric kettle! This makes it one of the most compact marijuana processing equipment on the market. Therefore, you won't need to worry about storage space, and transporting this machine will be effortless no matter where your travels take you!

  • Durable 

The Butter Maker is built to withstand the test of time. Its reliable stainless-steel design and removable parts make it easy to clean and use, while its heat resistant shell ensures that it won't break down under intense temperatures or pressure. The plastic handle makes it easy to hold and carry. 

We, at MJ Wholesale are always a step ahead of others. And this why, we also carry the Easy Butter Large Single Butter Bag and Easy Butter Single Butter Mold to make the butter-making process even simpler for you.

Where can I buy Butter Makers at wholesale prices?

If you're searching for a top-notch Butter maker machine, look no further! We are one of the most reliable wholesalers to carry this incredible device. Buy a butter maker for your cannabis dispensary or store and you will know it’s an excellent investment.

If you're into manufacturing marijuana edibles or oils, then a butter maker machine is essential for your success. This device can help revolutionize the infusion process and increase the productivity ten folds - ultimately leading to more thriving profitability! Invest in one today and watch it transform your business into something bigger.

While purchasing the marijuana butter maker from our collection, you'll be delighted to know that our prices are more competitive in comparison to any other retailers. Not only does this mean significant financial savings for your business, but it also allows access to multiple machines at a reasonable cost if your business is in several locations.

Butter Makers– The Final Verdict

If your goal is to craft cannabis oils or edibles, then this sophisticated machine is a must have for you. Cannabis businesses can quickly create delectable cannabutter with this cutting-edge machinery that makes the process of herbal infusions into butter unbelievably easy. With a butter maker, you can ensure every batch is consistent and top-quality.

The butter maker is a machine that produces delectable butter every time, resulting in an incredibly worthwhile investment for any entrepreneur. Not only is it easy to use and small enough to fit into almost any kitchen space, but its durable design ensures it will stand the test of time. To top it all off, you can find a butter maker at competitively low prices here at MJ Wholesale

It's time to take your cannabis business to the next level. Invest in a Butter Maker today and get ready for an infusion revolution! This machine will make your life easier and keep your customers happy with delicious results every time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Butter Makers

  • How do I know my butter is cooked when I use the Easy Butter Maker?

When you hear a gurgling sound or see steam coming from the Easy Butter Maker, you can consider that your butter is cooked. 

  • Does the Easy Butter Maker require electricity to work?

No. The Easy Butter Maker does not need electricity and can be heated directly on a stove top. 

  • How much butter does the Easy Butter Single Butter Mold hold?

            The Easy Butter Single Butter Mold can hold up to 4 oz of standard butter sticks.

  • How much butter does the Easy Butter Single Butter Mold hold?

The Easy Butter Single Butter Mold can hold up to 4 oz of standard butter sticks.

  • Is the Easy Butter Single Butter Mold safe to use?

The Easy Butter Single Butter Mold is FDA approved and made from BPA free material; hence they are completely safe to use. 


Easy Butter Large Single Butter Bag is sturdy and a zippered bag, perfect for keeping your butter or oil safe and straining any residual fluid out of the herb. The Easy Butter Maker, a one-stick appliance, makes creating infused butter and oils a breeze – perfect for any canna establishment. The Easy Butter Makers, Mold, and Bag are a must-have for any marijuana establishment offering or looking to offer cannabis-infused edibles. So, what are you waiting for? Shop with us at MJ Wholesale, and start churning out delicious cannabutter and cannaoils for the growing cannabis market! 


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