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Grow Pots & Liners

Grow pots, liners, and all the accessories to make harvest a breeze are here in one convenient line for smoke shops, dispensaries, marijuana growers & processors across the nation. Make your shop the go-to place for any step of the growing or harvest process.

Whether you need something to get the nursery started or something to trim the flower when it's time for harvest, we have all the tools you could need in between! Our line also offers a variety of sizes so that you have the ultimate choice in your grow journey.

Help your customers feel in control of their cultivation with grow pots and liners that make the whole process that much easier.

We offer more than just grow pots and liners to help you truly have your grow and harvest in order. Take your pick between trim pins, potting saucers and trays, stake labels, and fabric grow pots, or grab them all to be fully prepared. Whether growing yourself or building stock so that others can grow, our line gives everything you and they could need.

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